There’s a basket for that. And other “life hacks”.

One day, out of the blue, I noticed that I love baskets. There are approximately a million of them, scattered around my home. Each fulfills its basket destiny by bringing some semblance of organization and containment to what would otherwise – I’m certain – be a chaotic space. Here are a few of my favorite uses for my wicker friends.


This one is the keeper of my flip flops and sandals. A nice sturdy square basket, it sits stoically in my closet, keeping the summer shoe selection out of trouble.

Also: life hack – I put a rubber band around each pair of sandals. Keeps me from digging through the basket to find that elusive (fun fact:  I recently learned the difference between allusive and illusive and elusive.  I’m so proud to show off my newfound knowledge.) other sandal.


A vanity basket. Our master bath has a long vanity and one sink. Kevin keeps his manly toiletries on one side of the sink and I keep my Listerine, coconut oil, and other potions on the other side. When we first moved into this house, it was chaos. We each had our side but the stuff was just sitting out, getting shuffled about and knocked over and so forth and so on.  I stumbled upon these sweet baskets at Cost Plus World Market (aka:  the store that makes me want to buy everything in the store) and they have been perfect for keeping our stuff organized on our his – and – her sides of the vanity.


A toy basket.  There are two toy baskets in the house – one in our den and one in Ava’s room.  I really don’t want to become a house that is overrun with toys, so these two small baskets are perfect for keeping toys contained but accessible.  I’m sure they’ll continue to have magic keeping-the-house-picked-up powers once Ava is more mobile and has fine tuned her toy transport skills.  Ha. Ha. Wink. Wink.


A bread basket.  Our counter was laden with gluten (wheat bread, tortillas, and oatmeal English muffins are staples in this house) and the bags were driving me bonks.  So I hid it all in a basket.  Naturally.


A mail basket.  We’re pretty good about going through the mail right away and recycling/shredding/filing as needed.  But there was inevitably a few items stacked up and what better place to keep them semi-hidden than a basket.  It’s also helpful for storing charger cords, etc.

That’s it for baskets today.  But there are two more storage idea “life hacks” I want to share.  First, one that I learned from Tiffany, my college roommate – kind of a rolodex system for addresses.  It’s just a recipe box, alphabet separator tab things, and index cards.  I list the name and address of my nearest and dearest on an index card and then when they move, it’s a simple thing to shred the old card and create a new one with the updated address.  Or a friend gets married and changes her name – create a new card with the new name.  Gone are the days of crossing out names and addresses in an address book.  I also like storing stamps in the address box.


I also have an expandable file thing where I keep cards and letters and ticket stubs and Playbills and other memorabilia associated with my closest family and friends.  I’m not one to get too attached to things as I’m not especially sentimental and I don’t like clutter.  But I do love keeping some items and I’ve found this is a good way to store them.


Do you have any organizational life hacks?  Do share! 


8 thoughts on “There’s a basket for that. And other “life hacks”.

  1. I love the idea of a bread basket! I have the same problem with bread and such sitting out. Although I’ve started keeping our tortillas in the fridge. I feel like they stay fresh longer, but I have no science behind it. I use a basket for R’s toys too and I do feel like it helps keep the clutter at bay mostly.

  2. Well, this post made me want to go out and buy a bunch of baskets and also a recipe box! I have been wracking my brain lately as to how to store addresses, because I love to send mail, but couldn’t think of a good way. Problem solved!

  3. You’ve taken basket use to the next level! I have several as well (for my socks, for random clutter on the coffee table – it goes in a basket under the coffee table), but i never thought to use them in the bathroom or as a bread basket. And your filing system is genius! One of these days I will replicate it, our current “filing” consists of several address books, having some addresses saved in our phones, some in my hotmail people list, and some written on little pieces of paper that inevitably get lost (<- insert "monkey-hides-face"-emoji here).

  4. I like your idea of an address box rather than a book. My address book is beginning to look completely ridiculous because there are so many cross-outs and outdated info and contacts in there. A box overhaul would suit me well.

    So jealous that you only have two small baskets of toys! Enjoy that while you can! We have an entire playroom dedicated to toys, and many of the toys have spilled over into Jake’s bedroom (and inevitably our living room, even though I try to make it a toy free zone). We rarely buy toys for Jake (and when we do, they’re generally not giant ones). The problem is that Jake has FOUR older boy cousins with moms who are a little over enthusiastic about bringing us hand-me-downs. I’m talking giant Rubbermaid bins and trash bags FULL of hand-me-downs…

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