Ava // ten months old.


Then I blinked and she is ten months old.  At ten months old, Ava hates having her faced wiped after eating, she tolerates her car seat, and she loves pulling herself up and standing.

Shortly after she turned 9 months old, her fourth tooth broke through.  Her smile is so sweet with those four little teeth poking out.  I wonder what we’ll blame fussiness on when she has all her teeth.  That’s such an easy thing to attribute a cranky-pants attitude to, you know?  She still jabbers and loves to sing and talk.  She does seem to associate me with “mama” and Kevin with “dada”.  She also says “-tt” whenever she sees the cats.  She says it in a low, reverent tone, like she’s in the presence of greatness (and she is – the cats are so wonderful with her).  She’ll make the same sound when she sees books – we were walking through the library and she was making that sound.  Girlfriend loves cats and books – she’s our child.  She’s very good at repeating words and sounds – especially coughing and blowing raspberries and tongue clicking.  She and Kevin also make this fun trumpet-like noise back and forth to one another.  I’ve gotten lazy about using sign language, but maybe we’ll focus on that more this next month.  She waves hi and bye (sometimes with both hands rather than just one – what an overachiever).  She’s started doing this little spontaneous chuckling thing, which is adorable.  It’s like she just thought of a joke.  Her laugh still melts our hearts and we dance and sing and jabber like fools to get those giggles.

She has been eating well.  I have a post in the works about our experience with nursing and baby led weaning.  Notable things that she ate for the first time this month include lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, and pear.  There may be other new foods but I didn’t jot them down – maybe pancakes?  She very much dislikes having her face wiped down after eating.  SAVING THOSE CRUMBS FOR LATER.  She has been learning more about gravity and the phenomenon that is her caregiver picking up dropped food and placing it back in front of her after she flings it over the side of the high chair.  That and the chewing on books phase are two that I hope pass quickly – but it is what it is.  I tell myself that she won’t be chewing on her college textbooks someday, so, you know, everything has a season.  We haven’t been near a scale but think she probably weights between 15.5 and 16 lbs, and she has maybe grown a half inch or so which would bring her to a little over 27 inches.  Still wearing size 2 diapers and 6-9 month clothes.

Our routine recently has included a morning walk around the neighborhood.  She seems to really enjoy being in her stroller.  However, she simply tolerates the car seat these days.  Sometimes she does fine in it and other times she wants absolutely no part of being strapped in.  Music class starts back up next month, which we are excited about.  I also took her to the Story Time at the local library last week and that was fun.  She tried to eat a bunch of plastic eggs that have rice in them (so they rattle, you know) and I tried not to outwardly cringe at the thought of all the germs.  We’re also hoping that Kevin can take her to “swimming” classes after the football season ends, and we’ve got our first Gymboree play date this weekend.

She is opinionated!  She lets us know that she is not happy about being re-directed when we prevent her crawling under the desk to check out the outlets and computer cords.  She tends to get emotional when she’s tired – yesterday evening she had a total spontaneous meltdown when I was making dinner. She’s cheerful and talkative the majority of the time. Her strength grows every day.  She is a very fast crawler, continuing to mostly pull her whole body around with her stomach on the ground.  I crawl around and try to show her that there is an easier way, but to no avail.  Ava does Ava.  Every so often she crawls in the more traditional sense, but she definitely prefers the army crawl at this stage.  She spins, crawls backwards, and to the side.  She discovered that she has the ability to pull herself up to standing by grabbing furniture, the window sill, etc. this month and she looks so proud every time she does it.  That has been one of my favorite things about watching her learn – the proud look she gets on her face when she does the latest and greatest thing.

When Ava misses her 7:00 bedtime, she is not a happy camper and goes into meltdown mode.  She wakes sometime between 5:30 and 7:00 each morning.  She naps pretty consistently well – 2 or 3 hours split throughout the day.  At some point in the past month we started giving her a little monkey teething toy when she goes down for a nap or bedtime.  She gets a big smile on her face when we put the monkey in the crib with her and often when we go into get her after she wakes, she’s cuddling Monkey.  She coos at him and talks to him.  And flings him against the side of the crib when she’s fired up.  It’s very sweet and I like knowing that she maybe doesn’t feel completely alone in there.

She is just the best baby and we love her so much.


6 thoughts on “Ava // ten months old.

  1. Aww, I love that she loves cats and books! She is definitely your kid! :) Oh man, I remember the whole picking-food-up-off-the-floor-and-putting-it-back-on-the-highchair thing with Mallory. Drove me crazy. But you’re right – it’s all a season! You’ll blink again and she’ll be 4 and headed off the kindergarten next year (not that I’m speaking from any sort of personal experience or anything;).

  2. i’ve been outta the loop a while, but that top picture on your site (the three of you in the grass) is so, so adorable. also precious? the way you ended this post (i feel the exact same way about max.) we also do morning walks as part of our routine, but the walks are getting harder and harder to execute – max now likes to push his wagon or stroller (instead of going inside it) and when that gets boring he takes off to run and hide. it’s precious and exhausting and takes forever and always to make it back home :) anyway, glad to hear you’re doing well and hope you have a nice weekend :)

  3. I love that Ava loves cats and books! She is developing into such an awesome little person :). I LOLed at what you said about Ava not chewing on college textbooks, haha. You’re right, though, just a phase! I love these posts :)

  4. Oh my goodness. I’m feeling abashed looking at her weight and hearing that she wears size two diapers. My little two month old chub-a-dub is already wearing size two diapers and he’s FOURTEEN pounds, so she’s only slightly heavier than him at ten months! I wonder what percentile she’s in? Please tell me that she’s small for her age, so that I’ll feel a little better about my child. ;-) He’s in the 90th percentile for weight and 98th percentile for height (25 inches tall).

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