Recent randoms.

On Tuesday night I stayed out past my bedtime and went to the theatre.  Once was in town and Leann was oh-so-kind and generously invited me to go to the show with her.  I knew nothing about Once going in, but gosh, I LOVED it.  I loved it so much that I barely made it out of the theatre before I bought the soundtrack album on iTunes.  It is funny and the actors/musicians are all so talented.

Wednesday was a rough day. I got a good night’s sleep after the show, so it wasn’t that I was too tired.  It was more that Ava was tired and refusing to nap.  She’s right smack dab in the middle of a developmental leap (thanks, Wonder Weeks, for the heads up) and has been especially clingy.  She’ll nurse for hours if I let her…not so much for the nourishment and more for the closeness.  In general, I love this.  But sometimes it just gets so draining.  I was running late for work, she’d start crying as soon as I put her down, her little eyes were red because she was so tired, Grandpa was there to watch her but I felt horrible leaving her (and leaving him with a cranky baby).  It was just hard for no reason other than that some days are like that.


It’s been less than a month so hopefully I’m not too uncool for bringing up Valentine’s Day.  Ours was great.  Kevin brought home flowers earlier in the week.  On the actual night, we followed tradition, which is staying home.  Kevin made the usual – chicken parmesan, fresh pasta with pesto, a deconstructed Caprese salad.  We poured a bit of the bubbly (Moscato actually – the only wine I’ll drink), and shared a slice of Whole Foods tiramisu.


Dressed in her V-Day finest (thanks for the outfit, Aunt Andy!), Pea napped in her room and woke up midway through dinner because she didn’t want to miss out on the fun.  Then we all cuddled on the couch and watched some TV.


Speaking of TV, House of Cards is back!  We’re on episode 8, I think.  I love it when Claire and Frank are united in their power play.  They’re dangerously unstoppable.  I finished Fuller House yesterday, and I thought it was really cute!  It will be back for another season, yes?  Team Steve.  Get outta here, Matt.  This is Steve-town.  I’ve also been into Call The Midwife recently.  Every episode makes me cry and cuddle my baby a little closer.  We zoomed through the first five (five?) seasons of Homeland over the past few months.  Claire Danes’ character drives me absolutely bonkers sometimes, but it’s a good show.  Now we’re into Billions.  I really only see Brody when I look at Damian Lewis, but he plays Axe well.

We (and by we I mean Kevin) grilled steaks a week ago.  He made this marinade and it was amazing. I made this Honey Sesame Chicken in the slow cooker a couple of weeks ago when my cousin came over for lunch and we all loved it (me, her, and Kevin).

I wore my hair in a different hairstyle for the first week of March.  My default go to – braids.  Here are a few from that week.


And that’s all for now.  Hope the weekend ahead is this kind of beautiful….



10 thoughts on “Recent randoms.

  1. I love this random update! I was hoping to post on my blog about Valentine’s Day, but I felt like it was way too late, so I didn’t! I feel you on the clingy/developmental stages. Jake has been sick a lot lately, and he goes straight back to babyhood every time. He wants to snuggle, he wakes up eight times in the night, and sometimes he even acts like he wants to nurse (even though he hasn’t nursed since he was six months old–how does he remember that? ).

    We’ve also been watching Homeland. Sometimes my husband threatens to quit because he can’t stand Carey, but we’ve been sticking with it. Not sure how realistic it is, but it’s fascinating. I keep watching because I NEED to know what happens to Quinn! On Mar 11, 2016 4:27 PM, “A Desert Girl” wrote:

    > Amy @ A Desert Girl posted: “On Tuesday night I stayed out past my bedtime > and went to the theatre. Once was in town and Leann was oh-so-kind and > generously invited me to go to the show with her. I knew nothing about > Once going in, but gosh, I LOVED it. I loved it so much that I b” >

  2. I SO wish I could braid my hair like that!!! I always wear it the same two ways, which gets boring… but it’s safer. ;) I am definitely not talented when it comes to doing hair. Ha, ha!
    LOVE those hairstyles on you!!

  3. Those braids! You are a magician!

    So sorry that you’ve had some rough days. It has to be so hard on you to leave your little miss when she’s so clingy. But this too shall pass, right? And she’ll be your cheerful, good natured little girl again soon! :)

    Totally okay to bring up Valentine’s. That pesto pasta looks deeelish!

  4. Your braid-game is on point! The crown (is that what you call it? The left bottom picture) is stunning, where did you learn how to do it? Please tell me there’s a simple YouTube tutorial I can use! Also, your dinner made my mouth water. So delicious!
    I hope Miss Ava is feeling better again!

  5. I would like your chicken parm recipe. I feel like that’s something Ty might get on board with. And your braid is excellent!! I miss you living in the room next door so you could braid my hair!

  6. Love the random update! Sorry about the rough days with Pea. I think it’s sweet she wants to be with her mama! But I know, too, that’s probably tough on you when you need to go to work! I love the braids you sported! I wish I knew how to do anything remotely like that to my hair! Teach me your ways!

    I am going to check out the slow cooker and steak marinade recipes. They both sound great! I’m pretty jealous you’ve been watching Call the Midwife! I watched the first episode of season one with Jimmy and he was freaked out by the birth scenes. Needless to say, we haven’t watched it since. Waa!!

  7. Amy! I love updates like these. :) I am so impressed that you have a new baby, just started working AND you learned some new braided hairstyles AND got pics of them to blog about it. Supermom you are! I’ve tried a couple of those hair styles and it takes a while to get it done right, at least for me it did. Thanks for sharing your fun little recents!

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