Kevin and I celebrated three years of marriage on Tuesday and the anniversary had me thinking about all that has changed in the past three years.  Three years is not a significant length of time, but it has been significant time for us.  Three years encompass major purchases and career changes, losses and gains to our little family census.

May 2013: Got married.

July 2013:  Bought a house together.

September 2013:  Moved into the house.

February 2014:  Amy switched jobs.

April 2014:  Kevin bought a truck.

July 2014:  Lost a family member when Flo died.

December 2014:  Gained a family member when we got Rue.

March 2015:  Positive pregnancy test.

September 2015:  Kevin switched jobs.

October 2015:  Ava was born.

April 2016:  Amy got a new car.

And in the midst of all those big, bold life things, there have been so many little precious moments that pass with minimal fuss or awareness.  Cuddles and kisses and dinners and laughs and time together – simply being there for each other and with each other.  The big events may stand out on a timeline, but I never want to take for granted all the small, ordinary moments that make a life, make a marriage.  I love existing with Kevin.  And here’s to decades upon decades of day-to-day living with him.


7 thoughts on “Timeline.

  1. This is so sweet! You guys have been through a lot together already! I’m going to take a big chance and say Ava has been the biggest life change. ;-) It’s crazy to think how many more life changes you will go through as the years pass!

  2. Happy anniversary!! So many things have changed and so many precious things have happened! Some sad as well (I still think of Flo from time to time), but so many wonderful things have happened in only three short years!

  3. YOU TWO. My gosh. My heart just exploded with love for you guys. (Baby and kitties included, of course!) Happy anniversary!

    And, this means we’ve been friends for over three years!

  4. This is so beautiful, Amy. I have loved reading your blog through the years. The love and life and family that you and Kevin share seems so special and cherished by you two. I just love that. And existing with someone who rocks your world in little ways every single day is the best, isn’t it?

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