Ava // four months old.


Ava hit the four month mark on the 24th!  At four months old, Ava hates surrendering to the pull of the naptime fairy, she tolerates tummy time, and she loves having her diaper and/or outfit changed.  (Future diva who loves clothes?  Maybe…)

We went to the doctor today and got our four month shots (traumatizing for mom, dad, and baby, but mostly mom and dad).  She weighed in at 11 lbs 5 oz and was 23.5 inches long. She’s right on the growth chart curves for weight (3%), length (12%), and head size (50%).  The pediatrician said she looks awesome. Of course, we already knew that but it’s nice to have a doctor’s professional opinion back us up on the subject. :)

She’s really playful.  She’ll be nursing and realize that she’s not very hungry so she kind of pushes herself back and smiles up at me with this sly little smile and a sparkle in her eye.  She loves being on her playmat and she’s showing an interest in other toys.  She also will look at the pages of a book as it’s being read to her, and if she’s in the right frame of mind, she’ll remain patient and look at all the pages through a whole book.

She’s quite the talker too – at home anyway.  She talks and coos and crows so much around Kevin and me.  When we’re out or when there are less familiar people around she is very much a serious observer.  She likes music class and is very interested in the other babies.  But she mainly listens and watches – she doesn’t beat on the big drum or shake the rattle on her own.  She does seem to recognize her name, which was a fun milestone to notice.

She gained so much neck strength during month three.  She still doesn’t love tummy time, but since she’s getting stronger, she’ll last in it for a bit longer.  She’s rolled over around three times, and I think she’s surprised herself each time.  It’s not that she knows HOW to roll over and more that she just happens to get the legs, arms, and head moving at the right momentum and all of a sudden she’s rolling.  She’s got really strong little legs and she loves grabbing her feet.  In the past few days she’s come very close to pulling her toes into her mouth, but she hasn’t quite gotten there yet.

She giggled the cutest little deep belly giggle.  Once.  At Starbucks.  (Kevin the coffee fan thinks it’s a good sign that she was so happy in a coffee shop.)  Only I witnessed it.  We’ve been making fools of ourselves ever since, trying to get another giggle.  And she’s all, “Guys, I don’t perform on command.”  So she’ll do short little chuckles daily, but not the giggle that I heard once.

She handles the carseat well (of course, we’ve really only driven around town, so it’s not like she’s experienced road trip miles in the seat).  She’s a freeway girl – no time for stoplights.  She’ll fuss if we’re sitting still for too long.  She’ll nap in the car if she’s really tired or if we’re on the road for more than 15 minutes.  She’s really not a consistent napper in general.  She’ll get really, really tired and just not want to fall asleep some days.  Then other days she’ll go right down like a champ and sleep for two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.  She sleeps through the night, which is awesome.  We’ll sacrifice naps for a full night’s sleep, most definitely.  We recently transitioned her from night sleeping in the rock and play to night sleeping in the pack and play (still in our room).  She’s done great with that transition.  Mornings are especially fun because she is so happy when she wakes up.  Smiley and talkative.

She’s doing well with our work/childcare schedule.  She and Grandma have a great time together a couple of mornings a week and we pick Grandma up for music class each week too.  Grandpa’s schedule is a little chaotic and there hasn’t been a set time each week, but she enjoys time with him when he’s able to watch her.  And she loves her Wednesday afternoons with Kevin.  It’s a really wonderful time for all of them.  Granddad (my stepdad) stops by most Friday mornings to hang out for a little while and my mom (Nana) and sister (Aunt Lisa) make it to our town around once a month to see her.  And us, but mainly her, obviously.  :)

We just love seeing her learn and grow and discover her world.  She’s so much fun and we adore her.

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10 thoughts on “Ava // four months old.

  1. Ava is so adorable! She’s definitely your child, with her love of books and fashion, and her tendency to observe the world (future fellow introvert in the making?). It must be incredible to witness a little human become a person with her own unique personality and quirks. What a blessing!

  2. It sounds like she’s doing so good! It’s crazy how much they change every month. I remember Jake getting really happy and giggly around that age when I would change his diaper and his clothes. Now he battles and kicks me and cries–hopefully Ava won’t make that switch on you! I just keep telling Jake that if he doesn’t want me to change his diaper anymore, he needs to learn how to use the potty. Wouldn’t that be a miracle! On Feb 26, 2016 8:42 PM, “A Desert Girl” wrote:

    > Amy @ A Desert Girl posted: ” Ava hit the four month mark on the 24th! At > four months old, Ava hates surrendering to the pull of the naptime fairy, > she tolerates tummy time, and she loves having her diaper and/or outfit > changed. (Future diva who loves clothes? Maybe…) We w” >

  3. It must have been so neat to experience Ava first recognize her name! Things like that are just the coolest :). I am so happy to hear she is doing great! Yay for a happy, sleeping through the night, chuckling, adorable baby! I hope you get to experience that sweet belly laugh again soon!

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