Snapshot {March}.


{Written this morning, posted this afternoon.}

Making: Hay while the sun shines – I’ve been productive this morning!

Cooking: Toast, egg over medium, and an avocado for breakfast.

Drinking: H to the 2 to the O


Reading: Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides (recommended to me by Kevin) – it’s a great book. I’m learning so much about Kit Carson and how the west was won.

Wanting: To cuddle this nursing baby all. day. long.

Looking: Like a hot mess – or maybe just a mess – with bed head hair.


Eating: Not a thing. See above for breakfast a la 15 minutes ago.

Wishing: For world peace. I resubscribed to The Skimm so I could keep up with current events and current events just make me sad.

Enjoying: Texts with friends. Aligning schedules for phone dates is tough, so texting works.


Loving: The sweet Kiki and the rascally Rue. Pets complete a family.

Hoping: Today brings lovely weather and NO wind. I’m tired of wind.

Needing: The weekend. We have so many errands to run. 


Smelling: Kevin’s lavender Art of Shaving aftershave. 

Feeling: Back to normal. The 24 hour stomach virus that has swept the country hit our house a couple of weeks ago. It took a while to get comfortable eating again.


Wearing: PJ shorts and a t-shirt 

Watching: Mike & Mike. It’s an every morning thing. I am very up on sportsball news. 


What are you wishing/needing/loving/eating right now? 


7 thoughts on “Snapshot {March}.

  1. I used to watch Mike & Mike in the mornings while running at the gym! We don’t have cable so I haven’t in a while now. I like them!

  2. First of all, HOW is she getting so big?? She is just so precious and beautiful. Girl, I’m sooooo happy for you!! :)
    Secondly, I need to do a post like this. They’re so fun to read… and don’t take long (if you’re a busy momma like myself). My blogs tend to go on for days (ya know, when I actually have time to write them). ;) It’s nice to have posts like this once in awhile just for fun!
    Lastly… You may have already said, but where did you get that adorable hot air balloon for the nursery? I had wanted to get one for Brady’s room but never found the perfect one. It’s just TOO adorable!! :)

  3. I’m loving the pictures of Ava in this post–especially the backwards hat! She is adorable! By the way, I’m going back into the archives and looking up the pictures of your nursery. One of my friends (who is nearly due date twins with me!) is planning a travel-themed nursery for her baby on the way. I immediately remembered yours, and I want to go back and look at pictures to help me come up with some creative possible gift ideas for her shower! :-)

  4. Ava is adorable. I can’t get enough of the Ava pictures! I also have to agree that pets complete a family. They truly do! I am currently rocking the bed head messy hair, haha. I totally get it.

    My current wish: warm weather! It’s in the 30s in Pittsburgh and we’re supposed to get 3 inches of snow tomorrow. Eek!

    Current need: A date with Jimmy!

    Currently loving: Reading midwife memoirs.

    Currently eating: A baked potato topped with sloppy joe meat!

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