Ava // six months old.


She’s 0.5 years old!  I can’t believe she’s been with us for half a year.  Ava continues to amaze us everyday and we feel so lucky to call her ours.  At six months old Ava hates – despises – her poly-vi-sol with iron supplement, tolerates tummy time, and loves exploring her world by sitting up and bringing anything she can grasp to her mouth.

She weighed in at 12 pounds and 9 ounces at her 6 month appointment today.  She’s 25.5 inches.  The pediatrician says she’s fabulous and growing like a champ.  We thought she would weigh more, but she’s on the growth curve and the doctor isn’t concerned so we ( and by we I mean Amy because she tends to worry about this kind of thing as a general rule) won’t be either.  She’s still in size 1 diapers but we’re about to try size 2, I think.  We got so many size 1 diapers at Kevin’s diaper party before Ava was born, and we’re only about 10 diapers away from using them all up.  Ava is wearing a variety of clothing sizes but mostly 6 month and 6-9 month.  Our current favorites in her wardrobe include these cute little owl pajamas (pea-jammies we call them, because she’s our little sweet Pea).

It seemed like Ava regressed a bit on her rolling skills shortly after the five month post went up.  One day she was rolling like a champ in both directions, and the next she was not interested in rolling at all, choosing instead to face plant and spread her arms and legs out Superman style when she was on her tummy.  She went back to rolling toward the end of this month.  She’s enjoying tummy time a bit more, but she definitely still prefers to lie on her back when she’s lounging.  She also loves to sit up and she’s such a serious little observer.  She still can’t balance well enough to sit on her own without support – usually because she spies her feet and lurches forward to grab them.

She loves to grab a toy and swing her arm up and down, waving the toy around.  Pretty soon she’ll figure out the beauty of releasing her grip on the object and we’ll have things flying across the room.  She continues to explore her vocal range and vocabulary.  She likes playing with consonants – ma is a favorite, which naturally means I believe her first word is mama.  ;-)  Anytime she’s fussy, which isn’t often, we start singing to her and she calms down.  She loves outfit changes and diaper changes.  The only thing that makes her upset is the poly-vi-sol with iron supplement that we try to give her.  Confession:  we’ve only tried to give it to her three times in the past two months because it upsets her so much.  Her growing strength makes it even more difficult because she will grab the little dispenser when we have it near her mouth and pull it away.  I told Kevin I’m not doing it again.  We’ll get iron into her some other way if her levels are ever low.

We ordered a high chair this week and will probably start giving her solids soon.  I think avocado may be the first one we try!  I’m nervous about the gagging that is inevitable with baby led weaning (so I hear) but I’m excited for her to get to explore the new tastes and textures.  I definitely want to breastfeed for at least a year, so I want to introduce solids pretty gradually and be sure that most of her caloric intake is from me.

She’s shown a little bit of “stranger” anxiety with a few people when they try to hold her.  She sleeps through the night like a champ – around 8 PM to 6 AM each night.  She’s still sleeping in the pack and play in our room, but we’ll probably transition her to her crib soon.  She sleeps in her crib really well for naps (on a good nap day, I mean, but not every day is a good nap day), so we’re hoping that it’s an easy nighttime transition.  She’s still wearing the sleep suit for naps, but she is not in it overnight.

She is super into exploring her world by bringing anything and everything to her mouth.  She started cutting two little bottom teeth around ten days ago.  She was feeling all the feelings around that time between teething, starting a new mental developmental leap, and starting a bit of a 6 month growth spurt.  Busy girl!  Ava is so sweet and cheerful and fun.  Kevin and I both miss her when we’re at work – I even miss her when she’s taking a nap and I’m in the same house!  We make total fools of ourselves trying to get her to giggle.  Her laughter is definitely spontaneous and authentic because what elicits a giggle one day doesn’t work the following.  Eskimo kisses worked once…and ever since that momentous occasion we just get smiles in exchange for Eskimo kisses.  Same pattern with the chicken dance – on her 6 month birthday she laughed hysterically at our chicken dancing antics.

She is the absolute best.

{One Month Old}  {Two Months Old}   {Three Months Old}  {Four Months Old}   {Five Months Old}


10 thoughts on “Ava // six months old.

  1. I as real worried about choking especially with the reflux B has but we started out slow with just oatmeal several and baby food that was pretty runny and honestly I think he has gotten choked (just a little) maybe twice.

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  2. Her first word is MAMA! It totally counts! I love it!!

    I hope you video her first taste of avocado! It’s so funny to see babies try new foods for the first time. :)

    I can’t believe how well she sleeps through the night for you guys! Atta girl, Ava! You’re a champ!

  3. Pea jammies. So, so cute. Your little Pea :).

    I can’t believe Ava is half a year old! She is too cute. I think she should try out to be the Gerber Baby.

    I had no idea babies could take liquid vitamins/iron supplements! Do you think she doesn’t like the taste or what? So interesting!

    I can’t wait to hear what her first word is and what she thinks of Avocado!

  4. Look at her face in that picture! She is such a ham!

    I feel your pain on the vitamins. I was never super consistent with giving Jake vitamins (now I’ve been giving him chewy Flintstones vitamins and calling them “candy,” and that seems to work pretty well unless you think about the fact that Jake thinks that a bottle of “medicine” from the medicine cabinet is candy). Jake has been so sick these past several months in daycare, I feel like I’m always having to do something unpleasant. This past week, he had pink eye and I was practically sitting on him three times a day to hold him down and administer eye drops–which basically made him scream and thrash in such a way that you would think I was murdering him slowly.

    I bet Ava gets plenty of vitamins from your milk, anyway!

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