It’s a…

We are so delighted to be having a boy!  Ava is going to be a wonderful big sister to her brother.

We found out Monday.  The genetic counselor at the perinatal clinic I go to for ultrasounds called with results of the genetic screenings (all good!) and asked over the phone if we wanted to know the gender.  I asked her to write it down and leave it at the front desk in an envelope so I could pick it up.  Then I checked with Kevin to see if he was available for lunch that day.  He was so we made a plan to go pick up the envelope and go to Weck’s for lunch.  This is the same Weck’s we went to when we found out together that Ava was a girl (blog post here), so it felt really special to do the same for this baby.  :)

We were seated at a table, ordered our food, and then Kevin opened the envelope.  Boy!  So exciting!

I have to say…I wasn’t very surprised.  I have been convinced from the beginning that this baby is a boy (although I was completely convinced that Ava was a boy too, so don’t place too much stock in my mother’s intuition).  Kevin had a dream that the baby was a boy (and he dreamt that Ava was a girl, so obviously his dreams are more reliable than my gut feelings).  And when we questioned the ultrasound tech at our 12 week appointment she said that she was pretty sure the baby is a boy – “don’t go buy anything yet, but…I’m usually right about these things.”  So we both had boy on the brain.  And boy it is!

It feels strange to know the gender so early in the pregnancy.  We can really start thinking about name options, which is fun.  I am very excited when I think of having a son (a son!), but also a little intimidated.  I know absolutely nothing about baby boys and am especially nervous about diaper changes.  :)

I’ll end with the same quote I used in the post about finding out Ava was a girl because it is still so applicable:

“The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn’t been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.” -Pablo Casals

Any tips from all the boy moms out there?


6 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. I love that you just kind of knew! I’m totally calling that mother’s intuition even if you were wrong about Ava. You just didn’t have as much practice being a mom back then. ;) So sweet to be adding a little boy to your family! I love it! And hooray for everything looking good on the screening! That’s always reassuring! :)

  2. I am so excited for you guys! He is going to be such an adorable little guy, if Ava is any indication! Just be prepared for him to be different than Ava (I think every child, regardless of gender, is that way). It’s easy to say, “Well, Ava was crawling/walking/talking by this age, so he will be, too.” But he’ll be so different! Also, when he gets a little older (around 2ish) be prepared for him to be destructive. He will want to smash things and topple towers and wrestle Kevin on the floor and just in general practice being aggressive. (Then again, I say that because of Jake, but maybe Teddy will turn out differently!) I just think that aggression is a very boyish stage to go through that maybe Ava won’t prepare you for.

  3. I was CONVINCED that Brady was going to be a girl… When I found out that our first baby was going to be a boy, it took me a bit of time to adjust. I wasn’t really sure how to raise a boy. Ha, ha! BUT I have to say that I LOVE being the mom to a boy!!!! There is something ultra special about the connection between a mom and her son (which is similar to the Daddy’s girl relationship). And although there isn’t quite as much to pick from, the boy clothes are SO cute. I’m obsessed with bow ties, plaid, and suspenders. :)
    Little boys definitely tend to be more energetic and interested in exploring (and getting into things). With Brady, there is never a dull moment. ;) But they’re so full of life and adventure that it makes every single day fun.
    You will LOVE being the mama to a little boy!! And Ava will be such a great big sister. :)
    (Oh and the diaper changes… Brady showered us as parents for our very first diaper change at home, and we thought, “Oh, here we go!”. Ha, ha. But it only happened a few times after that… The sprinkles don’t happen all that often; and once they get a bit older, it doesn’t happen at all anymore). :)

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