On holiday.

There have been three holidays recently and I’ve now officially allowed enough time to pass since said holidays that I will be awarded the “Most Delinquent Holiday Post” prize.  A dream come true.

Memorial Day:

Oh yes.  We’re taking it that far back.

We started the weekend off right when Neighbor came by the house to take our yearly anniversary photo and some family photos.


Another big task that weekend was gardening.




Father’s Day:

We began the morning with presents.  Kevin always goes to get Ava in the morning when she wakes up.  They talk to each other, he changes her diaper, they say hi to Kiki and Rue and the baby in the mirror and then finally to me.  On the morning of Father’s Day, I snuck into her room as soon as I heard her stirring and put a book (Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too) in the crib with her.  It was her gift to Kevin for Father’s Day.  :)  Then he opened his other gifts (another book, a Shutterfly mug with lots of Ava pictures on it, and a framed photo of Ava) and we relaxed together for a bit.

We then celebrated with Kevin’s parents by going to Flying Star for breakfast.  Ava wanted to show her dad just how much she loves him by grabbing his iced coffee and pulling it toward them as he held her.  He got drenched and she surprised herself – didn’t know her own strength.  Happy Father’s Day to Kevin – he’s just glad it wasn’t hot coffee.

Later she enjoyed a strawberry.


And the answer to her question, in my completely unbiased opinion, is no one.  No one is cuter.

Her dad is adorable too and I’m so thankful that he is my partner in this life thing we’re doing.  He is the best father to Ava, and I just adore him.


Independence Day:


We road tripped down to Magdalena for a family reunion on the Saturday before the 4th.  It was fun to see everyone!  Ava met a cute little chick named Wylie and she really, really wanted to play with him more than he wanted to play with her.


On the 4th itself we met some friends for lunch.  They have an 11 month old and it was nice to see them.

That night we grilled – steak and corn on the cob.  Because ‘Merica.


Ava was on a naptime strike, which is why her eyes are sooooo red.  Nothing could keep her from enjoying her steak and corn though.


The 4th also marks Rue’s birthday!  She turned two.  (I wonder how “they” know that the 4th is her birthday.  I mean, she fell out of a tree in her foster home’s yard.  Did she come with a little birth certificate?)  Rue would like us to request that people NOT shoot fireworks off to celebrate her in upcoming years.  She doesn’t like the noise.  For once, Kiki and Rue are in agreement about something.


And that concludes the summer holiday recap.  I’ll see you in January for a Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s combo post.  ;-)

What’s your favorite holiday?  Any holidays you just don’t like?


3 thoughts on “On holiday.

  1. Aww poor Rue! Everyone wants to celebrate her birthday with lots of cheering and fireworks, but she doesn’t realize that it’s supposed to be fun. Poor kitty! I know a lot of animals aren’t fans of fireworks. Thankfully Oreo isn’t bothered by them in general. However, on the fourth, we let him out in the backyard to go potty late that night just before bed and I guess one of our neighbors was setting off fireworks because a really LOUD one went off right when he walked out there and let me tell you… that dog thought his home was under siege. He went BOW WOWing through the house letting everyone know that he was present and ready to protect his territory. ;) All that said… Oreo and Rue’s birthday’s are super close! His is tomorrow (the 10th!). I don’t know how Rue’s birthday was decided, but we picked the 10th of July because that’s the day we adopted him since we have no clue when his real birthday is (he was a rescue). So maybe that’s why they picked Rue’s birthday? Or they just wanted to pick a holiday? Anyway, happy (belated) birthday to Rue!

    I’m glad for both Kevin’s and Ava’s sakes that it was iced coffee and not hot! I bet that was quite surprising for everyone, ha! And the perfect moment to happen on Father’s Day. :)

    Happy holidays, friend! :)

  2. LOL at Ava not knowing her own strength!! Yes, good thing it wasn’t hot coffee ;). It really does seem like Kevin is an awesome dad. Love that Ava likes corn and steak! She’s absolutely American!

    Aaaaaand Happy birthday Rue! As I was reading this, I was thinking “Rue is two!” and how it rhymed. :)

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