Stitch Fix bliss part VII & part VIII.

Two Stitch Fix boxes to report on here!  I’m still on a quarterly Fix rotation, and that’s working pretty well.  To be perfectly honest – I’ve been a little disappointed with the past two boxes, but that’s kind of silly because I found a couple of things I liked in each box.  I guess I was just on a roll, keeping everything they sent for the first few boxes, so it seems like they only scored a 40% when I keep 2 items instead of 5.  But my wallet is better off, so… :)  I’ve been making a conscious effort to not buy a ton of clothes.  I have so many clothes and I don’t wear a lot of them as much as I should.  It is yet again the time of year when I think to myself, “I should do a capsule wardrobe.”

But enough about my wishy-washy capsule wardrobe ways….  On to the Fix reports.

October 2016 Fix:


I didn’t keep these shoes.  I think they were Lucky brand?  I’m sorry – I did not do a good job of recording the brand on the things I sent back.  Anyway…the shoes.  They were a little tight.  I liked them fine and would definitely wear something like this.  But they didn’t fit perfectly so I said sole long.  ;-)




No, seriously.  I rolled out of bed and had Kevin take this picture early one morning because I needed to send the items back that day.  Diva, always and forever.  Anywho….  Two items here – the burgundy puffer vest (sorry – forgot to note the brand) and Liverpool leggings.  I sent both back. The leggings weren’t worth it for the price and I just wasn’t too into the vest.  I have a similar black one.



And here we have a blue shirt by 41 Hawthorn.  I really love this shirt (kept it) and get so many compliments when I wear it.  It looks pretty dressy but is comfortable and nursing friendly (buttons on top 3/4).  Win!



Lastly from the October box, this striped tunic by Market & Spruce.  I really like this one too!  It’s comfy and has fun elbow patches.  Great weight for spring, fall, and winter, with the right layering.  Pants are Zara (not from Stitch Fix) and the Duchess of Cambridge owns an identical pair.  Twinning with Kate – nbd.



January 2017 Fix:

One of the items in my January Fix was the same pair of pants (the Liverpool leggings) that they’d sent in the October Fix.  I sent them back again and didn’t bother to take another picture.



This jacket – sorry, I’m horrible and didn’t record the brand – I sent back BUT I will say I liked it more than I thought I would.  When I first pulled it out of the box, I was not impressed because my style profile specifically says to avoid fake fur.  I tried it on and it was cozy and comfy and a good weight.  I also really liked the color.  But I’m just not a fake fur (or real fur for that matter) kind of person and I have plenty of jackets.  I didn’t need one more.




Allow me to awkwardly turn my butt toward you and model this split back sweater.  It was cute, I liked the grey color, and it was a good weight, but it was too pricey for my taste.  I sent it back.


img_0320I really liked this shirt a lot and Kevin said he thought it looked like my style, but ultimately, I decided to send it back.  I had just gotten a very similar baseball style shirt through LaLuRoe (or is it LuLaRoe?  I always forget.) – the Randy, and thought this one was a little too similar.  As I look at this picture, I may have a tiny bit of returner’s remorse, but I’ll push through and be stronger for it.  ;-)



I kept this button up – brand is Skies Are Blue.  It’s nursing friendly, I like plaid, and it’s a really sturdy material.  I like the colors too (shades of red/maroon and blue and grey). I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this one.


As a little Stitch Fix bonus…  Last fall my friend Torri asked if I’d be interested in this purple shirt:


She’d received it in her Fix and didn’t love it, but thought of me because we are similar in size.  The brand is Skies Are Blue. I love the color and that it is nursing friendly so I said I’d take it.  I’m really happy she thought of me because I love it and have gotten a lot of wear out of it already.  It makes Ava downright giddy too, obviously.

What styles have you been loving?  Any items here that fit your style?

Snapshot {December}.


Making: Lists in my 2017 planner.  I accomplish a lot when it is on a list and I know I’ll have the satisfaction of crossing it off when it’s done.  My plan is to write out in advance (like right now) five goals for each of the 52 weeks in 2017.  We’ll see how it works!

Cooking: Mmm, good food recently.  Yesterday we made the Pioneer Woman’s potato soup for dinner.  Tonight we made our favorite – pan seared chicken with balsamic cream sauce.  Tomorrow night will be our favorite beef stew and homemade bread.

Drinking: Water.  80 ounces each day.  Some days are tougher than others.


Reading: Several books.  The Secret Garden on my phone.  Team of Rivals, slowly but surely.  Truly, Madly, Guilty, my current library book.  Kevin and I are listening to Duplicity as well.

Wanting: Ava to reach the end of her current teething phase.  The first set of top molars have been visible for a week and minimal progress seems to be happening.  Poor thing.  She’s also in a developmental leap which means she’s hyperaware and clingy and doesn’t go down for her regular bedtime as easily as usual.  Will I ever stop obsessing about her sleep habits and patterns and phases?  I certainly hope so.


Looking: Forward to 2017.  A fresh year just feels so full of promise.  I don’t know how I want to capture each monthly recap on the blog, if at all.  I enjoyed this format this year and it allowed me to share my favorite five or six Instagram photos from each month.  But I don’t think I want to do another year of it.

Eating: Well.  See above under cooking.  :)

 Wishing: My parents and sister lived closer.  I know I’m very lucky that they’re only 2.5 hours away – some people are so much further from family.  But schedules prevent regular visits.  I wish Ava had the chance to know them the way she does her other grandparents.


Enjoying: Some of Ava’s newest mannerisms.  She picks up books and holds them up to us, making this cute little grunting noise to indicate that she wants us to read them to her.  She’s also started dancing and girlfriend has rhythm on par with her mom, which is to say, no rhythm.  But it’s adorable.  I love how she pulls herself up on her little bear chair and looks so proud to be sitting there.  She knows where we keep the crackers and gets so excited anytime we go near it.  She’s a master climber of the stairs and has also gotten really good at going down them properly.

Loving: My new booties.  I thought I hated booties, but maybe I am just really, really picky.

Hoping: The weather allows us to resume our regular walks around the neighborhood.  It’s really so good for the mind, body, and soul to get that fresh air and leg stretch in semi-regularly.


Needing: To remember this verse:  Ephesians 5:4 – “Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving.”  Amanda shared it recently and it really resonated with me as something I need to focus on myself.

Smelling: Lavender mist from my diffuser.  So soothing.

Feeling: Relaxed and happy.  I am so blessed.


Wearing: Sweats and a t-shirt.  New Year’s eve party clothes.

Watching: Homeland.  We’re on the first episode of the sixth season.  Poor Quinn.

What are you wishing/needing/loving/eating right now?

Snapshot {November}.


Making: Good use of nap time – even if it’s not as I planned. I had the best of intentions to make a turkey pot pie for lunch while Ava slumbered peacefully in her crib. But alas, she acts as though I am placing her gently into boiling lava when I attempt to move the little sleeper from my arms. So I was faced with a choice – pot pie and no nap…or an indulgent cuddle nap and no pot pie. I chose the nap, so here I sit, sleeping baby weight on me and I’m using the time to do this blog post. I can’t say I’m disappointed in my choice.

Cooking: The meal plan this week was as follows:  Monday – lemon chicken picata with roasted kale and brussels sprouts; Tuesday – spicy tomato garlic shrimp with spaghetti squash; today – roasted chicken thighs and sweet potatoes; Thursday – green chile and beef enchilada casserole and pinto beans; and Friday – we’ll likely pick up Dion’s or Flying Star. I’ll throw together the aforementioned turkey pot pie (using turkey my mother in law roasted yesterday) at some point and it will be good for lunches.

Drinking: Water.  I’ve felt soooo much better since I gave up my (average of) twice a week peppermint mocha, so I know I need to be strong and keep avoiding.  But I did give in and drink one yesterday so… It’s a dangerous course to give in for “just one” – wish me luck.


Reading: So many books going!  Team of Rivals (which I’ll be working on for a long time), Jane Eyre (re-reading it on my phone while Ava nurses/cuddle naps because classics are free and it has been about 9 years since I last read it!), A Gentleman in Moscow (good, but not nearly as interesting to me as Rules of Civility – by the same author), Love the One You’re With (listening to it on Audible as I drive around town – an easy listen), and lastly, Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (one that Kevin and I listened to on our way to and from Thanksgiving at my family’s place about an hour and a half south of where we live.  It is funny and had us cracking up a lot on the drive!  Now we’re listening to it in smaller increments as we drive to grocery shop, etc.).

Wanting: Some clarity on a few personal changes I’ve been considering. Nothing I can talk about now (hello, vague) but I’ll update you as I can.


Looking: At the path of toys and books Hurricane Ava has left in her wake.  Confession:  I actually enjoying picking everything up at the end of the day, placing each item in its correct place, and leaving a clean canvas for her to play upon the following day.  I time myself and there’s a sense of instant gratification. Messy to neat in 1.75 minutes.

Eating: Nothing now. Lunch when Ava awakes – I’ll likely ask Kevin to bring me something. Or eat leftover chicken piccata.

 Wishing: That I was always this patient and accepting of thwarted crib naps. Some days I feel so overwhelmed with all the stuff I need to be doing while Ava is sleeping. Some days I’m convinced that it’s because we’ve allowed cuddle naps that she won’t crib nap consistently well and some days I’m certain that the cuddle nap on that particular day is going to be THE indulgence that turns her into a bad sleeper. Today I don’t care. Today I’m just thankful that I have a schedule that allows me to hold her while she naps and today I’m appreciative of this stage because someday she won’t want to let me hold her for an hour and a half and that will be sad.


Enjoying: Hot lemon honey water each evening with Kevin.  It’s so soothing and a lovely way to end the day.

Loving: This phase with Ava. She is seriously so fun at 13 months. I count myself lucky to be her sidekick. Her newest thing? “Ava,what does a snake say?” And she responds with, “Sssssssssss!” She’s also started blowing on her food when it’s warm and she’s so good at using a spoon and fork (pre-loaded but I think it will click soon that she can be her own master spear’er of food). She is pushing her little push toy around and transitioning from one piece of furniture to another but still prefers crawling and hasn’t taken independent steps. I stumbled across this article and thought it was interesting – fits Ava completely. She has such a cautious, easy temperament – it’s not surprising that she’s a later than average walker.

Hoping: The thyroid medicine we started Kiki on yesterday works well for her. She is such a sweet cat. I want her to be healthy forever.


Needing: To do a blog post about my October Stitch Fix box.  Maybe I’ll just wait and combine it with the scheduled January box.  I think I’ve also got an item or two through Trunk Club that I haven’t posted about…..

Smelling: Fresh laundry scent from the baby passed out on top of me.

Feeling: Super proud of myself – I am done with my Christmas shopping.  It’s self preservation really – I can’t stand the crowds and chaos and stress that comes with shopping closer to the holiday.  It’s such a relief to be done.


Wearing: Jeans and a sweater. Cozy socks and house shoes.

Watching: Gilmore Girls.  I’m on the last few episodes of the seventh season and then I’ll start the newly released Netflix version.  I want to get caught up on the PBS Anne series this weekend too!

What are you wishing/needing/loving/eating right now?

Snapshot {October}.



Making: My Christmas shopping lists and even some progress on the buying of the gifts.  My goal is to be DONE by December 1.

Cooking: The meal plan this week includes chicken fajitas, chickpea and chicken curry, and a roast with potatoes and carrots.  Tonight we’re having Dion’s though.

Drinking: Water.  And dreaming about the wine I had at a local vineyard/winery.  Kevin and I recently went on a little day date and it was perfect.  Then we went back when my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jeff were in town visiting.  It’s such a lovely setting.


Reading: I have started Team of Rivals – another one of Kevin’s favorites that talks about the team that Lincoln brings together during his presidency.  I’ll be working on it for the next six months, I’m sure.  I’m listening to The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo on Audible, and it’s okay.  More serious than I thought it would be and it is quite crude, but Amy Schumer does make me L-O-L every so often.

Wanting: A Roomba.  The cats track out little bits of clean litter and Ava drops food from her high chair and this is a dusty place to live.  I told Kevin that all I want for Christmas is a Roomba so that I don’t feel the need to sweep all the time (we only have tile, wood floors, and a few rugs).  Not that I DO sweep all the time, but gosh, I feel the need to, so how great would it be to free that space in my head for other frets.  Also, I think Rue will think the Roomba is a lark.


Looking: Forward to Thanksgiving with my family.  They’re so fun.


Eating: Nothing now.  Likely a salad from Dion’s later.

Wishing: 12 month shots came pain free.  Ava gets hers later today.


Enjoying: Gilmore Girls.  I’m so excited for November!

Loving: That I convinced Kevin to dress up for Halloween.  He’s Jim; I’m Pam.  We considered being Halloween-Jim-and-Pam and he’d be three hole punch paper and I’d be a black cat (my regular go-to costume, too, Pam!).  But ultimately we decided to be plain-Jim-and-Pam.



Hoping: Ava gets a nice nap in before the dreaded doctor’s appointment.

Needing: A peppermint mocha, but I gave them up for my health.  Boring.

Smelling: Nothing now.


Feeling: Amazed at the weather.  All time high temps today for 10/31 in this neck of the woods – I think it’s in the low eighties.  I’ll take it.


Wearing: Jeans and a plaid shirt.  And houseshoes.

Watching: Gilmore Girls.  Naturally.  Rory has decided to drop out of Yale and has moved into the pool house.  Lorelei proposed to Luke and now the townsfolk are giving him a hard time.  Poor Luke.

What are you wishing/needing/loving/eating right now?

Snapshot {September}.


Making: A meal plan for the week.  I have been composing blog posts in my head that talk about our go-to recipes.  Someday, someday, I will put fingertips to keyboard and make these posts a reality.  And they will be masterful because I’ve had plenty of time to mentally edit them into recipe link perfection.

Cooking: Nothing now.  But dinner was just me and Ava tonight so we kept it casual.  I had beef ramen with peas, an over medium egg, and a squirt of sriracha on top.  It was really tasty and will become a regular for solo lunches and dinners, I do believe.  Ava had a banana, some puffs (purple carrot and blueberry), blackberries, and peas.  Gourmet.

Drinking: Water.  Always and forever.  I really should just take that question off this monthly snapshot because I ran out of creative ways to say water back in March.


Reading: Finished The Bully Pulpit!  It was really, really great.  I loved it.  Taft may be one of my new favorite past Presidents.  Roosevelt did a lot of good things, but goodness his temperament could be quite explosive.  Anyway.  The here and now.  I’m not reading anything seriously.  I’m listening to The Woman in Cabin 10 (is listening really reading?  I go back and forth on this.).  And I’ve had Jen Hatmaker’s Out of the Spin Cycle by the glider in Ava’s room forever, picking away at it during nursing sessions when it’s not too dark and she’s not too nibble-happy (which means I have to pay attention to her little jaw and can’t be distracted).

Wanting: Steak.  Which basically means Kevin is cooking tomorrow night because I don’t do the grill.  No matter how many times he shows me how to turn it on, I can never remember and am convinced I’ll blow myself up if I try.


Looking: At a new haircut and color in the mirror.  Back with bangs.  My forehead has felt more like a sevenhead recently, so I decided to cover it up.  I’ll be happy with this decision until I’m not and then it will take years to grow the silly bangs out and just when I get them long enough to not look like bangs I’ll decide to cut them again.  Vicious cycle.

Eating: Nothing now – my ramen was filling.

Wishing: All the video clips from Ava’s first eleven months would splice themselves together into a perfect little movie.  Video making is tedious.


Enjoying: The cool, crisp mornings.  We’ve been walking around the neighborhood each AM and it feels so nice.  The daytime mercury still hits the 80’s – which I also enjoy – but fall is always welcome.

Loving: Friends re-runs.  Really.  Do they ever get old?  I’m also loving these.  Should I get them?

Hoping: Kevin’s football team pulls out a win at their game tonight.


Needing: A pair of grey boots.  Okay.  Maybe this isn’t a need.  But then again maybe it is – grey is so versatile.  I retired my old grey boots at the end of last winter and now I’m finding it impossible to find a suitable replacement.  I would settle for a pair of perfect black boots, but I prefer grey.  I don’t want booties.  I don’t want over the knee boots.  I don’t want a gap between my calf and the boot material.  I don’t want a lot of buckles or any rhinestones or other embellishments.  Do these boots exist?

Smelling: Kiki’s sitting next me.  She smells like dusty books.  She always smells that way.  It’s a sweet scent.

Feeling: All the warm and fuzzy feelings for my baby girl.  How do parents do this parenting thing for, you know, forever?  I can’t wait to find out. I’m incapable of putting how much I love her into words.


Wearing: Sweats and a white V-neck t-shirt.  Nothing but glamour on a Friday night.

Watching: Gilmore Girls.  It’s the one where Jess and Rory are studying and they go to get ice cream and Jess is driving and wrecks Rory’s car and Luke and Lorelei yell at each other.

What are you wishing/needing/loving/eating right now?

Snapshot {August}.


Making: This post finally happen. A day late and a dollar short but it’s up.

Cooking: Nothing now. Just had dinner.

Drinking: Water.


Reading: I promise I am ALMOST done with The Bully Pulpit – only 100 pages to go. Also reading The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend to which thus far, I’d give three stars.

Wanting: A little dessert, perhaps.  We have York peppermint patties, mint cookie crunch ice cream, and cookie dough. Which should I have?

Looking: Forward to seeing family at my cousin’s wedding this weekend.


Eating: Nothing now but we just finished up a delicious dinner that Kevin prepared – spinach linguini with beef and sausage cherry tomato sauce. It was so tasty!

Wishing: For world peace. (And harsher punishments for parole violators.)

Enjoying: The French Cafe station on Pandora and the local classical station in my car.  I find them both to be soothing.


Loving: That Kevin is loving his football season coaching gig. It has been a big chaotic (he was head C team coach but then there weren’t enough guys so that team was dissolved and he became the head middle school coach but then that team didn’t have enough guys so now there is a C team and he’s helping with Varsity too. Whew.).  Fortunately he has been having fun in the midst of all that uncertainty.

Hoping: That all children are safe tonight and tomorrow and always. There was a horribly tragic event in my city recently involving a child and it has been weighing heavily on me. I can only cuddle my baby close and do the best I can by her while praying that all other parents do the same with their babies.


Needing: More hours in the day.

Smelling: The sweet scent of spaghetti sauce that lingers on the post-dinner air.

Feeling: Overwhelmed. I’m basically doing three jobs at work these days as the office manager is out for a few weeks, we’re between HR associates, and then there’s my regular QA work which I’m neglecting because the other two roles are taking all my time. I think I would feel fine about doing all three positions if I was in the office for more than 16 hours a week. Ava’s other caregivers have been helping out with extra shifts where they can – allowing me a few precious extra hours at the office – but I still feel like I’m drowning. It’ll all be fine, but I’m feeling quite strained now.


Wearing: My summertime uniform – nursing necklace, jean shorts, and a white v-neck men’s undershirt. I ordered a six pack of them a few months ago and basically wear one everyday.

Watching: The final Broncos pre-season game. Go Broncos!

What are you wishing/needing/loving/eating right now?

The staycation that was.

Kevin and I toyed with the idea of taking a long weekend away this summer.  Maybe somewhere in the mountains.  We looked at a few Air B&B cabins and ultimately decided that getting away was more trouble than it was worth.  So instead we chose a weekend to tack a Friday and Monday onto and indulged in a little staycation.  Our goal was for it to be a nice combination of productive and relaxing, and it delivered.


We knew it was important to get the productive part out of the way first.  We arranged for Craig and Sue to split the day caring for Ava and Kevin and I tackled the garage – after fueling up on Oscar’s breakfast burritos (aka:  the best breakfast burritos).  The garage had become a catch all for all and while our vehicles fit inside, nothing was organized and it was driving us bonkers.  We hit it hard early in the morning and made a few piles:  dump, keep, and donate.  It gets messier before it gets better, but we started to see progress as we filled the trash bin and recycle bin.  Kevin built some shelves and I killed some spiders and it was a good time all around.  Except maybe for the spiders.  I didn’t think to take before pictures of the mess, but here are a few in progress photos.



Perhaps the highlight for me was organizing the tools I’d gotten from my dad’s stuff when he passed away a few years ago and learning how to neatly store an extension cord.  I pulled up this YouTube video on the spot and had the extension cord neatly roped within five minutes.  Ahh, technology and education.  It’s a great time to be alive.



We took a load of stuff to the dump and a load of stuff to recycle and a load of stuff to the hazardous household waste drop off place.  And the garage looked amazing by the end of the day!  Weeks later, we still smile every time we walk out there.



Kevin was multi-tasking this entire time.  He had seasoned a brisket (that my mom gave him last year – thanks, mom!) and put it on the grill with a smoke box full of mesquite chips.

imageIt smoked low and slow for around 8 hours and we had a delicious dinner that night.  Seriously – so good.  It had this amazing crust on it where the seasoning had charred and the brisket itself was so tender. He was pretty critical of his first meat smoking experience (he’d overfilled the smoke box so the chips couldn’t smoke as much as they should, etc.), but I thought it was the best brisket I’d ever tasted!  Ava liked it too.  That day and the following when she had it in a brisket quesadilla.




Whew.  That was Friday.  We were tired by the end of the day, but really happy about the progress we’d made on the garage!


When Ava went down for her morning nap, I decided to make an impromptu trip to my favorite pedicure place where I relaxed, read my book, and had my toes painted purple.  As I was driving home I noticed a sign for a lemonade stand in the neighborhood so I insisted that Kevin and Ava and I trek down to support the young entrepreneurs.  They were really cute and their start up business had all the markings for success.  Lemonade was “10 cents.  Or more.”  They complimented the baby.  And they were selling apples which they made a point of saying were “freshly picked and washed.”  It was really a sweet little group.  And the lemonade was delicious.



We took it pretty easy for the rest of the morning and the early afternoon.  I do believe I napped with Rue.


Late in the afternoon we went to my cousin’s “I Do BBQ” to celebrate she and her fiancé’s upcoming wedding.  It was fun to see some family members and Ava impressed them with her talent for eating a lot of strawberries.

That evening I went to a friend’s going away party.  It was the first time I’d missed putting Ava to bed for the night and I was a little sad about that.  And nervous for Kevin as he isn’t equipped to nurse her right before bedtime like I always do.  She was like, “nbd, guys,” and went to bed like a champ at her regular bedtime.  When Kevin texted me to let me know she was asleep I was simultaneously relieved and sad that my baby DOESN’T NEED ME.  (Dramatic much?)  The going away party was really fun and a terrific tribute to my sweet, beautiful, kind friend.  Five of us continued the party at a local western bar, which was LOUD.  The people watching was great though.  I was home by 11:30 I think.


We started out the day by picking up breakfast from a local place and eating it at home.  It was a relaxing day altogether!  More reading, napping, playing….

That afternoon we dropped Ava at Craig and Sue’s and took ourselves to a nice dinner out at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.  We may have had a 4:45 reservation time, but we partied like rockstars once there.  Kevin had wine and I had a Diet Coke (heeeey, party people…).  He had a Caesar salad and I had lobster bisque.  We each had steak (mine came with shrimp on top) and got sweet potato casserole and mashed potatoes to share as sides.  That steak.  It was amazing.  Melt in your mouth amazing.  It comes out to the table from the kitchen on 500 degree plates.  A dollop of butter sizzles on top of the steak.  My mouth waters just thinking about the taste.  Yum.  They had a chocolate lava dessert on the menu but I was toooooo full.  Next time I have a game plan – I’ll only eat one piece of bread, get the steak without shrimp, and just eat some of whatever side Kevin orders (probably the sweet potato casserole because he loves that stuff).  Then hopefully I’ll have room for dessert.


imageIt was a really lovely dinner out with my man.  I love the addition of Ava to our little family, and it makes the couple time that Kevin and I share when it’s just the two of us even more special.


It was a very busy week at work with a big event planned for Thursday, so I had to go into the office for a bit on Monday morning.  Kevin and Ava stayed home and played, and I was home to them by noon.  We enjoyed the rest of our staycation with more relaxing.  It really was a wonderful long weekend!

Did you vacation or staycation this summer?  What’s your preference when you take time off work – to get away or to stay in?