Snapshot {October}.



Making: My Christmas shopping lists and even some progress on the buying of the gifts.  My goal is to be DONE by December 1.

Cooking: The meal plan this week includes chicken fajitas, chickpea and chicken curry, and a roast with potatoes and carrots.  Tonight we’re having Dion’s though.

Drinking: Water.  And dreaming about the wine I had at a local vineyard/winery.  Kevin and I recently went on a little day date and it was perfect.  Then we went back when my Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jeff were in town visiting.  It’s such a lovely setting.


Reading: I have started Team of Rivals – another one of Kevin’s favorites that talks about the team that Lincoln brings together during his presidency.  I’ll be working on it for the next six months, I’m sure.  I’m listening to The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo on Audible, and it’s okay.  More serious than I thought it would be and it is quite crude, but Amy Schumer does make me L-O-L every so often.

Wanting: A Roomba.  The cats track out little bits of clean litter and Ava drops food from her high chair and this is a dusty place to live.  I told Kevin that all I want for Christmas is a Roomba so that I don’t feel the need to sweep all the time (we only have tile, wood floors, and a few rugs).  Not that I DO sweep all the time, but gosh, I feel the need to, so how great would it be to free that space in my head for other frets.  Also, I think Rue will think the Roomba is a lark.


Looking: Forward to Thanksgiving with my family.  They’re so fun.


Eating: Nothing now.  Likely a salad from Dion’s later.

Wishing: 12 month shots came pain free.  Ava gets hers later today.


Enjoying: Gilmore Girls.  I’m so excited for November!

Loving: That I convinced Kevin to dress up for Halloween.  He’s Jim; I’m Pam.  We considered being Halloween-Jim-and-Pam and he’d be three hole punch paper and I’d be a black cat (my regular go-to costume, too, Pam!).  But ultimately we decided to be plain-Jim-and-Pam.



Hoping: Ava gets a nice nap in before the dreaded doctor’s appointment.

Needing: A peppermint mocha, but I gave them up for my health.  Boring.

Smelling: Nothing now.


Feeling: Amazed at the weather.  All time high temps today for 10/31 in this neck of the woods – I think it’s in the low eighties.  I’ll take it.


Wearing: Jeans and a plaid shirt.  And houseshoes.

Watching: Gilmore Girls.  Naturally.  Rory has decided to drop out of Yale and has moved into the pool house.  Lorelei proposed to Luke and now the townsfolk are giving him a hard time.  Poor Luke.

What are you wishing/needing/loving/eating right now?


4 thoughts on “Snapshot {October}.

  1. Ah! You guys make a cuter Jim & Pam than the real ones! Love that costume!

    And Gilmore Girls, oh Gilmore Girls. I started rewatching it last month and I’m only in the second season so I’m definitely not going to be finished by the time the new episodes come out, but it’s so good to watch these old ones again. Love this show!

    I’m sorry about 12 month shots. No fun! I hope you guys both hang in there!

    I’m with you on wanting a Roomba! Christopher tried to convince me to get one several years ago and I was like “meh, not interested.” But now that Oreo’s allergies keep acting up and he sheds SO MUCH I feel like I’m sweeping ALL THE TIME. Suddenly I’m interested in a robot vacuum. ;)

  2. Love, love, LOVE your costumes!
    And I REALLY need to get started on my Christmas shopping… I at least need to come up with some plans. Right now, I have no idea what to get anyone. Ha, ha. I plan to do a lot of shopping on Etsy this year.

  3. I love everything in this post!

    LOVE your Halloween costumes. What was Ava?

    LOVE that you’re rewatching (or is it your first time? ) Gilmore Girls. I’m on season three right now, but if I really book it I can catch up in time for the Netflix reboot.

    LOVE that you’re trying to finish shopping by December 1. An admirable goal. Not sure that I’ll be done by then, but I’ve definitely started!

    And LOVE the Roomba idea. Sign me up! :-)

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