Ava // five months old.

She’s five months old!  It feels like she is still so young, yet that she’s always been with us.  How is that possible? At five months old, Ava hates her poly-vi-sol supplement, tolerates time in her car seat, and loves singing, being sung to, and her feet.

She’s discovering new sounds each week.  One that was discovered in March I didn’t care for.  It was kind of a gasp like she was gasping for breath.  Very normal, per Google, the authority on all the things.  But I felt alarmed every time she made the noise.  She has since moved on to sticking out her tongue and blowing.  Kevin and I sometimes ask her questions and she’ll make that noise and it’s just so perfect.  Example:  “Ava, what do you think of the presidential candidates?” Tongue out and blow spit bubbles everywhere.  My thoughts exactly, dear girl. She also has this high pitched squeal that we think is her way of singing.  She loves exploring her vocal range – going from the high pitch to a low growl sound. We call her Pea Bear when she makes that noise. She talks so much and smiles the cutest little gummy smile.  We discovered the other night that Eskimo kisses sometimes earn us those oh-so-coveted laughs that we’ve been begging for.

She loves music and having songs sang to her.  A favorite from music class is “Hello Ava, tidy-oh, hello Ava, tidy-oh, hello Ava, tidy-oh, jingle at the window, tidy-oh.”  She gets a big smile on her face when she hears that one.  We went to the aquarium twice with friends last week – once I took her and once Kevin took her.  She seemed to really like it both times – the lights, the fish, the interesting colors and reflections.

Last week I asked to use a scale at the birthing center where mom and baby yoga is held.  Ava weighed in at 12 lbs 6 oz, so she has more than doubled her birth weight and seems right on track for a little over a pound a month.  She’s wearing a variety of sizes – some 0-3 month stuff still fits, some 3 month stuff still fits, most 3-6 month stuff is perfect, and some 6 month stuff fits.  Sizing on baby stuff is really consistent, clearly.

She is so good at grasping things, and she’s so strong. She practically pulls herself up by the toys on her playmat.  She is bringing anything and everything to her mouth – hands, feet, the hand/fingers of whoever is holding her, toys, scarves, necklaces, my hair…  We’ve started trying to teach her what it means to be gentle with hand movements – gently touch mom’s face, gently touch dad’s face, gently touch Rue (Kiki doesn’t get close enough to touch, gently or otherwise!).  She still drools up a storm.  I don’t think she’s teething – I think she’s just drooly.

She’s still only eating breastmilk.  The pediatrician said that we could start giving her rice cereal, but we’re holding off.  She sits with us when we go out to eat in restaurants and watches everyone but hasn’t shown much interest in the food itself.  Until she can sit up on her own and/or starts reaching out for the plates and really showing interest, I’m not going to mess with solids. The plan at this point is to do baby led weaning rather than purees and spoon feeding.  Of course that could change or we may do a hybrid of the two, but really – not something to discuss at five months!  I’m not rushing – I love to watch her grow up but it doesn’t need to happen any faster than it absolutely has to.

The time change didn’t seem to affect her at all.  She’s been going to bed around 8:30 PM or so and sleeping until around 6:30 or 7:00 AM.  It’s fantastic and every night we are careful to not make any sudden movements so as to not affect this fabulous sleeping trend we’ve got going.  She’s sleeping in her sleepsuit each night and for any non-nursing naps during the day.  It seems to be working!

She regularly rolls from tummy to back.  I think that is mainly because she doesn’t like being on her tummy!  Basically as soon as Kevin or I set her down on her stomach she’s rolling over.  She often rolls from her back to her side, and nearly rolls to her stomach, but she works so hard to get OUT of that position, why would she voluntarily go into it? UPDATE: Mere hours after this post was posted, with Kevin and I watching, Ava rolled completely from her back to her stomach like it was #nbd. So we’re rolling in both directions!

Her hair is getting lighter in color.  It’s still dark in the back – except in the place where it rubbed bald and is growing in light.  So adorable.  Only she can pull off that blond-brown-bald-mullet look. Her disposition is so sweet. She is super chill and observant.  Kevin and I often comment that it feels like she’s bigger after a night’s sleep or even after a nap. She looks like a baby and not like a newborn! She’s our absolute favorite.

{One Month Old}   {Two Months Old}   {Three Months Old}   {Four Months Old}


12 thoughts on “Ava // five months old.

  1. This is your best blog yet! I laughed and cried and felt so proud to be this incredible child named Ava’s grandmother. Life just doesn’t get any better than this! 💟

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  2. She is absolutely beautiful, and I adored everything about this post! :) It makes me think back to when Brady was that little. (He turns 16 months tomorrow!! What?!?).
    I was the same way when it came to starting solids… Brady was 6 months, and I only started because he began to really show interest in food. In the beginning, it really is about just introducing them to flavors, which is nice. I can’t wait to see what you do in terms of baby led weaning or purees… I made my own purees, but I’ve heard great things about going the baby led route! :)

  3. She is so sweet, and your account of her is the best. You should save it all for a book and give it to her when she is much older, maybe her 18th birthday? She would love it.

  4. Ava really is looking more like a baby!! She is just too cute. I love that you relish in all the new sights and sounds, etc. that she learns and takes in every day. That must be such a special experience for you!

  5. How is she five months already?! I’m pretty sure she was just born last week! Sweet baby girl is growing so fast. And I love that she has so much personality and so many opinions about things. Congratulations to your sweet girl on officially rolling over both directions! That’s an exciting mile stone! :)

  6. Man, baby sizing is the worst! Why??? Sounds like she’s doing great! And are you kidding me on the sleeping? Not fair.

  7. Such exciting milestones! Is she able to sit up at all, yet? Propped on a pillow? We did rice cereal with Jake pretty early on, but only because he was such a bad sleeper and so hungry all the time. Some rice cereal before nap times and before bed really did wonders for helping him sleep soundly. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! It sounds like Ava’s doing fine without it. It definitely is a bit nerve-wracking entering into the pureed/solid food realm. But every major milestone comes with worries. What if she chokes while eating? What if she falls while walking? Etc. I have worried about things over the past two years that I never knew anyone could worry about!

  8. Love it! The song my girls most loved having sung to them was “The black velvet band” (‘Her eyes they shone like diamonds, and I thought her the queen of the land / and her hair hung over her shoulder, tied up with a black velvet band’ – https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=8&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjxsYD41-fLAhVF6aYKHRunACUQtwIISTAH&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D8cnzstOtW2k&usg=AFQjCNG9-njhJm2-tm0_2poMFPOh82Rtkg&sig2=e9HaNLGGXnMnGfVDpIgfDA&bvm=bv.117868183,d.dGY).

    The other thing mine loved was art galleries, even as littlies: They just seemed to be enthralled by all the new shapes and colours – maybe your little one would like the same!.

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