Stitch Fix bliss part VI.

Happy Stitch Fix Day to me.  They hit it out of the park with this one.  I love all the items and know I’ll get so much use out of them.  Here are the deets….


Top:  41Hawthorn – Dawney Scallop Trim Blouse
Love it.  It’s a fun floral pattern and I don’t own much floral, so this was a winner for me.  Definitely different than anything else in my closet.  My favorite part is the style of the sleeves.

Jeans: Lila Ryan – Dorianna Skinny Jean
The colored denim is a nice addition to my jean collection without being too in-your-face colorful.  A neutral color that I’ll be able to pair with a lot of tops (they worked with the other two tops I got in this Fix, as well).  Will work well with boots in the winter too.

Shoes: DV8 – Dillan Strappy Sandal
The sandals were the one thing in the box that I would consider sending back.  Ultimately I kept them to get the 25% off discount because it was more economical.  And I know I will wear the shoes a lot.



Top:  Papermoon – Alyschia Button Back Knit Top
In general I don’t love the button-up-the-back style, but I did love the fit and how soft and comfy this shirt is.  I’ll wear it a lot and probably forget that there are buttons on the back.


Top:  Papermoon – Benette Multi Strap Blouse
This may be my favorite item in the Fix.  So summery and light!  The straps are fun too.

And that concludes this episode of “Amy Loves to Receive Mail Order Clothes.”  Tune in next quarter when she will probably keep everything.  Again.

{Want to order a Stitch Fix box and help me support my clothes-by-mail addiction?  Here’s a referral code from moi.}

  What clothes have you been living in this summer?


5 thoughts on “Stitch Fix bliss part VI.

  1. Your Stitch Fix blog posts are my favorites!! :) I love seeing what outfits you received and hearing your thoughts on them. (I also always send the link to my sister, so that she can read the post. Ha, ha!! She has considered joining Stitch Fix for awhile)!

  2. Stitch Fix really did knock it out of the park. I love everything they sent you, especially that first top! I always want to wear colored jeans/pants, but never want to wear bright ones. Such a good idea to have a neutral color!

    Clothes I have been living in this summer: flowy knee-length skirts, v-neck tees, tank tops, and wedges!

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