A Thanksgiving sweekend.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love that it reminds me to be thankful of the many blessings in my life (really – shouldn’t every day be Thanksgiving in that respect?) and I love the family tradition that my mom and her siblings and their spouses have kept since my cousins and I were babies.  We get together every Thanksgiving and Easter and those are two of my favorite days of the whole year.  My extended family is so much fun.  My mom has three siblings and between the four of them there are 12 in my generation (I’m the oldest and the youngest is a decade younger than me).  Ava’s generation has…I don’t even know how many kids.  16?  She’s the second youngest thus far (wait – third youngest!  My cousin is expecting her fourth baby in a few months!) and the oldest two are in Kindergarten so I know that these cousins are going to grow up as close as me and my cousins did – if we do our job and keep bringing them together for holidays.

Anyway, Kevin and I downloaded a book on Audible and hit the road Thursday morning around 10:00.  Ava barely peeped during the whole drive – it aligned perfectly with her naptime.  We enjoyed our book, and it was just a great trip all around.  We got to my aunt and uncle’s house around 11:30 and started having fun with the fam.



Ava loved exploring Dale and Gail’s huge house, we all enjoyed a lot of great food, and there was a great game of Squeak (basically group solitaire).  We did a mannequin challenge mid-game and that was really fun!  Here is a video I put together, showing off our mad mannequin skills:

We headed home around 4:00 – right around when Ava needed another nap – and she slept like a champ on the way home while Kevin and I listened to our book.

Friday we took it pretty easy in the morning.  Craig and Sue watched Ava for a few hours mid-day while Kevin and I ran some errands, met a friend of his for lunch, and took a nap.  Then we went to Craig and Sue’s where we decorated the Christmas tree and enjoyed some tasty creamy chicken soup.


The evening included cuddles on the couch, football, and Andes mints for dessert.


On Saturday morning I went for a pedicure and the remainder of the day was a relaxing one at home.  Lots of reading and football.  Ava took an amazing two hour crib nap mid-day.  We took a family walk – it was dreary and grey but not cold.  Saw some ducks.


We picked up Dion’s for dinner, which was delicious.

Sunday we did our grocery shopping and Shawna dropped off some family photos she’d recently taken for us.  Ava took another great two hour crib nap (she feels sooooo good when she gets a great nap!  Especially in the crib.).  Mid-afternoon we turned on Louis Armstrong Pandora and started making our favorite beef stew.  It is so delicious and the time in the kitchen with Kevin reminded me how good we are at cooking together.  We’re so in sync – carefully working our way through different parts of a recipe and merging the finished products for a delicious meal.  I love cooking with Kevin.  His parents came over for dinner and it was a lovely evening.  Ava went to bed at 7:00, Kevin and I read and watched the Broncos game (so close!  Disappointing ending, for us anyway).  And that was the sweekend.

How was your Thanksgiving?  What is your favorite holiday?  Share your favorite cornbread recipe with me, please!  (I was disappointed in the one I used made to go with the beef stew.)



4 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving sweekend.

  1. Aww, you and Kevin cooking together sounds SO pleasant. I love that! We used to cook together every day, but lately we only cook together on the weekends. But those times are so fun. I love it! :)

    I love that you guys all still get together! I hope my cousins and I will still get together as we all have kids (my older siblings have kids, but all of my cousins are younger than me and only a few of them are even just now in the newly married stages). So sweet for Ava to grow up with so much family! :)

  2. That sounds like such a lovely, relaxing weekend! I feel like things have been so crazy at our house now that we have two–but we still have that two hour stretch in the afternoon when everyone is napping (myself included, usually), and that is a glorious time of day!

    That big round room configuration looks so cool! And your hair looks lighter to me. Did you dye it?

  3. You’re making me miss my cousins! We had to miss out this year because I hosted a baby shower Thanksgiving weekend, but we still all love getting together and I’m so glad. Sounds like an amazing weekend with sweet family!!!

  4. Love the first picture in this post. Everyone looks so relaxed and content! I really enjoy the long Thanksgiving weekend. It kicks off the holiday season in the best way!

    P.S. I have a cornbread recipe on my blog! It’s sweet(ish), if you’re into that!

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