Bloggers Like Us – Meet My Family.

Nicole’s Bloggers Like Us assignment for the month? Present a family portrait…and she encouraged us to get creative.

Well. I’m not a very creative person when it comes to making stuff. So I considered going out and buying a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head (and two Potato Cats), but then I’d be stuck with four plastic potato beings. Which would have sentimental value since they’re my family and I’d never be able to get rid of them.

I also thought it would be the best picture ever to get Kevin, Kiki, Flo, and myself lined up with the sun just right and take a picture of our shadows. The idea of herding cats into the perfect position and having them pause for at least five seconds in said position for a shadow picture had me shaking my head.

Don’t you love the pictures that children draw of their families? Kids can get away with legs and arms growing straight out of heads and three fingers on the end of each arm. Since I don’t have any children of my own (spoiler alert…), I started plotting ways to find a child who could draw a picture of my family. Hmm, I have a few little second cousins…maybe I could ask one of their parents if I could pay the child a dollar to draw me a picture?

That proposition sounded ridiculous even in my head {a dollar seemed to undervalue the drawing skills of the artist and would that even meet minimum wage requirements?}, so I did what any normal adult would do….

I grabbed a sheet of plain, white 8 1/2 X 11 and a blue highlighter.

Tongue peeking out of the corner of my mouth, I concentrated on drawing a masterpiece…with my left hand. Which is NOT dominant on the body of Amy. If the drawing is going to look ridiculous and childlike, I may as well go all out and use my weaker side.

So here it is…a photo of my family.


That’s Kiki – with her brindle coloring and fluffy tail – on the far left. Her poor ear was somehow drawn detached from her head. {Don’t worry – drawing is not to scale. Or really even the least bit accurate.} Then Kevin – with a football hovering awkwardly in the air next to him. It’s football season, you know. And me, in an A-line, polka dot dress (always fashion conscious – prepared for a photo op, naturally). Rounding out the crew is Flo on the far right. She’s bright white (and blue – couldn’t be helped) and one of her whiskers appears to falling off her sweet little face.

What does your family portrait look like? It’s not too late to link up with Nicole!


Bloggers Like Us – No Place Like Home.

I am linking up with Nicole over at Just Live It for this month’s edition of Bloggers Like Us. She provides a topic and anyone and everyone who wants to participate links to her blog with a picture and response.

This month we’re talking about home and how there is simply no place like it.

I agree with Dorothy. Traveling is an amazing adventure (whether it’s to Oz, a neighboring city, or somewhere in-between), but there is no place like home. Literally – since we all have different homes, there is not a single exact duplication to be found!

So without further ado – this is home.


Home is where Kevin proposed in September of 2012.  Home has a pond and waterfall in the backyard, where beautiful birds come to play and hydrate.  Home has a raised bed planter on the front porch, which housed the mutant pansies {seriously – those things would NOT die.  They were supposed to fade out in February and were still going strong in May when we finally replaced them.}  Home has a beautiful backyard – perfect for reading on the deck during a lazy Sunday morning or grilling a twilight dinner during the hot summer months.  Home has a lot of windows to the world outside for our two cats to gaze out of – and provide plenty of sun spots for them to lounge in.

This post is bittersweet for me.  Kevin and I made an offer on a house and it has been accepted.  So we’ll be moving soon.  A new house.  A new neighborhood.  A house that we picked out together – that we can customize and make our own.  It’s exciting and scary and everything that buying a house should be.  But we’re sad to leave our current place.  It has been the very definition of home sweet home.  And there will never be another place quite like it.

Bloggers Like Us – Welcome Spring.

I’m linking up with Nicole for her “Bloggers Like Us,” challenge.  The topic this month – post a picture of a spring item that brought a smile to your face. 

This prompt brought a smile to my face.  The problem was that I was overwhelmed with the possibilities.  Should it be a cute spring outfit?  Or the grass turning a lovely shade of green? 

Ultimately, I went with my most favorite thing about springtime – the blossoms on the trees.  It definitely means spring has arrived when those little buds and delicate flowers begin to grace the limbs.  It’s like they’re tapping winter gently on the shoulder and saying, “For everything there is a season, but I’ll take it from here.” 


What about spring makes you smile?  Link up to Nicole and tell us all about it!

Bloggers Like Us – The Best Part of Waking Up…

Following along with Nicole’s Bloggers Like Us challenge once again this month.

What jump-starts my day?  H2O!

After a night of serious sleeping, I’m usually feeling pretty dry and parched, so I reach for some water.  My favorite container to drink from?  A gift from my theatre buddy, Derek.

We were both obsessed with the Wicked soundtrack and went to see the performance together (along with my frousin [friend + cousin] Lori).  During intermission, Derek bought me this water bottle.  Bright green (my favorite color), it holds my personal clean, clear, and refreshing “elixir”.


Now I’m thirsty.  Excuse me while I go hydrate.

Bloggers Like Us – Where I Blog

I’m playing along with Nicole’s oh-so-clever project (Bloggers Like Us) which is designed to allow us all the opportunity  to get to know one another a little better.  Assignment numero uno – take a photo of the place that hosts your blogging good times.

Misc Pictures 014

If this desk could talk, it would have some tales to tell. Once upon a time it belonged to my grandmother – my mom’s mom. I never met her; she passed away before I was born. This desk was a part of my childhood though. Once I got a place of my own, my mom let me have the desk, and when I moved in with K, the desk came with me. And like it was meant to be, it found a perfect little home in this spot.

The chair I sit in while at the desk has special meaning as well. K’s great uncle made it, and K’s aunt brought it with her from Minnesota to give it to K. Imagine my delight when I discovered that it matched the desk so well.

Sitting on the desk is my trusty 2006 HP. It has had a couple of hard drive replacements (including a particularly traumatic one the week before finals in my last semester of college), but manages to move quickly and handle everything I need it to handle. Including writing this blog.

A few other odds and ends fill my space – a wooden bowl that was a gift from a family friend, a perpetual calendar made especially for me by Tiffany, an old bottle filled with coins that I brought from my dad’s house after he passed away, an electronic picture frame from my mom, and a childhood penny bank that was made by my aunt out of a vintage glass car battery case.

So this is where I blog. I love that I’m sitting at my grandma’s desk, in a chair made by a relative of my fiance, sharing a bit of my past, present, and future with you.