Snapshot {July}.


Making: A tough decision.  I think I have to break up with the girl who has cut and colored my hair for the past 5 years.  It’s not me – it’s her.  She moved to a new location across town that is kind of a pain to get to, and the price goes up every. single. time. I go, which is kind of annoying.  I’m still not absolutely certain I’ll make this change, but am drafting “let’s go our separate ways” texts in my head.  It’s okay to break up with a stylist via text, right?  Maybe I’ll go one more time and break up with her in person….

Cooking: Nothing!  I went out to breakfast this morning with my great aunt and a couple of great uncles and cousins, so didn’t have to cook breakfast.  Tonight we’re having dinner with Kevin’s parents and his cousin Doug who is visiting from Paris.  So it’s a cooking free day for Amy.

Drinking: Water.  I may indulge in a little peppermint mocha this afternoon though.  Feeling wild.


Reading: Still making my way through The Bully Pulpit by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Wanting: To leave a legacy.  Not for a very long time, of course, but recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact our lives have on others.  It has been on my mind because of The Bully Pulpit (what a legacy Roosevelt and Taft and the journalists of the era left!) and because my great uncle Tom loaned me a CD with a recording of an interview he did for the Library of Congress about his time in the military.  I have had the disc on repeat in my car for the past week and find his stories fascinating.

Looking: At this shirt.  And these shorts.  And this shirt.  Sometimes I like nothing at J. Crew.  Sometimes I like everything.  I’ll let you guess what phase our relationship is currently in.


Eating: Nothing now.

Wishing: The weekend lasted just a few more days.

Enjoying: Frozen cookie dough that I bought as part of a fundraiser.  One by one, the cookies are not making it to the oven because I am eating them raw.


Loving: Ava.  As always.  Also…alliteration.

Hoping: We continue to get some late afternoon/early evening rainstorms.  One of my favorite summertime weather patterns.


Needing:  A snack.  I really enjoy fire roasted tomato Triscuits with sharp cheddar cheese slices.

Smelling:  I never have a good response for this one.  I guess I’m seldom around scents.  Unless I’m changing a diaper.

Feeling: Good.  I’ve been doing 10-15 minutes of yoga each day.  It’s not much but it’s enough to make me feel limber and a bit more centered.  I also have been consistently doing squats while I brush my teeth – fifty in two minutes, twice a day.

imageWearing: My summertime uniform – shorts and a white t-shirt.

Watching: Kevin typing.  The new system at work has gone over quite well really, but he’s still fielding a lot of questions.

What are you wishing/needing/loving/eating right now? 


4 thoughts on “Snapshot {July}.

  1. Loving these pictures of Ava. Those eyes! Watch out boys, we have a heart breaker in the making! ;-) Also love the stuff you’re looking at in the J. CREW catalogue. We must have similar wardrobe tastes. . .I would raid your closet any day! I get what you mean about all or nothing when shopping. Usually when I have a gift card or money to spend, that’s when I can’t find ANYTHING. And when I’m broke, I love everything I see. It’s very tricky!

  2. Ava is the next Gerber baby!!! Oh my gosh, those beautiful eyes!
    And I hate letting go of a stylist as well… I always feel so guilty! But when a new shop opened up just 1 mile up the street from me, I HAD to check them out… and fell in love with a new stylist. The change was for the best. But I HATED having to do it. So I feel your pain!!

  3. I still need to find a stylist I like! For most of my life my grandfather cut my hair (he was a barber) and then after he injured his shoulder, he stopped cutting hair entirely. I’ve bounced around to a couple of places, but haven’t found anyone I really loved. And now my hair is so long that all I really need is a basic trim which I’ve discovered Christopher is really good at doing (he says it’s precision work like carpentry). Sometimes I think a big part of my hesitation with cutting my hair short again is that I don’t have a stylist I trust. Aaaanyway, best of luck with breaking up with your current stylist and finding another one you like more!

    As always, Ava is ridiculously cute. And you guys are just such a handsome family. Beautiful, beautiful!

    And those denim shorts from J Crew are super cute! They look like a great length which is hard for me to find sometimes (shorts seem like they are either ridiculously short or if they are long then they are really baggy around the leg). Winner!

  4. Ohhh, I love the J. Crew shirts and shorts! So cute. I don’t have anything from there, but I’m like that with other stores. Sometimes I love it all, and other times I’m just like ehhh, haha. How neat that Kevin’s cousin came to visit from Paris! Also, the tape you play in your car. That’s totally something I’d be into, too!

    You totally made me crave a peppermint mocha, haha! Ava chewing on the giraffe is the cutest thing. Do you ever just look at her and say “You’re the cutest thing I have ever seen”? I totally would. Well, I do through my computer screen :). She’s. Just. So. Cute.

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