Garden update.

Our garden is doing well overall.


Some of the flowers we planted are past their prime but others (I think they are begonias) are thriving.


We have harvested three tomatoes and there are many many more on the vine. Hopefully they’ll ripen up soon.



We have three eggplants in various stages of ripe and two bell peppers on one of the pepper plants.




The two types of thyme, rosemary, and lavender are doing quite well. Really the biggest disappointment this year has been the basil. You know how I love my basil pesto and our basil plants have really struggled since about late June. I think it got too hot for them. Or maybe we should add some nutrients? I don’t know, but they are a sad light green color.


The monsoon season has brought a few really good rainstorms and there is nothing quite like rain to help the crops (even when the crops are our little garden). It has been another fun summer in the garden.

Did you plant a summer garden? Is it thriving or wilting?


8 thoughts on “Garden update.

  1. We only planted herbs this year, but our basil is doing terribly too! In fact, two of my other friends here in Memphis are having trouble with their basil as well. I agree with you that it probably just got too hot for the poor basil to keep up like normal. Glad the rest of your plants are doing so well! :)

  2. Alas, I didn’t plant a thing this year, and it makes me sad! Although on a positive note, my Pepere, parents, and neighbor have been keeping us supplied with fresh veggies… ;) I definitely miss my fresh basil, although it sounds as though it wasn’t a good year for it anyway. Hopefully I’ll plant some herbs and veggies next year! :)

  3. Your garden looks so good! Especially the eggplants…very impressed! My garden produced quite a few tomatoes earlier in the summer, but everything is burnt to a crisp now:P Except my basil which is oddly doing really well…I’d trade you some veggies for basil if I could!

  4. Your garden looks great! I’m jealous your eggplant grew correctly. Ours somehow just stayed globe-like and circular. Maybe we bought a different variety?! Who knows, haha.

    Totally random question, but do you cook with lavender or use it for its scent or just that it’s pretty? I have been wanting to grow it!

  5. How did the basil turn out? Were you able to rescue it??

    We have a tomato plant, a cherry tomato plant, and basil. The two tomato plants took forever to grow/ripen but then all of a sudden we had an onslaught of maters. YAY! Basil was intensely prospering for a while. We got a heavy rain storm that wiped out all three plants. Somehow the tomatoes continued to grow (only what existed at the time) but the basil pretty much died right then. SO SAD.

    Plant stories, yo. Sign #47 that we are adults.

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