A bit on blogging and my favorite blogs.


Ah, blogging.  I love looking back at past blog posts.  I love having a record of the past four (five? How long have I had this blog?  A good blogger would probably know how long their blog has existed.) years because my life has changed so much in that time – engagement, marriage, job changes, pregnancy, baby.  But honestly if someone else could write the blog posts about my life, I’d let them.  I don’t love writing like so many of my favorite bloggers do.  Writing posts falls more and more to the back burner because I’m not passionate about it and therefore don’t prioritize it.  I think I posted twice or maybe three times in December.  Maybe I’ll stop blogging altogether at some point, but for now I try to just write a post here or there as I want to, as I can.

I’m very appreciative of the friendships blogging has brought.  Several bloggers I consider friends no longer keep blogs, but we follow one another on Instagram and/or keep in touch as pen pals via snail mail, and I like that the interwebs were site for friendship to develop.  There are other blogger friends that still keep blogs and I am always excited to see a new post from them.  I confess that I tend to be a lazy blogger and mostly keep up with bloggers that seem to keep up with me.  You read and comment on my blog, I’ll read and comment on yours.  I’m trying to get better about replying, via email, to comments.  I tend to let them stack up and then do a mass deletion party in my inbox because I’ve let so much time pass since the comment came in that it would be weird to reply!  I’d like to stay more on top of things and reply in a timely manner.  I also have been trying to reply to questions in the comments instead of emailing a reply, just in case other people are curious about the answer to the question.

Here are a few of my favorite blogs – the #wemetonline folks who still blog regularly and I think of as friends.

Rach at This Italian Family.  Rach was my first blog friend and she is the most inspiring and kind person ever!  Her blog is always such a joy to read – recipes, travel, photography, her pup Oreo, and her passion for bringing happiness to people in her life.

Allie at Allie’s Life.  Allie and I have become pen pals as well and she is so sweet!  She’s a fabulous baker and loves animals and her family.  She has a dog named Lola and a cat named Malcolm, who Rue thinks is really dreamy.  :)

Miriam at Farm Girl.  Miriam lives in Canada – British Columbia, I believe.  She and her husband just moved to a new place and the photos of it are breathtakingly beautiful.  Miriam loves animals and they own a lot of them – dogs, chickens, rabbits, horses…  My favorite is her big white dog named Bear.

Amanda at The Lady Okie.  Amanda is a good writer and always has clever post ideas.  She gives great book reviews, tells funny stories, and is very authentic.   Like many of these ladies, I think we’d be friends in real life if we lived closer.

Allison at Nestful of Love.  Allison posts some great recipes and craft ideas.  Her little boy is right around a year older than Ava, so I’m always making mental notes of things to try next year as she tests them out with him!

Nicole at Just Live It.  Nicole has a cute little boy and is expecting her second baby later this year.  She posts about their day-to-day and is a great photographer.

Rachel at The New Normal.  Rachel doesn’t post often, but I enjoy keeping up with her and her family.  She has a cat named The Fonz who looks a lot like Kiki!

The list is so short.  I miss Janelle and Becky and Gina and Jenny and Jen and…I’m sure there are others, who formerly blogged!  But Instagram is good for staying in touch with them.  :)

Other blogs I enjoy but don’t often comment on include Bridget at Tales of Me and the Husband and Grace at Camp Patton.

And there are a few people I know in real life – Tiffany at Little House, Big Life, Lori at Five Feet Rising, Britt at The Fisk Files….

What are your favorite blogs to read?  What motivates you to keep a blog?



10 thoughts on “A bit on blogging and my favorite blogs.

  1. Awwww, I’m honored that I made the list!!!
    I honestly haven’t been as good about keeping up with blogs lately either. It’s so hard, as a mom, to have that extra time. Reading my favorite blogs almost feels like a luxury when I have the time to do so. :)
    I already read some of your favorite blogs, but I can’t wait to check out the others!!

  2. Thank you so much for including me! What a nice surprise :-)
    I know the struggle about replying to comments in a timely manner. I always want to take the time to let the person know how much I appreciate their comments (especially the thoughtful ones!), and think that I will “do it later when I have more time”. Later becomes the next day, or the one after that – suddenly, a week went by. Oops!
    You’re a friend to me too, and I love how blogging brought us together.

    Having a blog is such a time capsule. Old posts are great reminders for what was going on at the time in our lives, and I’m so grateful for having this special online diary.

    I’m always amazed when I hear that you don’t enjoy writing that much (you mentioned it before). You have amazing discipline to sit down and document your life! I’m very grateful that you do, and hope you won’t quit blogging any time soon!

  3. I love looking back on all the memories on my blog. Just this past month my sister turned 21 years old, and I remember writing a post about when she turned 16!! So it’s fun to look back on all that! I am definitely checking out some of the blogs you mention!

  4. Ah, this post makes me so happy! Most of your favorite blogs belong to girls who I’m friends with as well (Nicole, Allie, Rachel, Allison, and Amanda). That makes me feel like we’d all be good friends in real life if we lived close together! I never would have expected to have “friend groups” via blogging, but that’s almost what this feels like. And I love it! :) Also, thanks for the kind words. You are such a sweet friend and I’m so thankful for you!

  5. You are so sweet to include me :) I’m really glad we’ve gotten to know each other via the blogging world! I enjoy reading your blog and especially seeing what Miss A is up to!

  6. Hi Amy, Although I don’t comment, I LOVE your blogs and look forward to them every week. They make me feel closer to you and Kevin and Ava and a part of your life. I love you all very much and I’m so happy you are part of my family.
    Love, Andy

    • Ahh, thanks, Aunt Andy! I tend to forget that there are a few family members who follow along too. It is a great way to keep people up on some of the things that are going on here.

      Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and warmth!! Hi to Richard. Love you.

  7. I love this, Amy! Blogging is such a neat thing. Looking back on posts from years ago is fun, and the friendships I’ve made from blogging are simply the best. Thanks for mentioning me :) your compliments are so sweet!

    P.S. Malcolm thinks Rue is beautiful!

  8. I’m so sad that I JUST now saw this. I also only keep up with a few blogs (my list used to be longer pre-baby, but now it’s much shorter than yours!). Thanks so much for the mention! It’s hard for me to prioritize blogging too when there are so many other things going on. But I do like to write when I can find the time! (Usually in the middle of the night after everyone else has gone to bed, LOL. )

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