Snapshot {April}.


Making: A car payment for the first time since 2010.  We bought a new set of wheels today.

Cooking: Nothing right now!

Drinking: Water


Reading: Still on Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides.  It’s a really, really great book, but I always take so much longer to get through a non-fiction book versus the fiction fluff I tend to choose.

Wanting: To go pick up some plants and herbs and start our garden soon.  We’re planning on tomatoes, eggplant, basil, mint, chives, thyme….

Looking: Forward to fresh basil pesto all summer long.


Eating: Nothing at the moment.

Wishing: Ava’s future teething experiences are as smooth as her first one was when those two front bottom teeth started growing.  She was fussy for a few days but it wasn’t too bad at all.


Enjoying: New Girl on Netflix.  Jess kind of drives my Type A self nuts, but I also want to be friends with her.  Explain that.

Loving: My sweet little six month old cuddlebug.  She’s just so fun.

Hoping: Ava likes solid food!  We’ll start it soon, I promise.


Needing:  A little nap, which I should be taking now. Ava slept in her crib in her room for the first time last night! She did awesome but I didn’t sleep well, wondering how she was doing a whole wall away.

Smelling:  Kevin’s cologne

Feeling: Happy and a little sleepy.


Wearing: Jeans and a blue and white striped shirt.

Watching: Round 6 of the NFL draft :)

What are you wishing/needing/loving/eating right now? 


8 thoughts on “Snapshot {April}.

  1. Teething has been soooooo tough for Brady. He gets a fever, grinds his teeth, refuses food, and cries. Every baby is different, and I hope that your little one’s trend continues! It probably will since her two bottom teeth were so easy!! That would be a huge relief for you, I know!
    Oh my goodness, she is just too cute!

  2. Love reading these snapshot posts! Ava is so adorable. I know I say that 24/7, but she just is!!
    I’m wishing: I could spend more time with my family.
    I’m needing: another dog or a cat… or both ;)
    I’m loving: the spring weather.
    I’m eating: just finished a big spoonful of honey peanut butter.

  3. I’ve been watching the current season of New Girl on the Fox Now channel. I got out of touch with New Girl for awhile, but I found that I could pick right back up where I left off without missing too much. I love the Nick/Schmidt bromance probably more than I love watching Jess (especially since some of my students recently insisted that I AM Jess Day incarnate–that it had just hit them like a revelation–and I was slightly offended because she is a MESS). I remember Jake’s bottom two teeth coming in at the same time, too! He got vampire fangs after that–his teeth always seemed to come in twos. Jake never had a rough time with teething until his molars came in. Hopefully Ava will be the same way!

  4. KEVIN’S COLOGNE. Good god, could that guy be any cooler?!

    On Tuesday my nephew took an epic two hour nap (he’s usually at 60-75 minutes) so HECK YES I used part of that for a nap! And I’m not a napper. But it was glorious! What do you normally do during nap times? Can Ava sleep through noise?

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