A tale of a bathroom reno.

The title of this post makes it sound like it will be a much more dramatic story than it actually is.  Perhaps I should have gone with Veni vidi vici:  bathroom edition, but that sounds like it could be an entirely different kind of story, and well, let’s not go there.


We recently had our guest bathroom reno’ed and we are so. so. happy with the outcome.  Previously, the bathroom was dated; the house was built in the early nineties, and the bathroom reflected that.  More importantly – it had some issues.  With every flush, the toilet sounded like it was dying an agonizing death.  When bath water was released from the tub, it would flood the pipes and leak through the ceiling into the downstairs bathroom just below.  No bueno, si?

The befores:



We – um, mostly Kevin (he’s so much better at this stuff than I am – he has vision) – picked out our new tub, toilet, tile for floor, tile for shower, vanity, and mirror, and a jack-of-all-trades handyman and his son did the work for us.  The entire project took a week and it was a week – and money – well spent.

Demo day results:




^ A tribute swatch of the aquarium blue paint color that covered all the walls in the bathroom when we first bought the house. ^

New tub and new tile, in progress:


And the after photos (taken on different days at different times, hence the different lighting)!





The tub doesn’t leak, the toilet flushes discreetly, and it has a more classic, timeless look overall.

We have done so much to our house since buying it in the summer of 2013.

{Talkin ’bout my reno-va-tion.}

{Hello, Goodbye.}

The previous owners wouldn’t recognize it!  Our final major project is our master bathroom and we’ll probably tackle that in the spring/summer this year.  I’m also intrigued by the idea of replacing our kitchen counters.  They’re fine but so dark.  I’d like to lighten it up a bit.

Have you done any home improvement projects recently?  Any project you’d like to take on this year?


6 thoughts on “A tale of a bathroom reno.

  1. Ah! It looks so great! Good choices! Also, I find it hilarious that you have that swatch of blue paint behind the toilet because when we repainted our bathroom after we bought the house we couldn’t get everything behind the toilet either so that means that if it either comes out there will totally be a giant beige swatch behind there. ;) Anyway, hooray for a new bathroom where everything works and looks great!

  2. When you say that the previous owners wouldn’t recognize it, it makes me a little sad. Just because I had the experience of returning to the home that I grew up in (for 17+ years), and the new owners let me walk around, and it was unrecognizable. The guy was telling me about all the reno work they’d done, and all of the sudden I started ugly crying and I had to make an embarrassing exit without finishing the tour. But I mean. . .it was just sentimental. We had a lot of ugly dated things in our house (gray carpet, formica countertops, etc), and their renovation made everything look MUCH better. But my childhood home that I remembered was pretty much gone. :’-(

    • I think that’s a great point, Rachel! It would make me sad to revisit my childhood home and find that everything had been changed and updated, even if it was more to my current taste. I guess we all just put our stamp on things and work through the emotions that may come up if we visit a place close to our hearts that has had someone else’s stamp put on things. I’m sure that the previous owners have updated their current home with the wild paint colors that they {seemed} to love, and that home’s previous owners would be sad to see it!! Ahh, the circle of home life – it’s so deeply personal when it’s OURS!

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