Hello, goodbye.

I’m linking up again with the sweet and lovely Allison over at Nestful of Love for a little Hello, Goodbye update. 


Hello March, goodbye February.  Is it just me, or is the transition from February to March fraught with limbo-ness?  The new year is growing distant in the rear view mirror, so the excitement of resolutions and the remorse of holiday binge eating has passed.  It’s still winter and everyone is just kind of OVER it. 

BUT…the days and nights are getting warmer, so goodbye COLD (except for that last little freeze that inevitably happens each March).  Hello blossoms – they appeared overnight on some of the early blooming trees. 

And hellllloooo wind.  It kicks up every year around this time, and inevitably, a girl winds up sporting the windblown look.


Hello Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  Goodbye Devil in the White City. 

Hello Jim Gaffigan!  Our trip to Denver is in two weeks and I am ready for some laughs. 

Hello House of Cards.  We’re on Season 2, Episode 3 and wooooow.  When Kevin Spacey looks right into the camera with that knowing, cold/bored/annoyed/evil glean in his eye, I feel like he’s looking right at me and I want to yell, “No, Francis Underwood!  I will not fall prey to your political games.”  And the fact that I want to talk to a fictional character from where I sit on my comfy couch, miles from DC, means that perhaps I have already have fallen prey.  Or, at a minimum, gone crazy. 

Hello Lent, goodbye…something. I’m deciding what to give up. Soda? Sweets? Cheese?

Hello Girl Scout cookies.  Thin Mints are my fav.

What are you saying hello and goodbye to as March marches into 2014?  What’s your Girl Scout cookie of choice? 


Hello, goodbye.


Happy February! I’m linking up with Allison over at Nestful of Love today for another round of hello…and goodbye.

This edition of hello/goodbye is starring one event only.  Yesterday, I said goodbye to the company I’ve worked with for six years, and on Monday, I say hello to a new company, new industry, new position.  Is it possible to feel excited-nervous-sad-anxious-happy-relieved all at the same time?  Why yes.  Yes it is.

I know there is a lot of hello yet to come – a lot of adventure and challenge and I am excited for it – but today, the goodbye makes my heart a little achy.  I knew that the people I worked with were top 5% – after all, that’s what the company strives to recruit and retain.  They have always taken excellent care of me, and I have learned so much from so many, particularly from two leaders who have proved themselves to be lifetime mentors.  I made a best friend – a bridesmaid – while working there, plus many other friendships that I’ll work to maintain forever.  I worked with a couple of cousins who I have always loved – but whom now I also respect as colleagues.  Over the past few weeks, all of these people have truly gone above and beyond.  Like at our company quarterly meeting last week, when the admin division manager presented me with a bouquet of flowers and commended me for the characteristics and work that I have contributed to the team over the years. 


And all the hugs and the handshakes and the questions and the well wishes and a zipper bag filled with sweet notes. 


And more hugs.  And maybe a few tears blinked back. There was also a two-and-a-half foot cardboard cutout of my boss’s head. 


{He’s reading this and shaking his head…and probably wishing I was in the office next door so he could shake his head at me in person.} 

There was a potluck and two weeks worth of lunch dates.  Did I mention there were hugs?

They struck the perfect balance between supportive and sad, walking that difficult tightrope with grace.  I am humbled and so grateful. 

At around 5:15 on Friday, I walked to my car, started it up, and backed out of my assigned parking spot.  The movement caught my eye near the front entrance – a few ladies who were working late stepped outside and there they were, smiling and waving goodbye as I drove away.  Top 5% to the very end.  Six years of memories is a lot – but that last one will always be one of my favorites.

Oh and it’s not goodbye in the forever sense, obviously.  There will be monthly sushi dates with the sushi crew, happy hours with my Neighbor, and frequent lunches with Jessie and some others.  And as they say – there’s never an end to a trip…just another destination.


What are you saying hello and goodbye to this month?

Hello, Goodbye. {in vlog form}

I am linking up with Allison over at Nestful of Love for Hello, Goodbye.


And it’s my inaugural vlog.

This is take two.  The sweet little white cat that resides lets me live in HER house was VERY enthusiastic about vlogging and really wanted to make her presence known.  Therefore, take one of this vlog included a lot of cat butt – both in my face and the camera – as she paced back and forth, back and forth, on the desk between me and the camera.  It was cute.  And entertaining – probably far more entertaining than the video below.  But a little distracting.

So without further ado, here is a cat free (I locked her in the hallway for take two – sooooo rude of me) vlog discussing my hellos and goodbyes as we bid farewell to October and welcome in November.

What are you saying hello and goodbye on this first day of November?  Have you (or would you) ever vlogged? 

Hello, Goodbye.

I am linking up once again with Allison over at Nestful of Love to say hello…and goodbye to a few things.


Hello October; Goodbye September.  {Wow – 2013 continues to fly by!}

Hello new papasan chair cushion; Goodbye productivity.  {Wait, what am I saying?  Spending all day, curled up reading a book is perfectly productive.  Right, Flo?  Flo agrees.}

Misc Pictures 104

Hello feeling of overwhelming sadness and loss that comes with the end of a great show; Goodbye Breaking Bad. {It really had the perfect ending.  And it had to end.  But there’s a Walter White size void to fill.}

Hello freshly roasted green chile {and thanks, Mom, for supplying it.}; Goodbye canned and/or frozen green chile {which is fine in a pinch, but nothing beats the fresh stuff.}

Misc Pictures 101

Oh, hello hot air balloon….  {One morning this past weekend, we thought it was really windy outside.  Then we realized the wind came in spurts…kinda like a hot air balloon.  Hopefully they got a picture of us getting a picture of them.  I was wearing my red fluffy robe…a sight to treasure, most definitely.}

Misc Pictures 094

Hello driveway of sunflowers on private property…I would have loved to get a bit closer for pictures, but I didn’t want to say goodbye to freedom by getting tossed in the slammer for trespassing.

Misc Pictures 103

Hello blonde highlights; goodbye unintentional ombre look that my locks were portraying as of late.


Hello Lorenzo the lizard; goodbye Frank (or Fred) the frog.  {We were sad to leave Frank – or Fred – behind in the pond at our old house.  So imagine our delight to discover Lorenzo in the shrubs at the new place.  Lorenzo enjoys crawling on walls and is keeping his distance.  But I think he likes us.}

Misc Pictures 124

Thanks, Allison, for hosting the link up!

What are you saying hello…and goodbye to as we usher in autumn? 

Hello, Goodbye.

Linking up with Allison at Nestful of Love as we say Hello September, Goodbye August!

Nestful of LOve

Hello football season, Goodbye seeing my husband, the football coach.


Hello Audible app, Goodbye same ol’ workout music playlist on repeat.

Hello new neighborhood, Goodbye old neighborhood (including Ping, the cross-eyed neighborhood stud-muffin of a tomcat).  :(


Hello new house, goodbye old house.

And speaking of new house…

Hello new paint colors, Goodbye…old paint colors. (Top is before, bottom is after.)



Hello new wood floors, Goodbye poorly-stretched-trip-hazard carpet.


Hello new fancy-shmancy kitchen cabinets, Goodbye light-oak-circa-1990 cabinet doors.


Hello wine rack…hello white cat.


What are you saying hello and goodbye to these days?

Hello, Goodbye.

I’m linking up today with sweet Allie over at Nestful of Love.  As we say howdy to August and sayonara to July, here are a few other things that I am letting in and out of life….

Hello August, Goodbye July.


Hello admin assistant position, Goodbye human resources job.

Hello new, less crowded office, Goodbye office next to my Neighbor.  :(


Hello SnapChat, Goodbye productivity.

Hello new house, Goodbye current house.


Hello down payment, Goodbye savings account balance.

Hello A Week in Winter, Goodbye The Dressmaker.

Hello haircut, goodbye split ends.


What are you saying hello…and goodbye…to these days?