Ava // twelve months old. 


She is ONE. Can you believe it? I can’t.

At twelve months old Ava hates having her face wiped and being overtired, she tolerates having her teeth brushed, and she loves making sounds (chatting, blowing raspberries, drumming, tapping, shaking objects), eating, and pulling up on furniture.

We could have sworn that she had some molars coming in (because HELLO Miss Crankypants for a few days) but alas, no sign of them on the gum line. She’s holding steady at 8 teeth. Speaking of teeth, she loves to touch other people’s teeth. She continues to be a good eater – definitely developing preferences and favorites, then burning out on something she couldn’t get enough of yesterday (bananas – they had a long shining moment in the sun, but now they’re just eh). She’s very good when we eat out in restaurants – as long as we keep food in front of her. She continues to nurse 4-6 times a day. I may begin trying to cut back but I’m not in a big hurry to either. She is no long relaxed and chill while nursing. Instead she’s fidgety and distracted, like she’s making mental to-do lists and is only taking time out of her busy schedule to eat because I’m making her.

She continues to do her cheesy grin – now on cue if we say, “Cheese!” She’ll show off the grin to friends and strangers – as long as we’re right next to her and she’s not being held by them. Stranger danger is a real thing and she takes it seriously. She high fives and claps (palm to outside of wrist rather than palm to palm, but details, details). She gets attached to random items – a wiffle ball we bought her, a pair of socks, a plastic cup – and loves the remote controls. And when I say she gets attached, I mean it. If we try to take the item away, she protests strongly. The wiffle ball basically became an additional appendage for a few days. We put her to bed one night with a rolled up pair of socks and she was still holding them the next morning when Kevin went to fetch her. If the Gilmore Girls intro song starts playing, she drops whatever she’s doing, crawls quickly to the entertainment center and pulls herself up on her tippy toes to watch the intro, smiling widely the whole time. There was a developmental milestone moment in the past month when she learned the concept of putting blocks in a box. The first time she did it I burst out with a cheer so ecstatic that one would think she’d just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. (Someday…)

She doesn’t hesitate to let us know her opinion about things, but is easy going for the most part. She is busy busy busy and loves pulling up on anything she can and crawling. She’s letting go and balancing a bit while standing near things and creeping her way along the couch but I think walking is still a couple of months away. She loves crawling up the stairs. She enjoys looking at books and having them read to her. Her favorite part is turning the pages and sometimes she’s a speed reader with the quick turns. She is a very inconsistent napper – some days it’s easy peasy to get her down and others it just doesn’t happen unless it’s a stroller walk, a cuddle nap, or a well timed car ride.

In the past month we went to Gymboree and the zoo and music class. Fun fun and fun. We also went several of Kevin’s football games and to a birthday party in the park for a neighbor girl who turned two. The park is a regular stop for us in general. Ava loves the swing, crawls up the little slide like a boss, and loves sliding down (a controlled slide, with us holding her around the waist or on our laps, sliding with her). She eats the occasional handful of sand and has a jolly time. We have been so good about continuing our morning constitutional walks as a family (minus Kiki and Rue. Speaking of the cats, Ava still adores them and gets really excited when they are nearby.)

Her eyes are blue, her hair is blond. At her 12 month appointment she weighed a little over 17 pounds and was 29 inches long.  She’s wearing size 9 month and 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.  Her disposition is sweet and serious and playful and opinionated. She’s started to put different syllables together when she chatters and she’s really good at imitating sounds. She recognizes many items and will get her book, duck, monkey, cat, etc. when we ask her where said item is.

The past year has been so many things – fun, entertaining, challenging, emotional. We love our little Ava and are so grateful she’s ours.

{This link should take you to a video compilation of clips from her first year. I’m uploading this from my phone though, so if it is wonky I’ll embed the video later. :) }


7 thoughts on “Ava // twelve months old. 

  1. Happy first birthday Ava Elizabeth!

    I loved the video. It had me tearing up, so I can’t imagine how you and Kevin must feel at this milestone for your sweet and spunky baby girl! Also, I loved seeing Ava hold that wiffle ball a few time in the video! She really did love it, huh?!

  2. She is precious! What a great video. Good job! I’m impressed she tolerates brushing her teeth. R HATED getting her teeth “brushed” until about a week ago, and now she tolerates it for approximately 2.7 seconds. Ah well. Happy birthday, Ava!

  3. Love her love for Gilmore Girls! She is going to be as excited for November 25th as the rest of us! :D

    Ha! It made me laugh to think of her touching other people’s teeth. Such a random thing, but funny to picture. I’m glad she does well for you guys at restaurants! Most of our friends’ babies have not been so great at restaurants, haha! So it’s nice to know that it can happen. :)

    Also, I’m pretty sure that the occasional handful of sand just adds a little extra fiber to her diet. ;)

    I just watched her first year video and in the intro I just couldn’t believe that was her. She was SO TINY! How did she grow so fast?! And then her being so happy while eating that pizza – girl after my own heart! You weren’t joking about that wiffle ball. So cute seeing her holding it in so many of those clips.

    Happy first birthday, Ava! You are a cutie! :)

  4. So hard to believe it’s been a year! Are you throwing her a big party? I would love to see pictures, if you are! And can I just say how ridiculous it is that our babies weigh the same? I just took Teddy for his 4 month check up–and he’s 17.5 lbs. LOL (But he is in the 90th percentile, so…)

    It’s cute that she loves the Gilmore Girls theme! Jake has gone through phases like that. For a long time the man who does the voice over for the Arby’s commercials was his favorite. He would drop whatever he was doing to go look at the TV, like “this sounds important!”

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