Stitch Fix bliss part IX.

I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting the ninth ever Stitch Fix post on this little blog, I got a box last week, and Kevin was just dying to take some iPhone wardrobe photos, so the stars were really in alignment, now weren’t they?  Everyone wins!  Let’s get right down to it, shall we?


This Le Lis blouse was fine, but I own another one (from Stitch Fix!  Same brand!) that looks pretty similar, so it just didn’t make sense to keep this one.


I kept this sheer blue and orange patterned shirt.  It will be a nice spring piece and will layer well in fall and winter.  The brand is Papermoon.


Now allow me to look down awkwardly at these jeans.  They’re Lila Ryan and I LOVED them.  But!  They fit perfectly right now and my tummy, butt, etc. are not going to be getting any smaller over the next six months, so it really didn’t make sense to keep the jeans and only be able to wear them for a matter of weeks before they became too tight.  And what if I am never again at a size where they’d fit?  Not worth the expense now for so much uncertainty.


This navy dress (sorry – I forgot to jot down the brand) was something I wanted to like when I first pulled it out of the box, but I just couldn’t once it was on the bod.  I thought the half belt that was sewed into the dress was weird and made it bunch awkwardly.  It just looks frumpy.  I also didn’t like the way the material in the back was gathered.  It received an all-expenses paid trip home to the Stitch Fix warehouse.


This Hawthorne 41 shirt is a beautiful Kelly green color and it’ll fit well for several months to come.  I kept it and think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it.

And that’s all she wore.  Or wrote.  Or whatever.  In case you’re just itching to use my Stitch Fix referral code – here it is.  (FD:  I receive a credit if you use the code to order a Stitch Fix fix.)  It is a fun service.  I’ve heard some reservations about signing up because of the expense, but something I really like is that they ask you how much you’re comfortable spending in the different categories (pants, blouses, dresses, accessories, etc.) in the style profile, so you can be really upfront about your budget.  And you only have to get a Fix delivered when you want one – however frequently or infrequently that may be.

Have you used Stitch Fix?  Are you transitioning into spring wardrobe items? 


13 thoughts on “Stitch Fix bliss part IX.

  1. These pieces are all so cute! I’ve started to see ads on TV for Stitch Fix now–they’re really getting mainstream! Do they do maternity clothes as well, or are you just going to stop shipments for awhile?

  2. These are cute!! I really like the green shirt–I have a similar one and I just love that color. I, too, wanted to like the navy dress. I like the idea of it for sure.

  3. My sister has been thinking about joining for awhile, so I always send her your Stitch Fix blog posts… I’ll let her know to tell me if she does decide to ‘take the leap’. That way she can use your referral code to give you credit. :)

  4. I do not use Stitch Fix (too many great resale shops near us…) but love these posts I see on blogs. Yes, definitely getting out the dresses and skirts again!

  5. Super cute! Love the color of the green top. Green is my kind of color too ;) The problem with SF for me is that I am too cheap even for the least expensive option. I have problems. But I DO think it would be a really fun “splurge” thing to try out one or twice just to see. Maybe in the future I’ll treat myself!

  6. I really need to just make the plunge and try Stitch Fix! I like that you can pick what you want to keep, how often you get your box, and tell your stylist how much you want to spend.

    I always love these posts of yours! I think the green blouse is so pretty on you!

    • Yay! Thanks for using my referral code – you’re sweet to do that. And yes! That’s great that they’re waiving the fee. I hope you find a few things you love that are good prices for your budget.



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