An amazing concert.

My mom is a huge Keith Urban fan.  Well, I mean, she’s actually quite petite, but she really loves Keith Urban.  ;-)  When she found out he was coming to the city I live in, she asked my sister and I to go with her to the concert and of course, we said yes.

My aunt knows people – actually, she IS people.  She asked around and, eager to impress her, someone hooked her up with the. best. tickets. with which she in turn hooked us up.  They were in a box, super close to the stage, and they came with VIP parking which basically meant we got to park a 30 second walk from the venue.  Yeah.  It was amazing.

Lisa, Mom, and I drove to the concert, flashed our VIP parking pass a few times and poof – we were there.


Like, right there.  That parking!  I feel like you can’t truly appreciate how glorious this is unless you’ve trekked for 10 minutes across the boiling hot asphalt that leads from the back of the general parking lot to the amphitheater.  I have, so my heart runneth over with glory.

And yes, that is a red carpet which we walked across to get into the VIP club.

We found our seats and this was the view of the stage – no zoom on this photo.

imageNot too shabby.

Maren Morris opened the show.  I had never heard of her, but she has a really good voice. This was my favorite of the songs she sang – it’s called My Church.  Then Brett Eldredge (whom I had heard of) played and he was really great.  He seems fun too!  My favorite of his songs is Beat of the Music.

Then it was the main event!  Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always liked Keith Urban.  But now I really, really like him!  He puts on such an amazing show.  So much energy and my goodness, can that guy play a guitar.  (And I think many other instruments as well.)  He seems like a genuinely good person too.  And that Australian accent….he could sit on stage and read the phone book and I think he’d pack concert venues.


At one point, around halfway into the show, he said it was time to go see the people on the grass.  The amphitheater has this huge lawn section in the far back.  It was full of people and the place went wild when he said he was headed back there.  He and his band hopped off stage and walked along the route – right behind where we were sitting – to get to the little stage that was set up on the lawn.  He played several songs up there – gave away a signed guitar – and then started to walk back toward the big stage.  The guy who was hosting us in the box pulled my mom up to the entrance of the box and Keith walked right by her and gave her a high five.  As you can imagine, she was ecstatic!



It was truly a great night.  A wonderful concert – one of my top three for sure (maybe the best ever concert experience as a whole.  But will anything ever top the Backstreet Boys?) – where we were fortunate enough to have a top notch view and even the opportunity to be very near Keith at one point!  I found a new favorite song!  Keith’s The Fighter – so catchy.  I’ve had it playing nonstop since the concert.  And, most importantly, I got to hang out with my sister and mom, whom I adore.


So much fun.

Tell me about your favorite concert experience.  What concert would you want front row tickets to see?


5 thoughts on “An amazing concert.

  1. AHH! What an amazing experience! Including a high five! SO awesome! Your aunt sounds like the kind of person who is helpful to know. ;) I too have walked across hot asphalt from the far-far-far away commoner parking and know just how awesome close parking would be. And those seats! So glad you guys got to go and had the royal treatment! :)

  2. “My mom is a huge Keith Urban fan. Well, I mean, she’s actually quite petite, but she really loves Keith Urban. ;-)” —> LOL. You had me cracking up!

    How amazing that your aunt hooked you up and your mom got a Keith Urban high five!! Also, that parking. Amazing!!!

    The picture with your mom, sister, and Ava is absolutely adorable!

  3. This sounds like so much fun! I’ve heard other friends also say that he puts on a really great show. The most I’ve seen him is as a judge on American Idol, but I really like him on there! I haven’t listened to his music much though. Are you really into country music in general?

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