The weekend started out with a trip to the State Fair for Kevin and me. We had tickets to see Tracy Lawrence in concert so we left Ava sound asleep in her crib with Craig, Sue, Teddy, Rue, and Kiki holding down the fort. The fair wasn’t very busy – I think it was the first evening it was open, maybe the second – and we started our time there with a trip to Kevin’s favorite fair food stop – the Nutty Buddy stand.


Ice cream treats in hand, we wandered over to the red barn to check out the baby animals. Then we meandered through the sheep and goat barn, the steer barn, the pig barn, and the 4-H exhibit hall. After checking it all out, we made our way to Tingley for the end of the kid rodeo and the concert. Tracy Lawrence put on a great show – lots of 90’s country (the best), minimal chatting, and we made our way to the floor during the encore to take a two-steppin’ spin around the dirt dance floor. It was a fun night.


Ava was not in the least bit sympathetic that her parents were late to get to bed the night before, crowing at her usual 6:20. Someday I will wake her early after she’s been out late and it will be sweet parental revenge. :) She also was not feeling like a morning nap so we told Kiki to draw herself a bubble bath and enjoy having the house to herself which the three of us humans took Rue to the vet for her annual check up. Rue got a clean bill of health and Ava seemed very interested in the vet’s office.

Once we got home, we were all ready for a nap. So we were the napping house for a bit – minus the flea, thank goodness.


Kevin woke up first and got ready and left to go coach a football game. Ava woke up, ate, played, and then we packed up and headed to the game ourselves. We staked out a nice plot of lawn under a tree near the scoreboard and she was so good. Sitting and crawling on the blanket, playing with her toys, watching the people around us, and only occasionally trying to eat grass. We managed to see and wave to Kevin as he was headed back up to the box as half time drew to a close and Ava gave him a big smile. That and the victory made his game day pretty sweet I think.


Ava and I left at the end of the third quarter. We headed home, she took a 5-10 minute nap in the car, and ate when she got home. I changed her outfit and my own and we drove to a nearby park.


I mentioned in a previous post that something tragic involving a child recently happened in my city. A local photographer took action and arranged for herself and a few of her photographer friends to take over 100 mother/daughter photos over two hours. She asked only for donations to local child abuse organizations and she said she would match the donation. I contacted her about sending a donation to include – not really needing the photos and knowing that there was a waiting list because the spots filled up so quickly. She happened to have just had a cancellation and asked if I could be there at 5:00. Ava and I were there at that time, sat for a few photos, and made a donation to the child abuse prevention partnership. I thought it was a lovely thing for the photographer to organize and it was really sweet to see all the families there.

We were done by 5:11 and called Kevin, asking him to meet us at Flying Star for dinner. A nice meal out then home for the evening. After Ava was asleep, we watched football (that Arkansas/TCU game!! Wow.) and then called it a night.

Sunday morning was lovely and we went for our morning constitutional around 7:00. Ava took a really nice morning nap and I went to do the grocery shopping for the week. We unpacked the groceries, she woke up, and we all got ready for lunch at some friends’ house. They just got a puppy and have an almost 18 month old, so it was really fun to hang out with them in a relaxed setting like their home rather than dealing with a restaurant.

Shortly after we got home, the storm clouds rolled in and it began raining right as my mom got to our house. She came to town for a meeting and arrived a few hours early to hang out with us. It was great to see her. We missed the neighborhood picnic because we didn’t want to take Ava out in the rain, but it was cozy to just be home. It cleared up briefly and we all went for a short walk. Then mom had to head to her meeting and Kevin and I loaded Ava up to go to Craig and Sue’s house for dinner. That was enjoyable and delicious, as always.

We got home right around 7:00 and little miss went to bed for the night (she woke up around 7:40, crying as hard as we’ve ever heard her cry. Not sure what happened – maybe a nightmare, poor baby. Fortunately she slept through the remainder of the night once she had calmed down and I nursed her for a bit.)

That was the weekend. It was sweet indeed. I love my people and I love this life.


How was your weekend? Tell me the highlights! 


7 thoughts on “Sweekend.

  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend for all of you. That is really sweet of that photographer to organize something like that (and how terrible for a thing to happen! I just can’t even hear any stories about things happening to children or I’m a mess). Love the picture of her sleeping in her crib. They are precious!

  2. Ugh. I was curious and shouldn’t have been. I Googled it and found out what happened and now I wish I didn’t know (I can see now why you left this vague on purpose). I will never understand things like this. What a broken world we live in. But I love when people make a stand for goodness in the midst of tragedy. What an awesome thing that photographer has done and I love that you guys got to be part of it.

    As for the rest of the weekend – it sounds like a good one! You made me laugh about getting Ava up early after she’s been out late in 15 years. Good to plan ahead now. ;)

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