Ava // eight months old.


Baby girl is eight months old today! There really isn’t anything she hates, she tolerates going down for naps, and she loves eating, board books, bath time, sitting up, and things like buttons on shirts, jewelry, tags and labels, etc.

As I was typing the above list, I realized how complex documenting her hates and loves has become. The first few months it was very clear – she hated tummy time, she loved staring at her hands, etc. Now it’s less easy to list her interests because she is developing her personality and has grown past an ‘all or nothing’ state of being. She doesn’t mind being in her crib EXECPT when she’d rather be playing with us. She loves bath time but she hates being wrapped in the towel and dried off afterwards. Is that because she’s cold coming out of the bath or because she’s sad the bath is over? Your guess is as good as ours!

It is so fun to watch her learn and discover the world around her.  She is still very serious and observant around new people or in new places.  She is goofy and giggly and so verbal at home.  I’m sure you’ll be as delighted as I was to learn that “ma, ma, ma” has been reintroduced to her vocabulary.  ;-)  She’ll still say “da” occasionally, and she also has toyed with ba, ga, na, etc.  She continues to explore her vocal range – squealing and whispering and everything in between.  She eapecially loves a growling sound that comes from the back of her throat and she in the past few days began making a clicking sound with her tongue that is really cute. Her giggles are becoming more plentiful and we still can’t get enough of them. She loves to be sung to.  A few months ago her favorite song was “Hello Ava”.  Then she moved on to “Mr. Golden Sun”.  Now it’s “Baby Beluga”.  She gets the biggest smile when she hears her current favorite.

She’s a mover and a shaker.  She can sit up like a champ now – there was so much improvement on that front in the past month.  Occasionally she’ll still lose her balance but she’ll sit for 15-20 minutes with no problem.  When we go to pick her up from sitting she has begun reaching her arms up toward us, which basically melts my heart every time.  She isn’t crawling or even going up to her hands and knees, but she can scoot and roll and move herself around to get to where she wants to be really well regardless. We have one rug and no carpet in our house, something that overall we LOVE but we do wish we could carpet the house during this phase when she’s learning to scoot, crawl, walk, and, inevitably, fall. We moved the coffee table off the one rug and that has become her play space.

She waves her arms around and kicks her legs like a little swimmer pretty much nonstop when she’s fired up.  She still loves diaper changes (still in size 2 diapers wearing clothes in the 6-9 month range – she is still a petite little gal, sticking to that 3rd percentile curve when it comes to weight), but gets antsy and tries to roll around a lot more now.  We keep a little toy at each diaper changing station so that she has something to do with her hands while we’re changing her diaper.  She has a tendency to reach down and unfasten the left side of her diaper when she’s diaper clad. She has started sitting up in her little bath tub rather than using the sling and she LOVES it.  She smiles really big and splashes and grunts and plays with her bath ducky, and just has a grand old time.

She’s such a good eater.  Not interested in purees (unless they’re in this silicone feeder thing that she holds and controls) or being fed with a spoon, but you can tell that she is gaining so much confidence in her eating skills.  She still overstuffs her mouth (in her mother’s opinion) sometimes, but overall she’s really good at chewing and moving the food around in her mouth.  There hasn’t been anything that she has not liked, that I can recall at least.  In the past month she’s tried a few new things – blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, plums, pork chop, eggs, Greek yogurt (she actually didn’t love the full fat no sweetener Greek yogurt but she did like tzatziki sauce), and pesto, which she loved…  So far no signs of an allergy (thank God – I’m so nervous about allergies, even though there isn’t a family history of them).  She did get a few spots on her chest a day or so after trying the tzatziki and then Greek yogurt, so I want to keep an eye on dairy.  I was relieved that eggs seem fine.  Maybe soon we’ll have her lick a little peanut butter off a spoon or something.  Her pincher grasp isn’t fully developed but she’s getting better and better with it – probably because she has plenty of opportunity to practice.  I probably shred and cut things smaller than I need to because it makes me nervous to give her big chunks of chicken for instance – she’s so good at biting that she can tear off a big piece and, well, that makes me nervous.  But she manages to get stuff in her mouth really well, so it works out fine.  We have officially gone through my freezer stash of milk, and I hate pumping.  Ultimately, we decided that we’d start doing formula when she’s with Sue, Craig, or Kevin and I’m not there to feed her.  I don’t think that’ll affect my supply at all because she used to be getting freezer stash milk at that time, so nothing is really changing on the supply and demand front, but we’ll see.  She loves to drink water from a cup that she’s holding (with our help of course) or from a straw.  She’s holding steady on the tooth front with two bottom middle chompers.

She is still a champion sleeper and we feel so lucky about that. She goes to bed around 7:30 and wakes up around 6:30. She has been napping really well recently soon and all 4 of her regular caretakers have begun to recognize the signs of needing a nap and summoned the resoluteness necessary to leave her in the crib for the 5-10 minutes that she’ll sometimes spend protesting before surrendering to the nap.  We all know that she is so much happier if she gets her two to three naps each day.

She is just so much fun and truly makes every day so especially special.

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5 thoughts on “Ava // eight months old.

  1. I loved your description of Ava at eight months! What a treasure she is to know and spend time with. As her Grandma spending time with Ava is such a joy! I treasure the time she and I spend together!

  2. Isn’t this stage so fun? I just love it. I gave R some peanut butter a few weeks ago and nothing happened! I would have had to send her back if she were allergic to my favorite thing ever. ;) I’m glad formula is going well!

  3. She’s so fun! I’m glad that so far you haven’t had any major allergy issues! And hopefully it was just a coincidence with the dairy both times. But even still, I’m glad it wasn’t a big thing. I hope peanut butter goes just as well! :)

    And I just love that she is such a great sleeper for you guys! That’s awesome!

  4. It would totally melt my heart if my baby reached her arms up to me to be held. Awww! I can’t believe how much she changes and develops from month to month! I absolutely love reading these posts. Happy eight months, Ava!

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