A day in the life – April 2016.

How life has changed since the last post of this type -six months ago in October 2015.  Just days before Ava was born!

Ava wakes up sometime between 5:45 and 6:45 each morning.  She still sleeps in our room and when she wakes she makes the sweetest little sounds.  She talks to herself and runs her hand along the mesh siding of her pack and play.  She kicks her little feet up and is quite content.  When I hear her stirring, I get up and go into her room to pump.  Kevin goes to Ava and changes her diaper.  He usually sings a song or two to her and she smiles and sings to him.  I take the pump parts and the milk downstairs, start the pump parts soaking in soapy hot water in the sink, and put the milk in the fridge or freezer, unless I know she’ll need it that morning.  I give Kiki and Rue their wet food and then head back upstairs.  Ava and I sit in bed and she eats while Kevin usually sits in the sitting area of our bedroom, watching Mike & Mike on ESPN and reading the Wall Street Journal.


When Ava’s done eating, I put her on the blanket near Kevin so she can play or he’ll hold her, and I’ll go downstairs to eat some breakfast.  I try to get ready soon after eating and by then it’s around 8:00.  I’ll take Ava while Kevin gets ready and feed her again.  I really try to put her down for her first nap by around 8:45 on mornings that I work because I know the chances of her getting a good nap later in the morning are slim to none if she doesn’t go down before I leave for work.  If it’s a morning that I work, Kevin’s mom arrives at around 9:00.  Usually Kevin is able to leave at the same time as me and we’ll go together, but sometimes he has to be in earlier.


On days such as this, I work from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  There’s a good portion of my job (Quality Assurance) that I can do from home, but I work better at the office.  Since March 1, our office manager has been out, so I’ve been doing some parts of her job like collecting payments, processing the mail, some of the billing, and making deposits.  It’s stuff that needs to be done at the office, so that’s what I’ve been primarily doing in my time there.  Then I fit in QA stuff as I can or take my laptop home to work on things.

If Kevin doesn’t have lunch plans, he’ll take a late lunch and go home when I do at 1:00.  We’ll put together some lunch and I’ll change her diaper and feed Ava, who will have had a great morning with Grandma.  Kevin heads back to work and Ava will usually be about ready for a nap so I’ll put her in her sleep suit, turn on the sound machine, and nurse and rock her for a bit in her room.  She’ll usually go down for a nap around 2:00 and sleep until around 4:00.  While she’s sleeping I’ll do stuff around the house, work from my phone or my laptop as needed, and start prepping dinner.  Sometimes I’ll watch the Food Network or read or take a nap, because, well, why not.  Kiki usually naps in our master closet for most of the day and Rue naps in the living room or the guest room (that is, when she’s not hopping to the top of the entertainment center to eat the fake plant).



When Ava wakes up, we’ll do a diaper change and play for a little bit.  Then she’ll eat and then play some more.  Sometimes we’ll read a book or two; now that the weather is warming up and it’s staying light longer, we’ll probably start to go for more walks.


When Kevin gets home, we’ll all play for a bit, then we’ll start cooking dinner.  We love to cook dinner together and Ava seems to really enjoy being in her little rocker in the kitchen, watching us and playing with a toy.


We eat dinner at the coffee table in front of the TV (how long can we get away with that?  I guess when Ava starts solids we’ll have to start eating like adults at the table…), and when I’m done eating, I’ll feed Ava.  If she’s had two good naps during the day she’ll alternatively nurse and play until around 8:00, then she’ll nurse and wind down, ready to go to sleep around 8:30.  If she’s only had one good nap or (it happens) no good naps, we’ll try to take her upstairs and put her in the pack and play at around 7:30.  She’ll usually talk to herself a bit, but soon falls asleep.  We hang out downstairs until 9:30 or so then go up and go to bed ourselves at around 10:00.

And that’s the day!  There are variations of course.  Sometimes Kevin goes to CrossFit, sometimes we’ll meet friends out for coffee or the aquarium.  Some days Kevin works from home while I go to the office in the afternoon, or Grandpa comes to stay with Ava.  Sometimes I’ll go for a jog, or we’ll run out and pick up dinner rather than cooking at home.  Some days – many days – require multiple outfit changes due to spit up/excessive drooling and diaper blow outs.  But everyday is wonderful.  It’ll be fun to look back in six months and see how things have changed.

Are your days consistent or varied? 


11 thoughts on “A day in the life – April 2016.

  1. Wow. That’s a lot of nursing! The nice (usually) thing about that is you are forced to sit there and do one thing. I mean, you could be on your phone or talking to someone or reading, but generally you just nurse and bond. I love that! (with my nephew… obviously I don’t have a baby!) Especially for a Type A person like me, I love being forced to focus on the baby and relax.

    I’m so impressed that you generally still get your eight hours of sleep in! You are GOOD!

  2. These pictures are so cute! Sounds like a really awesome day where you have a lot of freedom to see your baby and do chores around the house. I’m a little jealous… Okay, a lot jealous :)
    Question: 1) are you pumping in the morning and then also nursing her right after? Is that to build up a supply or why are you doing that? 2) when people say “put the baby down for a nap,” I don’t totally understand this concept. R basically only takes 30-min naps, and she won’t just “go down for a nap.” She cries and cries about it and pretty much doesn’t want to sleep. Does Ava just lay down and go to sleep for two hours when you put her down for a nap? This is a foreign concept to me and I feel like we are doing it wrong…

    • Good questions! For #1, I started pumping in the morning before I nurse her a few months ago because my let down was really fast and she had a hard time handling it. Plus it gave me a chance to build up a little bit of a freezer supply and/or leave Grandma/Dad/Grandpa with a little bottle for her to eat if I was going to be gone for part of the day. Now that she’s older, she can handle the let down fine, but I still like getting a few ounces in a bottle for the day. I hate pumping and what I get out of it has gradually decreased (it used to be 4-5 ounces, now I’m lucky if I get 2), so fortunately I’m with her most of the day and she doesn’t need too much from a bottle. I know you mentioned you’ve been struggling lately too and I so admire you for keeping it up with the volume needed for R being at daycare. You are a rockstar, my friend!

      On the naps – sigh – it really does vary day to day. She “goes down for a nap” best if I nurse her beforehand. She kind of dozes off nursing and I can usually move her to the crib and she’ll keep dozing and eventually settle in for a good two hour nap. But it doesn’t always work out that way. This morning for instance, I’m home and she only slept for about 30 minutes in the 8:00 hour. Then we played for a bit, Granddad stopped by for a visit, and after he left, I took her back upstairs, nursed her, she dozed off, I tried to move her to the crib, and her eyes shot open. She’s in there now, talking and borderline fussing. Sometimes she’ll wear herself out and fall asleep, but I’m not optimistic. So basically, I’m no help because we are not too consistent around here when it comes to quality naps. I know that I shouldn’t get her reliant on nursing to fall asleep so I’m careful to not do that at night so she can soothe herself to sleep but gosh – nursing to dozing is pretty much the only way she’ll nap.


  3. The coffee table comment made me smile! Justin and I were coffee table eaters for years until Jake started eating solids in a high chair. Now we eat at the kitchen table like a *real* family! ;-)

  4. Yep, we were coffee table eaters until Brady started solids too. Ha, ha! :) And on Friday nights, Nate and I usually still are. It’s a bit of a treat night… Brady eats earlier (and I’ll have a snack), and then I’ll make something special for me and Nate. We eat in front of the TV and just relax! :) You HAVE to do that sometimes!!
    I LOVED reading this post. She is just such a cutie!!

  5. Awww Ava I can’t believe how big she is getting! That last picture with her feet kicked up is the sweetest. <3 I feel like my M-F is pretty standard with work but my evenings and weekends is crazy town- I'm either designing a house flip, actually working on a flip, covered in glitter or something equivalent! :P

  6. Ah, precious days! I love this! And I love that Ava gets to have such a little village of people who love on her every day! It’s so precious to have family close by who can help out!

    Also, I was curious about the pumping thing too, but I saw your response to Amanda up there. That makes a lot of sense!

  7. Every day is wonderful. I love that!

    Your days sound so sweet and happy. It seems like you guys have a good routine and balance going on! Ava looks like such a happy little gal!

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