Snapshot {September}.


Making: A meal plan for the week.  I have been composing blog posts in my head that talk about our go-to recipes.  Someday, someday, I will put fingertips to keyboard and make these posts a reality.  And they will be masterful because I’ve had plenty of time to mentally edit them into recipe link perfection.

Cooking: Nothing now.  But dinner was just me and Ava tonight so we kept it casual.  I had beef ramen with peas, an over medium egg, and a squirt of sriracha on top.  It was really tasty and will become a regular for solo lunches and dinners, I do believe.  Ava had a banana, some puffs (purple carrot and blueberry), blackberries, and peas.  Gourmet.

Drinking: Water.  Always and forever.  I really should just take that question off this monthly snapshot because I ran out of creative ways to say water back in March.


Reading: Finished The Bully Pulpit!  It was really, really great.  I loved it.  Taft may be one of my new favorite past Presidents.  Roosevelt did a lot of good things, but goodness his temperament could be quite explosive.  Anyway.  The here and now.  I’m not reading anything seriously.  I’m listening to The Woman in Cabin 10 (is listening really reading?  I go back and forth on this.).  And I’ve had Jen Hatmaker’s Out of the Spin Cycle by the glider in Ava’s room forever, picking away at it during nursing sessions when it’s not too dark and she’s not too nibble-happy (which means I have to pay attention to her little jaw and can’t be distracted).

Wanting: Steak.  Which basically means Kevin is cooking tomorrow night because I don’t do the grill.  No matter how many times he shows me how to turn it on, I can never remember and am convinced I’ll blow myself up if I try.


Looking: At a new haircut and color in the mirror.  Back with bangs.  My forehead has felt more like a sevenhead recently, so I decided to cover it up.  I’ll be happy with this decision until I’m not and then it will take years to grow the silly bangs out and just when I get them long enough to not look like bangs I’ll decide to cut them again.  Vicious cycle.

Eating: Nothing now – my ramen was filling.

Wishing: All the video clips from Ava’s first eleven months would splice themselves together into a perfect little movie.  Video making is tedious.


Enjoying: The cool, crisp mornings.  We’ve been walking around the neighborhood each AM and it feels so nice.  The daytime mercury still hits the 80’s – which I also enjoy – but fall is always welcome.

Loving: Friends re-runs.  Really.  Do they ever get old?  I’m also loving these.  Should I get them?

Hoping: Kevin’s football team pulls out a win at their game tonight.


Needing: A pair of grey boots.  Okay.  Maybe this isn’t a need.  But then again maybe it is – grey is so versatile.  I retired my old grey boots at the end of last winter and now I’m finding it impossible to find a suitable replacement.  I would settle for a pair of perfect black boots, but I prefer grey.  I don’t want booties.  I don’t want over the knee boots.  I don’t want a gap between my calf and the boot material.  I don’t want a lot of buckles or any rhinestones or other embellishments.  Do these boots exist?

Smelling: Kiki’s sitting next me.  She smells like dusty books.  She always smells that way.  It’s a sweet scent.

Feeling: All the warm and fuzzy feelings for my baby girl.  How do parents do this parenting thing for, you know, forever?  I can’t wait to find out. I’m incapable of putting how much I love her into words.


Wearing: Sweats and a white V-neck t-shirt.  Nothing but glamour on a Friday night.

Watching: Gilmore Girls.  It’s the one where Jess and Rory are studying and they go to get ice cream and Jess is driving and wrecks Rory’s car and Luke and Lorelei yell at each other.

What are you wishing/needing/loving/eating right now?


5 thoughts on “Snapshot {September}.

  1. Ah, Gilmore Girls! Love that show! In fact, this week a cafe here in Memphis is going to be “Luke’s For The Day” in honor of Gilmore Girls and I am ridiculously excited! Also, there can not be too many Friends reruns. That show only gets better with rewatching! I vote yes to the DSW boots! And I hope you can find the mystical grey boots of your dreams as well. ;)

  2. I’m watching Gilmore Girls again as well, and I’m only a few episodes ahead of you! Makes me feel like we are watching it together. :-) You know that there is a new season/movie (I’m unclear on the format) coming in November, right?? I saw a little preview a while ago and Rory was working for Michelle Obama. The real first lady! I simply cannot wait!
    As for the boots: Go get ’em. They are not only cute, but also functional! It’s a win/win, and a price you don’t have to say no to.
    Your bangs/no bangs dilemma is like me with short/long hair. When it’s long I cut it off, and when it’s short I want to grow it out again. Let’s just say it makes us delightfully whimsical and open to change, okay? I saw a pic of your new hair on Insta, and I LOVE.IT. Looks fabulous!

  3. Can’t wait for the recipe posts!!! :) I’m always looking for new go-to meals that are tried-and-true.
    I am the SAME way when it comes to the grill. Ha, ha. But hey, it means we get a night off from cooking, so it’s really not a loss… ;) I definitely don’t mind my guy being in charge of the grill on steak or burger night! :)
    You’ll find the right pair of boots! :) It always takes me awhile to find the right pair too…

  4. I love Jen Hatmaker! And watching old Friends episodes. And watching Gilmore Girls reruns. I’ve been trying to watch through all seven seasons to prepare myself for their new Netflix installment in November. And I’m also on the hunt for replacement boots, even though I’m aware that this is the most expensive season to purchase them, and I should have bought them last spring when they were on clearance. An ad for Just Fab keeps popping up on my Facebook and I keep wondering if I should try it. . .

  5. I used to be crazy afraid of blowing myself up with the grill, too! Then one day, I really wanted to grill salmon, so I just went for it and now I use the grill all the time (weather permitting, ha).

    I so want to read your go-to recipes! Can’t wait for that post. I am with you on the bangs cycle. I do it to myself every few years. I’m currently in the growing out phase from Allie Gets Bangs November 2015 Edition.

    Have you ever tried iMovie for video editing? I use that to make vlogs and find it fairly easy! If you find those grey boots exist, send me a link. I’ve been on the hunt as well!

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