Things we love – months four thru eleven.

I had every intention of doing a post like this every four months or so after I hit the publish button on this one.  That obviously didn’t happen.  But there are a few things that Ava has really loved and that we have loved for her, so here they are. {It should go without saying that none of these companies know I exist and this is not a sponsored post, but I’ll say it anyway.  No sponsorship here.}


ZoLi straw cup – This cup is sturdy (as evidenced by its continued integrity following many, many gravity tests) and easy for little hands to manipulate. The straw has a little weight on the end so it goes to wherever the water is based on the angle at which it is being held. It’s also a stellar tool for an impromptu game of peek-a-boo.



4Moms high chair – This is one of the pricier high chairs on the market so definitely a splurge. But we LOVE it and it has been worth every penny. No cloth, no vinyl. So easy to wipe down and clean which is important with any type of solid food consumption and imperative with baby led weaning – or with feeding babies in general, I suppose!  Seriously, this thing takes less than a minute to clean, regardless of how messy she was at mealtime.  Like the time I gave her a little tub of yogurt and told her to go to town while I cooked dinner.  The tray (secured by super strong magnets) is easy to remove and attach with one hand, leaving the other hand free for holding a baby or food or a glass of wine. ;-)  The chair is the perfect height for our table and we will continue to use it as a booster seat without the tray when she’s a little older. {Also, look how tiny she is in this picture! Just a little 6 month old.)



Music class instruments – these little instruments came with our music class and Ava loves loves loves them.  It has been really fun to see her go from just chewing on everything to actually shaking, rattling, jingling, drumming…



Lamaze fish bowl toy – (I keep forgetting to get a picture.  Maybe I’ll add one later…or maybe you should just click the link.)  This was a gift from a woman I work with to my mother-in-law and my MIL was generous enough to give the toy to us to keep at our house so Ava can play with it anytime. Ava loves all the little toys in the fish bowl, but the crinkly crab is her favorite. This toy is used in the Roots of Empathy program, which is further proof that it’s awesome. Sidenote:  We have since become some kind of advertisement for Lamaze/Tomy toys because we also own this clutch cube and this book and these stacking rings.


Board books – They are sturdy and can hold up against a little rough love. We have several little sets of board books from Usborne and really like them a lot. We have started limiting and monitoring their time with Ava after she sprouted teeth because those sharp little chompers can really put a dent in the poor books.



Crinkly and cloth and indestructible books – We were given one cloth book of nursery rhymes as a shower gift and we got as a gift from a work friend a Hallmark brand crinkly book that has been a perfect diaper bag toy.  I also ordered a cloth book from an Usborne rep, and that one is perfect to keep in the travel crib that normally lives in our room (so we can corral Ava while we get ready in the morning and don’t want to fight her eating the cat food).  I also got her three Indestructibles books, which are amazing.  We keep one in the diaper bag, one in the travel crib, and one downstairs in the pack and play.



Blocks – Every kid needs blocks, right?  It’s like some kind of developmental necessity.  So I found these and they are perfect.  The colors are great – bright and fun.  There are numbers (1-10) and animals and interesting shapes on each.  I love the little bag for storage, and we don’t have to worry about splinters or paint chipping off when Ava inevitably gnaws on them.



American Pediatrics book – We bought this monster right after Ava was born and we call it the user manual.  :)  {It’s still crazy to me that they just sent us home from the hospital with this little bitty human being.  We had no training, no experience, save a two hour infant CPR class.}  We’ve referred to it a fair amount and will continue to do so as it covers ages birth through five.  At which point I guess we need a new manual.

Tell me a few things you love – kid related or NOT!


7 thoughts on “Things we love – months four thru eleven.

  1. That high chair sounds awesome! I’ve seen a lot of cute ones that really aren’t all that practical as far as keeping them clean after baby has used them. So I like that this one is so easy to clean!

    And that book sounds awesome! I’m adding it to my must-read/reference list for when we have a kiddo someday.

  2. Our pediatrician actually gave us a copy of that book at our first visit! Although we probably paid for it at some point I’m sure. We have those same blocks! Does that cup with the weighted straw ever bubble out the top? We have a cup with a weighted straw that R likes but it is always bubbling out the top if we let it sit out and it’s super annoying. Just wondering!

    • I haven’t noticed any bubbling at the top of the straw for the cup! No leaking at all – provided I put the top on straight, which is, I’ll admit, something I sometimes struggle with, apparently. Could be worth a try for R!

      Also I love that the pediatrician gave you a copy of that book! You’re right – you probably paid for it somehow, but still. Cool gesture!


  3. I need to look into that highchair! Ours gets so gunky, but it’s impossible to clean.
    And that reminds me, I need to buy Brady more blocks. Ha, ha. He lost a bunch of his, because he never really was into stacking them. The kid wants to move and explore ALL day long, but he’s just now okay with sitting down and playing with things.

  4. I don’t know why, but crinkly books are the best! Every time I’m in my church’s toddler room or nursery, I just want to read and touch the crinkly books, haha. I also like the ones that have fake animal fur on/in them. I guess I like textures.

    This was fun to read. If/when I have a baby, I am coming back to this post! That highchair seems amazing. I know it’s tough to splurge on things like that, but it’s usually worth it for the high quality!

    Love seeing all the pictures of Ava. She seems so happy :)

    A few things I love: Candles and wax cubes (to go in a candle warmer thing), coffee, and painting.

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