Stitch Fix bliss part VII & part VIII.

Two Stitch Fix boxes to report on here!  I’m still on a quarterly Fix rotation, and that’s working pretty well.  To be perfectly honest – I’ve been a little disappointed with the past two boxes, but that’s kind of silly because I found a couple of things I liked in each box.  I guess I was just on a roll, keeping everything they sent for the first few boxes, so it seems like they only scored a 40% when I keep 2 items instead of 5.  But my wallet is better off, so… :)  I’ve been making a conscious effort to not buy a ton of clothes.  I have so many clothes and I don’t wear a lot of them as much as I should.  It is yet again the time of year when I think to myself, “I should do a capsule wardrobe.”

But enough about my wishy-washy capsule wardrobe ways….  On to the Fix reports.

October 2016 Fix:


I didn’t keep these shoes.  I think they were Lucky brand?  I’m sorry – I did not do a good job of recording the brand on the things I sent back.  Anyway…the shoes.  They were a little tight.  I liked them fine and would definitely wear something like this.  But they didn’t fit perfectly so I said sole long.  ;-)




No, seriously.  I rolled out of bed and had Kevin take this picture early one morning because I needed to send the items back that day.  Diva, always and forever.  Anywho….  Two items here – the burgundy puffer vest (sorry – forgot to note the brand) and Liverpool leggings.  I sent both back. The leggings weren’t worth it for the price and I just wasn’t too into the vest.  I have a similar black one.



And here we have a blue shirt by 41 Hawthorn.  I really love this shirt (kept it) and get so many compliments when I wear it.  It looks pretty dressy but is comfortable and nursing friendly (buttons on top 3/4).  Win!



Lastly from the October box, this striped tunic by Market & Spruce.  I really like this one too!  It’s comfy and has fun elbow patches.  Great weight for spring, fall, and winter, with the right layering.  Pants are Zara (not from Stitch Fix) and the Duchess of Cambridge owns an identical pair.  Twinning with Kate – nbd.



January 2017 Fix:

One of the items in my January Fix was the same pair of pants (the Liverpool leggings) that they’d sent in the October Fix.  I sent them back again and didn’t bother to take another picture.



This jacket – sorry, I’m horrible and didn’t record the brand – I sent back BUT I will say I liked it more than I thought I would.  When I first pulled it out of the box, I was not impressed because my style profile specifically says to avoid fake fur.  I tried it on and it was cozy and comfy and a good weight.  I also really liked the color.  But I’m just not a fake fur (or real fur for that matter) kind of person and I have plenty of jackets.  I didn’t need one more.




Allow me to awkwardly turn my butt toward you and model this split back sweater.  It was cute, I liked the grey color, and it was a good weight, but it was too pricey for my taste.  I sent it back.


img_0320I really liked this shirt a lot and Kevin said he thought it looked like my style, but ultimately, I decided to send it back.  I had just gotten a very similar baseball style shirt through LaLuRoe (or is it LuLaRoe?  I always forget.) – the Randy, and thought this one was a little too similar.  As I look at this picture, I may have a tiny bit of returner’s remorse, but I’ll push through and be stronger for it.  ;-)



I kept this button up – brand is Skies Are Blue.  It’s nursing friendly, I like plaid, and it’s a really sturdy material.  I like the colors too (shades of red/maroon and blue and grey). I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this one.


As a little Stitch Fix bonus…  Last fall my friend Torri asked if I’d be interested in this purple shirt:


She’d received it in her Fix and didn’t love it, but thought of me because we are similar in size.  The brand is Skies Are Blue. I love the color and that it is nursing friendly so I said I’d take it.  I’m really happy she thought of me because I love it and have gotten a lot of wear out of it already.  It makes Ava downright giddy too, obviously.

What styles have you been loving?  Any items here that fit your style?


10 thoughts on “Stitch Fix bliss part VII & part VIII.

  1. That blue shirt was definitely a keeper! And of course you would be twinning with the Duchess of Cambrige- I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s secretly keeping an eye on you for fashion tips.

  2. I like all the shirts you got in your January fix! I think the gray shirt is really cute but I understand something being too pricey. That’s annoying they sent you the same pair of leggings…

  3. I was so glad you decided to keep that blue shirt! As soon as I saw it on you I thought how great it looked so I quickly scrolled down to see if you had kept it or not. I have a similar top that I love! It’s just such a pretty color!

    Weird that they sent you the same pair of leggings twice. Hopefully your next Fix will be a 100% win! :)

  4. I like the shirt that looks like the LulaRoe Randy! Baseball tops are my favorite.

    I really liked all the items you kept, especially the button up flannel-type shirt :)

    I keep wanting to try Stitch Fix but I always worry it’s too pricey. Maybe if I make a note to ask for things not over a certain price point. Hmm :)

    • You should check out the Stitch Fix profile. It allows you to set price ranges that you are comfortable paying for the different categories (dresses, tops, pants, accessories, etc). And you only have to get a box when you want one, so you can save up a bit of your clothing budget and then request a box and not be stressed about the money. That can also make it easier to decide what to keep because you know you have X number of dollars to spend. :)


  5. These are some of my favorite posts that you do! :) (I’m a mom who doesn’t get out to shop much… So it’s fun to see what you received in your Stitch Fix)!
    I definitely agree with all of the items you kept. They’re all so beautiful (and breast-feeding friendly, which is a win). :)
    I do really like the baseball style shirt too though. I don’t really own any like that, but I love them. Ha, ha.

  6. Ava’s little plaid shirt is so adorable! And I love your plaid one too, because I love all things plaid (insert heart-eye emoji here). I hope you and Ava wear them out together!?

  7. I really like all of your Stitch fix clothes! And, I like a lot of the clothes that you ended up sending back! Especially the puffy vest, the split back shirt, and the baseball tee. I have returners remorse on your behalf! You are really making me want to sign up for Stitch fix! But I know that if some of these items are too pricey for you, they will *definitely* be too pricey for me!

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