Easy like Sunday afternoon.


Take me back to yesterday afternoon when the weather was cool and cloudy.  The house was clean, the fridge was stocked.  The baby was napping and the husband and I were chopping, sautéing, mincing a beef stew into the Dutch oven.  Homemade bread dough rising and puffing beautifully.  A Tracy Lawrence YouTube concert played on the iPad.

Once the stew was in the oven, Kevin read his book and I painted.  Third time’s a charm painting this canvas in Ava’s room. I have accepted that it will never look exactly like the picture I have in my head, and I’m finally satisfied enough to just hang it on the wall and let it be. Artistic I am not.


Ava woke up, Kevin’s parents came over for dinner (the bread dough fell right before I put it in the oven, but that’s okay because the flat bread had a fantastic crunch to the crust on the exterior yet was pillow soft inside), and a perfect Sunday afternoon transitioned into a perfect Sunday evening.

Nothing is wrong on this Monday morning – it’s just not Sunday afternoon.

The rest of the weekend was nice too.  We went out to dinner Friday night at a local place (known for its decadent desserts and I had a slice of key lime pie on the brain but $6.50 for a slice of pie – not happening) near a local bookstore.  Picked up a couple of board books and then took ourselves home.


The cats and I enjoyed a nice cereal breakfast on Saturday morning.  I love to be popular.


Then Kevin and I test drove a car.  Two people have told us that this particular car (Mazda CX-5) is the best car they’ve ever owned, so we were really excited to try it.  It was fine…but I think I like the one (Honda CRV) we drove the previous weekend better.  Just dabbling with the idea of getting a new car.  My car is fine and incredibly low mileage and in excellent condition and I don’t drive that often anyway and it’s the best thing ever to not have a car payment (well, it’s actually probably the BEST thing ever to not have a mortgage payment, but not having a car payment is pretty awesome too), so…I don’t know.

Ava took a nice long nap on Saturday afternoon, making us fashionably late for her friend Mia’s first birthday party.  It was so fun to celebrate that little cutie!  And so begins the year of first birthday parties since so many of our friends had kids last year.


^ Riding through the safari on a zebra. #nbd ^

Happy Monday.

How was your weekend?



8 thoughts on “Easy like Sunday afternoon.

  1. How exciting that she attended her first little birthday party! So many more this year and in the years to come. How fun!

    Your Sunday afternoon & evening just sound really delightful! I love that you guys cook together!

    Oh, and also, you did a great job with that canvas! I LOVE that quote!! I also love your mismatched socks. I used to do that all the time. :)

  2. Sounds like such a perfect weekend!! Cool, cloudy weather is my favorite right now… especially now that the dreaded Arizona summer is literally around the corner! DARLING canvas! You did such a good job! And what a fun milestone… her first birthday party! I still remember the first birthday party Mia went to! It only gets funner as they grow!

  3. That is exactly how I felt after the weekend! Our Sunday was SO awesome that Monday – as good as it was – felt like a letdown. ;) Thank goodness for pics that capture such wonderful memories!
    I think your sign for Ava’s room is adorable! And it’s that much more special since you made it.
    Oh, and I ran this morning and am now feeling quite hungry… So I could go for a bowl of that soup and a chunk of that fresh bread. Hmmmm, delish!

  4. Love your mismatching socks! I don’t match mine, and when Jimmy and I first started dating he was shocked that I didn’t wear matching socks. I explained my theory: I don’t want to waste time matching socks when I could be doing fun things with my life, haha. Anywayssss

    What a beautiful Sunday afternoon and evening! Love the photo of Ava on a zebra and the picture of you being popular with Kiki and Rue! I need a cat in my life. I saw a stray in my neighborhood last night and tried to get it to come to my house, haha. It was like 9:00 and I was out in the street saying “Here kitty, kitty!! Come in my house!!”

    I love your canvas painting! Also, what is a board book?

  5. I love Ava’s shirt! I knew you ended up getting a new car but didn’t know you had considered the CX-5. I did not drive it but love the roominess inside! I considered it too but ultimately threw it out because it doesn’t come in manual + AWD (only automatic). Hope you’re enjoying it!

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