Snapshot {August}.


Making: This post finally happen. A day late and a dollar short but it’s up.

Cooking: Nothing now. Just had dinner.

Drinking: Water.


Reading: I promise I am ALMOST done with The Bully Pulpit – only 100 pages to go. Also reading The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend to which thus far, I’d give three stars.

Wanting: A little dessert, perhaps.  We have York peppermint patties, mint cookie crunch ice cream, and cookie dough. Which should I have?

Looking: Forward to seeing family at my cousin’s wedding this weekend.


Eating: Nothing now but we just finished up a delicious dinner that Kevin prepared – spinach linguini with beef and sausage cherry tomato sauce. It was so tasty!

Wishing: For world peace. (And harsher punishments for parole violators.)

Enjoying: The French Cafe station on Pandora and the local classical station in my car.  I find them both to be soothing.


Loving: That Kevin is loving his football season coaching gig. It has been a big chaotic (he was head C team coach but then there weren’t enough guys so that team was dissolved and he became the head middle school coach but then that team didn’t have enough guys so now there is a C team and he’s helping with Varsity too. Whew.).  Fortunately he has been having fun in the midst of all that uncertainty.

Hoping: That all children are safe tonight and tomorrow and always. There was a horribly tragic event in my city recently involving a child and it has been weighing heavily on me. I can only cuddle my baby close and do the best I can by her while praying that all other parents do the same with their babies.


Needing: More hours in the day.

Smelling: The sweet scent of spaghetti sauce that lingers on the post-dinner air.

Feeling: Overwhelmed. I’m basically doing three jobs at work these days as the office manager is out for a few weeks, we’re between HR associates, and then there’s my regular QA work which I’m neglecting because the other two roles are taking all my time. I think I would feel fine about doing all three positions if I was in the office for more than 16 hours a week. Ava’s other caregivers have been helping out with extra shifts where they can – allowing me a few precious extra hours at the office – but I still feel like I’m drowning. It’ll all be fine, but I’m feeling quite strained now.


Wearing: My summertime uniform – nursing necklace, jean shorts, and a white v-neck men’s undershirt. I ordered a six pack of them a few months ago and basically wear one everyday.

Watching: The final Broncos pre-season game. Go Broncos!

What are you wishing/needing/loving/eating right now?


6 thoughts on “Snapshot {August}.

  1. Amen to feeling overwhelmed! At least you’re still managing to post! I am always meaning to post, composing blog entries in my head, but then only actually posting like once every six weeks. :-/

  2. I would vote for cookie dough if I could eat sugary things. That sounds yummy!

    I hope you enjoy time with your family at your cousin’s wedding this weekend! My cousin is getting married tomorrow too! Though none of my immediate family will be there (and Christopher and I are there technically as photographers). I’m excited to see my extended family, though!

    I’m so glad that Kevin is enjoying the coaching gig! Christopher coached basketball one year and LOVED it!

    So sad to hear about the situation with the child in your city. It’s such a broken world we live in.

    I’m so sorry to hear how overwhelmed you are at work right now! It sounds like you have so much on your plate at the moment! I hope that a new HR person is hired soon and that you can keep your head above water until the office manager comes back. That is so much to keep up with in just 16 hours a week! So glad you have your village there to help you with Ava!

  3. She is such a cutie! Love her big blue (are they blue?) eyes! I’m sorry you feel stressed at work. That isn’t a good feeling. Hopefully soon it will die down a bit. I can’t handle hearing sad stories about babies or children on the news. I cry every time.

  4. I’m sorry to hear about the tragic event in your city. I can’t imagine how that has you feeling as a mom. Praying for you and those involved in the tragedy.

    It sounds like you and Kevin are quite busy between work (for you especially!) and coaching (for Kevin). It’s always fun to be busy, but also nice when things slow down. Hoping that comes fast for you two :)

    I love that Kevin cooks for you. So sweet :)

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