Current obsessions.

I’ve been distracted from blogging recently.  Lots going on at work, etc.  But I need to sneak in a Mother’s Day recap – one week tardy – and there are a few things that I’ve been obsessing over.  Including but not limited to….

We’ve been loving big, hearty salads as dinner entrees recently and I bet that will continue to be the case as the weather gets warmer and warmer.  They’re refreshing and light, but as long as meat is included, my appetite remains sated til breakfast.


I’m obsessed with my new car!  We went with a 2016 Honda CRV and it’s fantastic.  Her name is Pearl and she’s just that – a gem.  I also love that Lisa has been enjoying Blue.  Blue is in a good home and that makes me happy. Weirdly obsessed with my cars? …Fact.

This documentary about four guys who take 12 mustangs from Mexico to Canada.  Recommended to me by my childhood friend, Tana, it’s called Unbranded and we watched it on Netflix.  The scenery they cover is gorgeous and makes me want to visit all the national parks between here and Canada.  And I fell in love with all the horses.

Watching “Unbranded” opened our eyes to all the documentary options on Netflix.  We’ll be diving into those more often.  We recently watched “Three Stars” which is about Michilen restaurants.  Interesting, but it basically just confirmed that we’ll choose Dion’s (a local pizza/sandwich/salad place) over those fancy restaurants any day of the week.

I’ve also been into a few shows on Netflix.  I watched the two seasons of “Lipstick Jungle”, which was easy and fun.  “New Girl” has been a new favorite.  My sister recommended “The Ranch” and “Blue Bloods” and “Baby Daddy”.  Kevin may be into the former two so we may try those together, but I’ll probably tackle the latter on my own when I’m done with “New Girl”.

I’ve been dabbing Supergood CC Cream on the ol’ face these days and am really liking the coverage, lightness of it, and that it’s is paraben, oxybenzone, and fragrance free.

My first Mother’s Day with little Ava on the outside was really special.  We went to breakfast at Weck’s to start the day.


Ava and Kevin (probably definitely mostly Kevin) conspired to make me the perfect gift on Shutterfly and now it’s on my desk at work and makes me smile every time I see it.


Kevin paired it with a lovely, heartfelt note in a card and I just feel so lucky to have him and Ava (and Kiki and Rue) in my life.  We made dinner for his parents that night – he grilled some cedar plank salmon (this recipe) and asparagus with prosciutto and it was soooo amazingly delicious. The weather was perfect, the roses were blooming, and the sweet little baby who made me a mother was right there for it all.


What do you recommend on Netflix – documentaries or shows?  What are you obsessing over recently?


6 thoughts on “Current obsessions.

  1. Have you watched Grace and Frankie? It only has 2 seasons (at least here in Canada), but it’s really sweet and heartwarming. Two women in their 60s (or 70s?) are both being left by their husbands, because they fell in love with each other decades ago and had an affair forever. Now they don’t want to lie any more, but get married.
    I really like it! Shows you that it’s never too late to start over, no matter your age.

    Ava gets cuter every day! I say the photo of her holding your nose scrolling by on your Instagram, and it’s SO adorable.

  2. Lipstick Jungle was a really fun show to watch (although kind of racy!). I can’t get into the newest season of New Girl. It’s just so sexual that I cringe.

  3. Totally okay to be attached to your cars. I thought I’d be glad to be rid of Christopher’s barely-held-together car from college (no working A/C or heat, all the paint peeled off the front, literally rattled as you drove as if it would fall apart at any moment)… and yet when we sold it I still had a tinge of sadness over saying goodbye to the car that brought us to Memphis and was our shared car for the first year of our marriage. So glad that Blue is in such a good home and that Pearl is treating you well!

    Christopher loves Blue Bloods! I liked it too, but didn’t keep up with it like he did. I thought Baby Daddy was pretty cute. Very fluffy, but cute.

    Such a sweet mother’s day (and a delicious sounding one too)! So glad it was such a good one for you, friend!

  4. I think it’s awesome that you were able to give Blue a good home with your sister! It feels good to know where stuff like that is going.

    Love the picture of you and Ava from when you went out to b-fast. So, so cute. Also, the Shutterfly gift that Kevin + Ava gave you is adorable!

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