Things we love – Ava’s first four months.

Every “must have” list is unique and perfect for the family that created it.  Here are some things that we have found very helpful during Ava’s first four months.

{This is not a sponsored post – none of these companies know I exist.  Nor are these “affiliate links” because…I don’t know how to set that up.}

Related to nursing…

Medela hand pump. – This came in very handy between month two and three, as Ava was sleeping through the night and therefore I was a little, umm, uncomfortable by morning.  I had a very fast letdown so she would choke when she first started nursing.  The hand pump solved that problem.  I would pump for a few minutes while Kevin changed her diaper, and then by the time she was ready to eat, I was ready to not drown her.

Medela Quick Clean steam bags. – These are awesome for sanitizing the pump supplies and bottles.  So much faster than the dishwasher or boiling on the stovetop.  You can use each bag 20 times so good use on each bag.

Lanisoh lanolin cream. – Nursing hurts.  Especially for the first six weeks or so (for me anyway – I know everyone has a different experience.).  This lanolin was my go-to and I used it religiously after each feeding.

Button up shirts. – A few button up shirts or tunics should be in every nursing mom’s wardrobe.  They are perfect – easy access for the baby and mom’s tummy stays covered.  I bought a few from Old Navy and American Eagle right after Ava was born and they have served me well.

Related to sleeping…

Fisher Price Rock & Play. – Ava slept in this bad boy for the first three and a half months of her life and she seemed to love it.  She has started to outgrow it though and her little feet would stick up at the end of it by the time she woke up each morning.  We just recently transitioned her to the bassinet feature of the pack and play, and that (knock wood) is going great.  But the rock and play was awesome, very cozy, has a vibration feature (we didn’t use that often, but I bet some babies would love it), and is very portable.


^ Ava tested, Kiki approved. ^

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. – Overnight we still swaddle Ava (and she works her way out of the swaddle in about 5 minutes flat, but sleeps well, so…we just keep doing what we’re doing), but we’ve started using the sleep suit for naps and it seems to work great.  Eventually we may use it for overnights…or it may just be a naptime thing.  Less disruptive than swaddling her though, if she’s drowsy.  And how adorable is she in it?  Reminds me of the little boy on The Christmas Story.


Sound machine. – Kevin and I sleep with a sound machine anyway, so Ava has always had one in the room overnight as well.  The white noise is calming and it’s great for blocking outside noise too.

Related to bathing…

Summer Little Luxuries tub. – We registered for this on Kevin’s request and at first, I thought it was silly.  But I stand corrected.  It is so convenient to put the tub up on our bathroom vanity counter and bathe Ava while standing versus kneeling next to a tub or trying to use a sink.  So I do recommend getting a little tub.  BUT I do not recommend this particular product.  The little showerhead portion revolutionized our baby bathing experience…twice.  Then it just stopped working for reasons that are unclear to us (looking at reviews, this appears to be a very, very common occurrence) and we eventually just removed the whole water storage unit.  Now we just use the tub and the cool little sling.

Just Born Bath Luve towel. – Mother extraordinaire Britt gave us this and it is such a clever tool.  Soak the towel in warm water and drape it over the baby during bathtime.  It keeps the baby warm and cozy.  Ava loves it.  Of course any hand towel would work for this but the fish design makes bathtime more fun, right?


Related to playing…

Fisher Price Kick and Play playmat. – Ava loves her piano play mat.  When we first got it, she would really focus on kicking her little legs and playing the piano while staring in wonder at the toys dangling overhead.  Then she started batting at the toys and now she grasps them and swings them around and really has a swell time.  Eventually she’ll be able to sit at the piano part because it pulls up into a horizontal keyboard setup.


Manhattan Toy Winkel. – She loves this thing!  The little parts are just the perfect width for her hands to grip and it’s light enough to hang on to and swing around.


Everything else…

Aden & Anais swaddle blankets. – AKA everything blankets.  We use these for swaddling, for spit up, for floor lounging, for tummy time, for nursing covers….  We wound up with over twenty of them given to us as gifts so we’re swimming in swaddle blankets.  No complaints – they’re just awesome to have plenty of.


Pampers diapers. – Every baby is different, but we’ve definitely been most impressed with Pampers.  They just seem to fit better, stay better, and hold up against…messes…better.

Kirkland wipes. – Reasonably priced and I prefer them to any other brand of wipe we’ve tried (which include Huggies, Pampers, Honest, and some other lesser known brand that I don’t remember).  Unscented is key with our baby.  A friend sells Norwex and sent us a three pack of the baby cloths as a gift before she was born.  He recently asked how they were working as wipes and I honestly had completely forgotten about them.  I still need to try them out – I’m addicted to the convenience of disposable wipes though.  Has anyone used Norwex baby cloths as wipes?

Sleep and play outfits. – Ava did not like having onsies pulled over her head for the first two months of her life, so our go-to were sleep and play outfits in various brands (we own a lot of Carter’s).  I don’t mind the snap kind but zippers are definitely easier.

What’s a must have in your life?  Baby related or not!


8 thoughts on “Things we love – Ava’s first four months.

  1. I haven’t seen the Magic Sleepsuit yet. She looks so adorable in that!

    Bummer that the shower head portion of the tub messed up. But at least the rest of the tub is still functional enough to use.

    I love seeing how much she has grown in these short months!

  2. I agree about the swaddle blankets. Our girl is almost two and we still use them for naps, sun shields on walks, and as rags for the occasional spill. During her infancy stage I loved the reusable cloth diapers as rags for spit up. Now, I use them as dish rags. They are super soft and don’t leave a lot of lint behind.

  3. This is a great list for a mom-to-be! I remember feeling overwhelmed by all the new stuff I would need when Jake was on the way, but you don’t really need ALL the stuff that the baby store recommends for the registry. It’s essential to talk to real moms about their favorite items to figure out what’s REALLY necessary.

  4. I kept nodding my head throughout my post, thinking, “YES, I loved that! Ooh, YES, that was definitely one of my favorites!” Ha ha. So many amazing things in one post! I’ll bet a bunch of new moms will be saving this list on PInterest, for sure! :)

  5. This was so much fun to read through! The steam bags fascinate me. I think that is just so neat! Also, Ava in the sleepsuit has to be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!

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