My kitchen bucket list and other randoms. 

I’ve had this kitchen bucket list draft going for awhile, and I am not good at keeping drafts in limbo for a long time.  Publish or trash, that’s my motto.  So {lucky you} publish it was with this one.


Here are a few things I’ve never cooked with but want to:  leeks and fennel.  I want to cook with more fruit zest and I want to use more fresh herbs.  I want to make a few varieties of herb butter.  And I want to make angel food cake.  When I was a kid I made a mean angel (does that make it a devil?) food cake, thanks to my old trusty Baking III project in 4-H.  I remember separating the whites from the yolks and whipping, whipping, whipping, until the dough was light and fluffy.  I also want to learn to make the perfect poached egg.  I’ve poached a time or two, and they were passable eggs, but nothing special.

And that’s a pretty wimpy post, so here are a few other random recents and upcomings.

For the first time in probably 10 years, I’m watching The Bachelorette.  I usually pride myself on NOT watching those shows, but a Junior League friend has a Bachelorette bracket competition and I do love a good bracket.  So I joined and I’m holding steady in 2nd place.  I like Luke and Jordan best.  Don’t tell Kevin I’m telling you this {oh wait – he reads all my posts.  Everyone say, “Hi Kevin!”}, but he’s actually kind of getting into the show too.  It’s fun to cuddle on the couch and watch the crazies.

Have you seen this video?

This is me being, like, super honest and vulnerable right now – I can’t get enough of that video.  I love it.

I also loved Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella.  Sat on the couch laughing out loud because some parts were just that funny to me.

Our garden is doing great thus far.  The basil in particular is looking especially vibrant and healthy, which is great because it’s my favorite of our crops.

In other house news, we’ve got some big projects coming up – replacing a furnace and a swamp cooler, new rain gutters, new blinds on our new windows…  Grown up stuff, you know.

And here’s an adorable baby, because she’s far more photogenic than rain gutters.


Do you have a kitchen bucket list?  Are you watching The Bachelorette?  What fun (or not so fun) projects are you planning around the house?


9 thoughts on “My kitchen bucket list and other randoms. 

  1. Hi Kevin!

    Pesto here you come!!!

    I planted basil, tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes last weekend. I’m seeing homemade pizza in my future.

    I have NO PROJECTS. Amy, can you believe it?! Nothing nothing nothing. Not one. Just riding my bike and enjoying life :) That is an absolute MIRACLE for a Type A person!

  2. I have been shamelessly watching The Bachelorette! Mostly because I watched The Bachelor last season, so I wanted to see what would happen with Jojo. So much drama in the house for a group of guys, though! Too much testosterone! I’m honestly not a fan of Luke. I’m rooting for Derek (a.k.a. Jim Halpert from The Office) or James Taylor the country singer. My favorite is following Twitter feed during the commercials. Everyone’s commentary is hilarious–almost better than watching the episode itself.

  3. I am totally wondering… what is a swamp cooler?! I wonder if I’ve never heard of that, or if I call it something different?!

    Jimmy and I recently watched a few bits and pieces of The Bachelor (I guess that was a few months ago) and were just like “Is this real?!” haha. It’s fascinating! Oh yeah, I totally want to learn how to poach an egg, too. I feel like it’s so hard, but it’s probably simple with a bit of practice!

    So glad your garden is doing well! Check out that basil! It looks so LUSH! I picked all of mine from my windowsill herb garden and dried it so I will have some year round. That’s usually my go-to when my herbs grow too much, haha. I’m going to check out Twenties Girl on Amazon right now. I have always enjoyed Sophie Kinsella’s writing!

  4. Ava’s eyes are so big and beautiful!! Also, a bit reminiscent of Rue’s, in the best possible way. Rue has killer eyes.
    I’m loving your family photo on the top! It’s fantastic. Little Miss Ava looks like she is tugging on your ear, saying “smile, mom! smile for the photo!” She is the most adorable baby, seriously.

    I, too enjoyed Twenties Girl way back when I read it. Sophie Kinsella books are so lighthearted and fun to read! Real pleasure reading.

  5. That’s so funny- i have a friend who has never watched the Bachelorette but is also in an office bracket and her fiancé is really into it too haha! I have never cooked with leeks, but i did use fennel and was not a fan. It tastes like straight licorice, which i’m REALLY not into! I have heard it’s great for digestion though.

  6. Oh my gracious, how is she THAT cute?! You guys have one very adorable little girl!

    That video is hilarious! I love that an JL bracket is what brought you into watching the Bachelorette! The Bachelor/Bachelorette is one of the many shows that I have on as background noise while I edit photos. I did actually watch Sean Lowe’s season (a couple of years ago) because he seemed like such a decent person and I liked seeing how he navigated the whole thing. But in general, I only semi-sort of keep up with it enough to be able to carry on a conversation about it with my friends/teens who do watch it. ;) But if there were a bracket involved, I bet I’d watch it more closely!

    I love fennel in Italian food! We put it in our lasagna and pizza sauce! Yum! :) And I finally learned to poach eggs after returning from our first cruise in 2011. I had them every day on the cruise and LOVED them! So I knew I had to come home and perfect them! So I practiced and practiced and finally figured it out! I haven’t made them in a long time, though. I should definitely do that. :)

  7. i am usually the same way about the bachelor/ette!! i hadn’t watched in YEARS and made a point to watch last season’s bachelor… and it was so great! haha! i am now trying to keep up with the bachelorette but i’m a few behind. :) and love the kitchen bucket list!!! i have some goals on mine, as well!

  8. Hi Kevin!! :)
    I am a newby to the Bachelorette series as well, but I’ve had fun chatting about it with my friends. It makes some of the long-distance friendships seem closer… So it’s my guilty pleasure this year. ;)
    And, wow, that basil looks amazing! I always grow it, but I haven’t this year. I’m disappointed in myself. Ha, ha.

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