My opinion: Stitch Fix vs. Trunk Club.

As you know from Stitch Fix posts one through five (one, two, three, four, five), I’m a fan.  Kevin has done Trunk Club for nearly a year and they recently started a department that does Trunk Club for women.  I wanted to try it and he got a $50 referral credit (cha-ching – of course, I’ve spent over $50, so let me assure you, we are not in the black on this deal), so I gave it a whirl.  Here are a few distinguishing characteristics between the two services.

Stitch Fix vs Trunk ClubOverall, I think I prefer Trunk Club!  I like that there is no fee to get a Trunk – then if I don’t want to keep anything, I’m not out any dough.  That being said, the items are usually more expensive as a whole, so my dollar probably gets me more items on Stitch Fix.  Stitch Fix also has this awesome (and dangerous) ploy to entice you to keep everything by giving you a 25% discount if you don’t send anything back.  I’ve fallen right into that sweet trap a time or two.  Or three.

Back to Trunk Club benefits, I also like that I work with the same stylist each time (breaking news: I got a Stitch Fix box last week and after reviewing it, I had the option to keep my most recent stylist so that’s apparently an option with Stitch Fix now.) She receives all my feedback (both Stitch Fix and Trunk Club have good systems in place to get feedback on the items, so, theoretically, they improve their understanding of what works and what doesn’t for YOU) and seems to be zeroing in on what I really like.  She also still sends me stuff that is outside my comfort zone because there’s no harm in trying it on for fun in the comfort of my own home!

Really, it’s fun to use both services a few times a year, and I’ll probably continue to do so.

If you are interested in trying either Stitch Fix or Trunk Club and want to use my referral codes (no pressure – you don’t NEED a referral code for either), here they are – Stitch Fix and Trunk Club.  {In the interest of full disclosure, I get a little $$ to put toward my next hit of mail order clothes.}

And now I will bore you with pho-toooos of my Trunk Club purchases (total of 7 items from 3 trunks received).


Sweater brand is Caslon. This sweater is so soft and feels like pure luxury to the skin.
Jeans are Treasure & Bond. I love these jeans. They fit great and I’d buy Treasure & Bond jeans again most definitely.


Shirt brand is Pleione. I love the pattern and the colors. The fit is so nice too. I got this shirt shortly after having Ava so it was perfect for gracefully hiding the post partum belly bulge.
Jeans are same as first picture – Treasure & Bond.


Shirt brand is Caslon. It’s a long drapey shirt – my favorite way to wear it is tied up as pictured.  Would be cute untied with leggings as well. I think I did that a few times through the winter.
Black denim jeans are Hudson. These are by far the most expensive jeans I’ve ever purchased but they are worth every penny. The fit is great, they can easily be dressed up or dressed down, and they may be my most favorite item in my closet now.


Tank is Halogen. I love the colors and the pattern. It looks great as a tank blouse alone, under a denim jacket or cardigan, and tucked in or left out.
Black denim jeans picture (same as above) are Hudson.


Dress brand is Felicity & Coco. I really love this maxi dress. Nursing friendly, fun color and patten, and perfect for so many occasions. I do need to get the hem brought up if I want the option to wear flats with it because it is long – I’m on my tippy-toes in this pic. :)

Have you tried Stitch Fix, Trunk Club, or any similar services?  Which sounds more appealing to you?


10 thoughts on “My opinion: Stitch Fix vs. Trunk Club.

  1. I looove that maxi!! So pretty! And I enjoyed this side-by-side comparison of what you thought of both Stitch Fix & Trunk Club. Though knowing that Kevin does Trunk Club kind of makes me want to see a post from him of a Trunk Club delivery! :)

  2. I would live in that first sweater/sweatshirt! That looks so comfy! I’ve heard all the rage of Stitchfix (but still haven’t done it), but haven’t heard of Trunk Club. Everything looks great on you!

  3. Be still my heart – your maxi dress is GORGEOUS, and fits you beautifully!
    You look incredible in it.
    The first sweater looks amazingly soft and comfy, I would never take it off. Great buys!

  4. Love how informative this post is! I almost gave my mom a Stitch Fix gift card for Christmas last year, but went with Birch Box instead. I think I will give her a gift card to Trunk Club in the future, though! It sounds awesome.

    That last dress is absolutely gorgeous on you. Stunning!

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