Stitch Fix bliss part V.

My quarterly Fix arrived on schedule, and it was a good one.  Here are the items I kept {spoiler:  all of them}.


I had requested a wrap dress, and they sent this pretty little number.  I really love the colors, pattern, and fit.  Of course it wasn’t until I wore it to work that I realized it – like all wrap dresses probably – has a tendency to gape a bit in the bosom area.  In the future I’ll wear a cami under it, but a paper clip worked in a pinch.  And made a bold fashion statement to boot.  Brand {um, of the dress, not the office supply accessory} is Gilli and it’s called “Trista Faux Wrap Dress.”


I think this sleeveless top – pretty sure it’s navy but I tend to be a bit color blind when it comes to navy and black – will be great during the spring and summer, and it’ll be great for layering in the cooler seasons.  I like the buttons in the front, which makes it nursing friendly.  {A key factor in my wardrobe selections these days.  The wrap dress fits the bill there too.  Once I remove the paper clip of course.}  Brand is Market & Spruce and it’s called “Colibri Sleeveless Top.”


This may be my favorite piece.  Black top with tulip sleeves.  Super classy and really…well, I just love it.  Brand is Papermoon and it’s called “Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse.”


I was a bit on the fence with this plaid button up.  Nursing friendly – check.  Cute, spring colors – check.  Comfy – check.  Relatively flattering (I think) – check.  But I have been wearing the heck out of my plaid shirts and maybe I’m a little over plaid?  Ultimately I decided to keep it because I’ll definitely wear it, I do like it, and I’m going to get rid of one of my tried and true winter worn plaid button ups.  Brand is Skies are Blue and it’s called “Silva Button Front Top.”


Now this necklace.  I like it, don’t get me wrong.  But the price was faaaaar higher than what I would normally spend on a necklace because I’m just not that into accessories.  However, it made more sense economically to keep the necklace and get the 25% discount for keeping all five pieces.  Since getting it, I’ve worn it every day, so it definitely wasn’t a bad decision to keep.  Brand is Gorjana and it’s called “Corinna Delicate Bar Necklace.”

And those are my five fun pieces.  Well done, stylist, well done.

Have you tried Stitch Fix?  Do you like accessories? 


11 thoughts on “Stitch Fix bliss part V.

  1. All wins!! I love this! Your stylist did a great job! I’d wear all of these pieces as well. My favorite is definitely the sleeveless black/navy top. I love the shape and fit of it on you. So pretty!

    By the way, I may have said this before because I’ve definitely thought it many times when looking at pictures of you, but my gracious, you look incredible! Not just “incredible for someone who just had a baby” but just incredible in general! Oh, and your hair is so pretty wavy! It’s pretty straight too, of course, but I feel like I don’t see it curly very often!

  2. Vav-va-voom hot mamma! That first outfit is to die for. You look fabulous!!
    And I laugh out loud when I read your ingenious use for a paper clip. You’re a great problem solver!

  3. I have the same problem with wrap dresses! Ugh. I like the two tops you got! And I just bought a flannel shirt the other day :) You can’t really have too many, can you? I just hope they’re still “in” next season. Ha! I feel like that’s how SF gets you…. they give you a discount to keep all five things, so you end up keeping something you wouldn’t normally pay that much for. Sneaky! But I’m glad you’re wearing the necklace and like it! I really would like to try a box just once to see what I got, but I fear I would be too cheap for anything in it.

  4. I still need to get on the Stitch fix train. I love all your pieces!!! Isn’t it funny how differently you think about clothes when you are nursing? Haha. You look great Mama!

  5. Wow!!! Looking pretty in your stitch fix items. I just got my 2nd fix and got the same paper moon shirt design but in green.

  6. I love your Stitch fix posts!!! :) Awwww, such cute options this time around! (I’m a plaid girl too, so I’m glad you kept the plaid top. SO cute)! :)
    And I concur with everyone else. You look GREAT!!

  7. Tulip sleeves are the best! Everything looks wonderful on you! Love the fashion statement you made out of the bosom gaping, haha. Also, your hair looks wonderful in the first picture! The necklace is so pretty. I just love delicate ones like that!

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