A day in the life – October 2016.

I’m sneaking this post in during October to stay consistent with my plan to document our typical day every six months.  Here’s April 2016 and October 2015, in case you want to stroll down {my} memory lane.

Our day begins at around 6:30 AM.  Well, sometimes Kevin wakes up at 5:30 or even – wait for it – 4:30 (apparently there is one of those in the morning too!  Who knew!?) to go to the gym or at least get a little morning Kevin time with Mike & Mike, coffee, and the paper.  But Ava wakes up at right around 6:30, which means I wake up at that time too, because I love sleep.  {I read an article recently that looked at seven things thriving moms have in common versus surviving moms.  One of them was waking up before their child(ren).  I may never thrive as a mother, by that rule.}  Kevin goes into Ava’s room first and they have a lovely morning routine – they chat and he changes her diaper.  They turn off the sound machine and open the blinds in her room.  They say good morning to the yard and then they make their way into the master bedroom, saying hi to the cats along the way.  Ava comes to see me and I nurse her.  Kevin goes downstairs to get his coffee and paper and then he joins us in the bedroom.  I usually check email and social media while Ava eats.  We try to convince her to cuddle for a bit after her meal, but she’s TOO BUSY.  She gets antsy and we move downstairs.

We were in an excellent walking routine and we’d immediately put her in the stroller, get my water and Kevin’s coffee, and go for a walk around the neighborhood.  In the past few weeks it has gotten a bit too chilly and stayed dark too late for us to do that at 7:00 like we were during the summer.  So we’ve gradually changed our routine and now the norm is to play for a little bit in the living room or family room, then eat solid breakfast.  Ava’s breakfast is usually veggie puffs or Bamba and some kind of fruit (blueberries, raspberries, and bananas are the go-to options) and a bit of whatever Kevin or I is having – sometimes toast with jam, sometimes an English muffin with peanut butter, sometimes an egg and cheese burrito.  She’s also really into applesauce go-packs recently.


If we have time (don’t have a lot to do to get ready or have to be to work before 9:00), we go for our walk around 7:30.  I really enjoy our walks.  Ava loves checking on the neighborhood and Kevin and I enjoy the quiet time to chat and stretch our legs.  We start to get ready when we get home – around 8:00.  Kevin’s mom gets to the house around 8:45 and she and Ava embark on their play time.  Kevin and I head to work.  Things have been less intense for him recently since our new EHR that launched July 1 has been in play for a few months.  Our new HR person is amazing and has taken a lot of HR work off of my plate and our office manager is back from being out and has taken over her stuff that I was covering, so I’ve been able to focus on the internal and external audits that have come up.  It’s definitely less stressful than it was a couple of months ago!  We work until 1:00 and then head home – Kevin for lunch and me for the afternoon.

Sue catches us up on Ava’s morning – was there a nap, what she ate, how they played, and then leaves.  I nurse Ava and then we all eat lunch together.  Ava loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I like to have leftovers if there are any from earlier in the week, and Kevin usually has soup or a sandwich.


Kevin goes back to work after we eat and Ava and I plan our afternoon.  I try to structure the afternoon around when she took a nap in the morning, if she took a nap in the morning.  We’ll run errands if needed.  We’ve been going for an afternoon walk as well because the weather has been so fantastic and it gets us out of the house.


A trip to the park is fun too.  She usually takes at least a 45 minute nap (Nursing her to sleep is no longer an option – she’s too wired while nursing.  It also doesn’t work to put her in the crib and leave the room.  She immediately stands up and begins wailing like I told her I’m leaving forever.  So instead I usually hold her in a cradle position and walk around in circles in her room, sound machine on.  If she’s wound up she may fight it a little bit, but I do a “sh sh sh sh sh” sound and walk with a light bounce and she usually calms down really quickly.  Her eyes get heavy and soon she begins dozing.  I wait until she’s pretty well asleep – my arms burning – and then set her gently in the crib.  I know it’s not good to have that kind of sleep association, but I’m really a live-for-the-current-nap kind of girl.  This is working now – I’ll deal with the future later.)  and I use the time to catch up on work emails and/or phone calls, work a bit if I have my laptop at home, and watch some Gilmore Girls.  :)

When she wakes up, I’ll usually feed her because she doesn’t tend to wake up from her afternoon naps in an especially cheerful mood, and then we’ll play.  I usually start cooking dinner around 5:30.  Kevin has been going to football practice each week day until around 6:00, but the season is now over so he’ll begin coming home around 5:00.  I’m so excited for that – it will be great to have that extra hour with him back.  We eat at 6:15 or whenever he gets home.  As soon as we’re done we clean Ava up and go upstairs.  We only bathe her once or twice a week.  I mean, why do more than that?  We clean her up well after each meal, she doesn’t sweat, and frequent bathing dries out the skin – we live in the desert and don’t need additional drying.  :)  So all that to say, when we don’t need to do a bath, our usual nighttime routine is Vitamin D, brushing teeth, diaper change, pajamas, and then I nurse her.  She’s usually in her crib by 7:10.  Ava occasionally cries out in the night but unless it goes on for more than a few minutes or sounds especially upset (there’s a nightmare kind of cry and a I’m-between-sleep-cycles kind of cry and we’re learning to tell the difference), we let her be and she soothes herself back to sleep.

Kevin and I hang out downstairs until around 9:30.  We spend the time watching football or something else on TV, reading, looking stuff up online, and talking.  It is really, really important to me that we get those two hours to just hang out together.  He’s my favorite and I love being with him.  We’re usually in bed by 10 and that’s the day.

Tell me something about your typical day.  How is your day today different than your day six months ago? 


8 thoughts on “A day in the life – October 2016.

  1. So much walking in your day, that’s fantastic! And very impressive.
    Rich and I don’t really have a set routine, our days vary wildly, depending on the weather, whether we are off together or working, or if we have company, like we do right now.
    Our most precious time together is in the morning: We love to sit together in bed with our cups of coffee and tea to talk, plan our day, or share the dreams we had the night before.
    Such a nice way to start the day!

  2. My biggest change right now from life six months ago is dealing with pregnancy exhaustion while raising a toddler. ;) The first trimester is almost done though, so I’m looking forward to starting to feel better soon.
    I can’t get over how adorable Ava is! She’s absolutely beautiful!!

  3. I love how serious she looks in the photo with the applesauce!

    Mt routing is surely different from six months ago, inasmuch as six months ago I had a job. Now, it’s a kind of round robin of looking for work, doing unpaid farmwork (family property) and volunteering. Not gonna lie: the lack of structure that goes with unemployment is starting to do my head in!

  4. The pic of Ava with her applesauce is adorable! Such a cutie<3
    I'm so glad I'm not the only mom out there who is doing whatever is necessary to get my baby down for a nap! Sounds like we do pretty much the same routine…I call it the jig:P Sometimes it makes me think I'm going insane spending so much time shh-ing and bouncing, but I've survived 5 and a half months so surely I can make it a few more!

  5. I love that you guys have those two hours together at the end of the day! That’s one of those things that Christopher and I hope we’ll be able to implement when we have kids.

    Sounds like you guys have such pleasant days! I love that you guys spend so much together as a family. That’s so sweet. :)

    Also, Mallory LOVED those applesauce packets so much!

  6. Gosh, you guys wake up early! I tend to stay up super late and sleep in. Unfortunately I’ve gotten Jake on the same routine, and he wants to stay up late (9:30-10) and wake up late (8:30-9). He used to go to bed between 8-8:30, and I’d really like to get back to that and reclaim the night! But he is so stubborn, and if I put him to bed at 8:30, he will just sit in the dark for hours talking to himself and refusing to sleep. I think the reason I stay up so late is just to have some “me time.” Hopefully the time change this weekend will help us start going to bed and waking up a little earlier!

  7. I so enjoy reading these types of posts. I think I’d be the same as you with sleep. I’ll take as much as I can get!

    I’m sure you’ll love looking back on these posts, too! My days look mostly the same, but change a little with the seasons!

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