That’s a wrap {March}.


Links to Love:

  1. This Bachelor/ette parody – this season, on The Babysitter. 
  2. The best country in the world….
  3. I believe very strongly in the Oxford comma, so I loved this.

Making Memories:

  1. I got to see a couple of friends who live out of state in March.  First, my friend Amy who I went to college with, was in town for a couple of days.  She and I went to China together a decade ago (can’t believe it has been so long!), and she currently lives in Oklahoma.  She was on a whirlwind tour of New Mexico to see family (and me) during her spring break.  It was so nice to catch up and see her travel companions too (her girlfriend and mom).  My friend Derek (my theatre buddy – we would always go to shows together when he lived here) was in town at the end of the month and we did lunch and then a Norwex party (he’s a consultant) the following day.  He’s just one of the friendliest people in the world and I loved getting to see him.
  2. There was a big Junior League women’s leadership symposium event and it was empowering and really a great experience.  Vicki Clark was the main speaker and she truly is amazing.  I can see why so many of my JL friends are Vicki Clark groupies!
  3. My mom, stepdad, sister, and Kevin’s parents were all in town and at our house at the same time, so we took that opportunity to dress Ava in the shirt she’s wearing in our family photo at the top of this post (photo cred to Lisa) and then we just waited to see how long it took our family to read the message.  My mother-in-law was the first to notice the writing and then everyone caught on quick.  :)
  4. It was for a sad event (the funeral service following my uncle’s passing) but I got to see a lot of my family on 3/25, which happens to be my sister’s birthday.  I love my aunts, uncles, cousins, immediate family, and any time with them is special.  My sister wanted Italian for her birthday dinner so we went to Trombino’s, which was really tasty.
  5. Long story but we decided to have Early Intervention test Ava, specifically to look at her gross motor skills because her walking gait seems a little off.  They believe that one of her legs is a little longer than the other and recommended that we take her to a pediatric orthopedist.  We’ll get our pediatrician’s opinion at the 18 month check up in April, but I think that she’ll probably agree with the recommendation.  Ava’s language skills, fine motor skills, etc. – everything else they test – looks age appropriate or beyond (her language comprehension is closer to 21-24 months!).


  1. I’m currently reading Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin, and Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.
  2. In March I finished The Danish Way of Parenting (Jessica Joelle Alexander) – 3 stars; My Not So Perfect Life (Sophie Kinsella) – 4 stars, listened to that one on Audible; Nine Women, One Dress (Jane L. Rosen) – 4 stars; What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding (Kristin Newman) – 3 stars; The Hating Game (Sally Thorne) – 4 stars, listened to this one on Audible and I recommend reading the book versus listening; Where We Belong (Emily Giffin) – 4 stars; and The Vacationers (Emma Straub) – 3 stars.  So it was a pretty good month for reading.
  3. Still working my way through the great Harry Potter re-read as well.  In March I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  The fourth book is ready and waiting for me, but I want to make a little more progress on Team of Rivals before getting sucked in.
  4. Kevin is reading The Looming Tower.  I think he’s nearly done with it and then he and his mom are going to read an Andrew Jackson biography at the same time.


  1. My great uncle Donald passed away in March.  He was in his late 80’s and lived a life of routine and integrity.  Those may seem like funny things to reference, but that was him.  He had a quiet wit and a calm presence.  He was one of the smartest people in the world, I am convinced – an accountant and the career fit him.  He loved basketball and to travel.  He was one of my absolute favorite people and I will miss him.
  2. I was stricken by a stomach virus at the end of the month and it took me down for about 24 hours.  Then I was weak and scared of food for another 24 after that.  Right as I started feeling human again, poor Kevin caught what I had.  So we tag-teamed the whole parenting thing during that little phase.  Fortunately, Ava seems to have escaped that round of illness.  Definitely don’t want her to be sick!
  3. I have officially weaned her from nursing.  It was mostly unintentional.  We were down to just one feed a day, at night before she went to sleep.  My goal was to make it to 18 months and I thought it was going to happen.  But then I had Junior League meetings on two consecutive nights and I was unable to get out of those in time to get home for the bedtime routine.  48 hours between nursing sessions is not good for supply, so…there it was.  I’m sad that I didn’t meet my goal and sad that the chapter is over.  It is what it is.
  4. As mentioned, we’ll likely be taking Ava to a pediatric orthopedist, which is really sad because the poor thing gets so scared in doctors’ offices.  I know it’s going to be tough to see her in that stressful situation, needing x-rays, etc.  :(


  1. Our Small Hours calls it Easy Shepherd’s Pie but it’s technically Cottage Pie since it uses beef rather than lamb or mutton.  Whatever.  It was delicious and really easy.  I put it together in the morning, let it refrigerate, and then Kevin popped it in the oven that afternoon/evening while I was at work.  A great make-ahead option!
  2. We made this one-pot creamy chicken bacon veggie pasta and I was very impressed.  We try not to eat pasta often, but I’d definitely do this one again.
  3. This crock pot chicken and rice soup was easy and as delicious as any other chicken and rice soup I’ve ever had, so I don’t think anything is lost by going crock pot versus stove top.  I overdid it on the dried thyme and rosemary (for my taste) and didn’t add enough salt, but I like to crumble saltine crackers up into my soup just prior to eating it anyway, so with that addition, it was perfect.
  4. I also enjoyed this shrimp and wild rice casserole.  We used broccoli instead of green bell pepper because I had some broccoli that needed to be used.  And I love the combo of rice/cheese/broccoli in general.  It would be easy to sub chicken for shrimp.  I think it would be tasty with scallops too.  Nice textures.  :)
  5. I made these little grape-caramel sauce-peanut snacks (referenced in this post) for a Norwex party at my house and they were really easy and really good.  Very snackable.  I probably ate about two dozen.

How was your March?


8 thoughts on “That’s a wrap {March}.

  1. Did I make it through your whole March post and miss the pregnancy details?! Girl I want details. So happy for you! And you should be proud of breastfeeding as long as you did! Go Mama!! Prayers for your sweet girl as you have these extra appointments.

    • Haha! Nope, you didn’t miss it. This is the first I’ve posted about the pregnancy on the blog. I’ll definitely share more details about how things have been going soon. :) I just wanted to get this March wrap-up post up before March was any further gone!!

  2. Congratulations!! It sounds like March was quite a month😋 So glad it involved so much family! Ava is so blessed to have such attentive and proactive parents!

  3. For me, one of the toughest things about being a mom is seeing your child scared and not being able to protect them from that. When Brady went for his last leg x-ray, he cried for me (but they wouldn’t let me in because I’m pregnant). And I just cried out in the hallway. I generally don’t cry easily, but seeing my child in pain or scared… Yep, does it every time!
    At the same time, there are these moments (as with Ava’s early intervention) that we mama’s have to be strong and know that it’s for the best. It can be SO hard though!!! But it will be worth it in the end if you can get answers… And it does help knowing that they won’t remember it.
    And oh my goodness!!!!! Congratulations on expecting your second! :) Soooooo excited for you!!!!

  4. I love how you just posted a picture of the big sister announcement but then didn’t say one thing about it in the actual post. ha! Honestly, I think there’s such a clear case for why the Oxford comma is needed that I don’t really understand why there are style guides that still don’t use it. I haven’t heard a good argument for why they are taken out.

  5. 1. So jealous of all your visitors!

    2. I just started listening to “A year of living Danishly.”

    3. Your Uncle Donald was one of a kind. He will surely be missed.

  6. Oh Poor Ava. I’ll be praying that those doctors visits go smoothly! I’m sure that will be so hard on your momma’s heart! And I’m so sorry about the loss of your Uncle. He sounds like he was really a stand up guy. He actually kind of sounds like Christopher. Loves basketball and to travel, is an accountant, has a calm presence, and a man of integrity. I married that guy. So I can see why your Uncle Donald meant so much to you. I’m so sorry for that loss.

    Oh no! A stomach virus while pregnant was one of my great fears this past winter. I hate that you guys didn’t escape unscathed. I’m glad Ava didn’t get it, though! Hopefully now that cold and flu season is passed you guys will be in full health!

    Also, I am so impressed with you for breast feeding for so long. I know it has to be emotional for you to not make it to the original goal, but at the same time – WOW! Go you for making it so long! Be sure that when I have questions a few months from now I will be bugging you, ha!

  7. I need to check out those grape-caramel sauce peanut snacks. They sound super interesting!

    I know what you mean about getting a stomach bug and then being terrified of food. I had one a few years ago and it took me a solid week to really get back into eating and drinking coffee.

    I’m glad Ava’s language, fine motor skills, etc. look age appropriate or beyond! That is awesome news! I’ll be praying for her pediatric orthopedist appointment. <3

    Aaaaand, CONGRATS!

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