Three strange things I found while cleaning out my car.


I have a new car and am selling Blue to my sister.  Allow me to wax briefly about Blue.  She’s such a good car.  I’ve had her since 2009 and she’s never given me a bit of trouble.  I feel a bit like the girl on the Liberty Mutual commercial (“You two have been through everything together – two boyfriends, three jobs, you’re like, ‘Nothing can replace Brad.'”), except, thank goodness, Blue is safe and just moving to a different home.  And I do love my new car.  But I can’t really fuss over her (my name for her is Pearl; Kevin’s is the White Dragon…boys), until Blue is out of the driveway.

I mean, I have to consider Blue’s feelings.

Lisa is coming to town tomorrow to take her, so I’m gonna take Blue out for a spa day (car wash) and get her all cleaned up and lookin’ fancy.  While cleaning her out I found some really interesting things.  Here are the top three:


A presentation board.  No idea where this came from, but it was in the trunk.  All I need is an experiment and I’m ready for the science fair.



Speaking of experiments….  Whole dehydrated apple, anyone?


imageAnd last but not least, a little erotica.  If I’d realized this was in the trunk I would have been sure to instruct Kevin that if anything happens to me, he has to promise to destroy the sleazy novel.

Have you ever found anything unexpected when cleaning out a car/closet/etc.?


9 thoughts on “Three strange things I found while cleaning out my car.

  1. My car’s name is Pearl! I’ve had her since 2010… Doesn’t seem like it’s been six years! Erotica??

  2. These are so funny! I’ve been embarrassed by the amount of food (animal crackers and goldfish crackers, mainly) that I’ve found when deep cleaning my car. I’m rarely lucky enough to find money or gift cards or anything fun. Sometimes I find little Matchbox cars, and Jake is always pleased about reuniting with those. :-)

  3. White Dragon! Ha! Totally the sort of name that Christopher would use for a car. His cars have been named Loki, The Green Machine, The Black Pearl (a green car, naturally), and Apollo. :) Love these random finds you found! :)

  4. omg haha the book! This is excellent.

    I actually did clean out my car a few months ago and shared an epic Snap story of the whole thing. I had four soccer balls, two jackets, two towels, a bag of soccer socks, some old school CDs (Jock Jams, Hanson, Kris Kross. No joke), some old movies like 10 Things I Hate About You, five sharpies, and I can’t remember what else. The craziest thing… are you ready for it? A shower curtain liner all balled up. Like, seriously, what the heck was I doing with a balled up shower curtain liner? I swear I didn’t commit any crimes!

  5. “If I’d realized this was in the trunk I would have been sure to instruct Kevin that if anything happens to me, he has to promise to destroy the sleazy novel.”. At my SES Unit we have a standing joke that before any rooftop job we should put on wristbands saying “If accidentally killed, please clear my browser history”.

  6. Now with having a little guy in the car I find the most random things. Just a few railroad nail, a few rocks, baby tooth brush.

  7. Hilarious! I love the random things you found, especially the presentation board. When I was in college, I would clean out my truck at the end of the semester and I once had a Hello Kitty mug, a bag of dog food, and library books in it, haha.

  8. Haha love this!
    Usually all I get out of my car is lost Bobby pins and maybe an item or two that fell out of a grocery bag

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