Ava // eleven months old.


My baby is 11 months old. I don’t know if you know this, but that is one short month shy of ONE YEAR OLD. Shaking. My. Head. At 11 months old, Ava hates napping, tolerates her car seat, and loves eating, pulling up on furniture, and stroller walks around the neighborhood.

In the past month she sprouted four new teeth – two on the top and two on the bottom. In hindsight, it’s no wonder she was cranky on our road trip to Magdalena for my cousin’s wedding. Poor girl’s gums were probably on fire. She’s putting those chompers to good use – eating like a champ. Tends to prefer carbs and meat over veggies, but who can blame her for that, right? She continues to nurse four to six times each day and has been very respectful of her mom – no biting recently (knock on every piece of wood in the world).

Craig and Sue went out of town for a week so Ava went to stay with Honnie (the best kind of family friend) for three half days. She did great and they had a lot of fun. We have gone to story time at the local library a few times and Ava enjoys that – especially these little plastic eggs filled with rice that are brought out during the play time. They are great to shake and put in the mouth (we’re building immunity, we’re building immunity, we’re building immunity – my chant). We also went to a Gymboree class which was fun but also at a time when we should have been napping, so there were a lot of emotions. Rounding out our social and academic calendar is music class which had resumed. Ava loves her music instruments and Miss Louise who teaches the class.

Physically she’s getting so strong and working so hard. She pulls up on anything and everything, creeps along the edge of the couch, etc., and has taken to letting go on occasion and balances very briefly. I don’t think she’ll be walking by her birthday but she may explore the idea of taking a few steps by then. Or she may stick to crawling, which she has full on mastered and looks adorable doing. She’s like a little bear cub lumbering about on her hands and knees. Sometimes she has found an item (ducky, toy, CD or DVD case) that she can’t bear to let go so she crawls on two knees, one hand, and one forearm, clutching her treasure with the other hand. Dedication. She likes to climb up the stairs, with one of us right by her obviously. We finally started putting her in the front of the grocery cart when we’re at the store rather than wearing her in the Ergo. My mom made us a cart cover which has worked well.

We’ve been on the nap time struggle bus for the past week or so. Maybe she’s dropping the morning (two hours after she wakes up) nap? Maybe it’s the developmental leap that she’s in right now? Maybe she’s just got too much to do – no time to nap, mom? It’s tough to see that she’s tired and she just refuses to sleep. We can’t complain at all because she continues to sleep through the night really well – going to sleep around 7 and waking up around 6:30 the following morning. She did wake up scream crying a few times in the past month when she was – we now know – in the throes of teething. Maybe have been night terrors or something too. Poor thing.

Speaking of poor thing, we took her to get the first in the series of two flu shots and it was just so sad when she was getting the shot. Β She didn’t seem sore and seemed to feel fine that afternoon and the next day, but her cries when she got the shot were heartbreaking. I don’t know how I’m going to survive the 12 month shots. I may need a tranquilizer.

She sticks her tongue out in concentration and it’s adorable. She’s starting doing this cheesy grin where she squints her eyes closed and shows off all eight teeth with her little nose scrunched up. We melt every time. She’s very good at waving hi and bye. She loves books. She gets really excited each night when we give her the daily dose of D-Vi-Sol. She also loves to brush her teeth and brush her hair. She looks really proud when she raises the brush to her hair and we say, “Yay, Ava! Good brushing!” Even if the bristles are turned away from her scalp. :) Splashing in the bath is a favorite activity. We have been in an excellent morning routine that includes a walk around the neighborhood and all three of us look forward to it each day.

We just think she is so fun and sweet and it is the best to see her little personality develop. Being her parents is such a blessing.


4 thoughts on “Ava // eleven months old.

  1. Such a cutie! Congrats surviving and enjoying 11 months! We’re at 4 months now and I’m always trying to take a deep breath and enjoy…I know it goes fast, but some of these days are so slooow!
    Shots are the worst! I have to look away every time:(

  2. Wow, I just can’t believe that she’s going to be a year! Where did these past months go?!?
    Are you planning something special for her first year birthday? :) We did a cake smash with Brady, and that was a blast!!

  3. Happy 11 months, Ava!!

    She has grown so much in the past 11 months. I love reading about the joy she brings to your life :)

    I totally want to see a picture of the cart seat cover your mom made! That’s so sweet.

  4. Nuh uh! No way can she be nearly a year! It feels like you were just telling me that you were expecting her! How has the time flown so quickly?! What a little treasure you guys have! I love hearing all about her personality! I hope she gets her nap situation figured out soon. That doesn’t sound like fun for any of you!

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