Snapshot {February}.


Making: Music.  I sing a ridiculous amount recently.  Our house is like the set of a Broadway musical.  Catchy original tunes mostly.  Examples:  “A fresh Elmo diaper for Pea, for Pea.”  and “The sweet little Pea goes toot, toot, toot.”  Nothing but #class.

Cooking: HelloFresh is for dinner tonight!  We’re getting a box a month and it’s a fun change of pace.  Interested in $40 off your first box?  The code will get you a sweet deal: WJ6YLR.

Drinking: Water!


Reading: Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides (recommended to me by Kevin) and Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley.  Two non-fiction books at once…a rarity!

Wanting: Some casual black boots.

Looking: Put together with a fresh swipe of lipstick.  There’s something about a colored lip that makes me feel so in control.


Eating: Nothing at the moment.  Mozzarella crusted chicken tonight!

Wishing: My hair grew faster.  I’m planning to do a different hairstyle every day in March and I’m afraid my shoulder length locks are going to limit my options a bit.

Enjoying: That fresh, clean just-home-from-the-dentist feel that results from going to the dentist.


Loving: The bea-u-tiful spring like weather we’ve been basking in recently.

Hoping: The weather keeps up the great work.  Also hoping for minimal wind this spring…please, and thank you.

Needing: Nothing really.  I’m so content with what I have.


Smelling: Hmm.  I’m actually in a scent free zone right now.

Feeling: Great.  I have jogged a few times in the past week and while my pace resembles that of a snail, I’m still patting myself on the back for getting out there.


Wearing: It’s more what I’m not wearing – the 20 items in 21 days challenge is complete as of yesterday and it was so great to dive back into my closet and wear something that is NOT those 20 items.

Watching: Ava doze on my lap.  I may have gotten a good report from the dentist today, but she’s so sweet, she’s givin’ me a toothache.

What are you wishing/needing/loving/eating right now? 


5 thoughts on “Snapshot {February}.

  1. A new hairstyle every day? What an awesome idea, and how ambitious! I’m sure Pinterest won’t let you down. According to general wisdom, shoulder length hair is the most versatile. I wouldn’t know, I’m incredibly uncreative when it comes to doing my hair – I’m looking forward to getting inspiration from you!

  2. This is such a cute update! I need to do something like this. I have been criminally absent from my blog lately. How is the work/baby balance going? On Feb 29, 2016 1:05 PM, “A Desert Girl” wrote:

    > Amy @ A Desert Girl posted: ” Making: Music. I sing a ridiculous amount > recently. Our house is like the set of a Broadway musical. Catchy > original tunes mostly. Examples: “A fresh Elmo diaper for Pea, for Pea.” > and “The sweet little Pea goes toot, toot, toot.” Nothing but #cl” >

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