Recently in the kitchen.


We have tried so many new recipes recently!  Pictured above is some beef stew in our new Dutch oven.  I asked for that bad boy for Christmas and Kevin delivered.  We are so happy with it!

Here are the new recipes we’ve tried in the past few weeks:

Whole30 approved Apple Cider Vinegar pork chops – these were really tasty.  Very tender and easy to prepare.

Whole30 approved Taco and “Rice” Stuffed Acorn Squash – this was really delicious.  I’m always looking for ways to use ground beef, and this was a good one.  I love squash – it was a really hearty meal altogether.  We did cheat and used a packet of taco seasoning rather than making our own.  So it wasn’t Whole30 compliant, but delicious and easy.

Chicken and Sweet Potato BBQ packets – these were really quick and the clean up was a cinch!  Packet meals are always a good idea.

Spicy Tomato and Shrimp Garlic sauce with Spaghetti Squash – this was delicious.  Spaghetti squash is always fun to make too.  I pierce the squash many times and bake it, then cut when it’s soft rather than splitting before baking.  Taking a knife to an uncooked squash would pretty much guarantee that I lose a digit.

Beef Stew in Dutch oven – this stew was such a perfect winter meal.  We will definitely be making it again in February.

Crock Pot Garlic Chicken with Onions – easy and delicious.  I love anything with garlic, of course, and this definitely met that criteria!

Dutch oven Grecian Chicken – whole chicken in a Dutch oven.  It was moist and delicious and really easy to prepare.  I’d definitely make it again.  And maybe take the lid off the Dutch oven and broil it for a few minutes at the end so the skin gets crispy.

I also used a discount code and ordered three Hello Fresh meals last week.  We made:
Oven-Roasted Chicken with Winter Vegetables, Basmati Rice, and Lemon-Thyme Pan Sauce (really delicious – included parsnips with the veggies and I’ve never cooked parsnips before, so that was fun!)
Quick-Marinated Steak with Broiled Balsamic Vegetables (so tasty – I loved the steak marinade, which included orange juice and orange zest)
Pork and Apple Burger with Rosemary Potatoes and Mixed Green Salad (yum!  Pork and apple is a great combination).
The packaging is fantastic and it was fun to try these new recipes.  Kevin did basically ALL of the prep and the cooking for all three meals, and I think he was happy with the recipe instructions.

If you are interested in trying Hello Fresh, feel free to use my discount code, which I think will get you $40 off your first box.  That makes it something like $29 for three meals delivered right to your door – not too shabby!  The code is WJ6YLR.

What have you been cooking up recently? 


6 thoughts on “Recently in the kitchen.

  1. Whoa! That’s a lot of new recipes. We have been eating lots of pot pie and beef stew this winter. I have a delicious pot pie but haven’t found a good beef strew recipe yet; I’ll have to try yours.

  2. Everything you’ve made sounds so unbelievably delicious!! YUM!
    This reminds me that I haven’t made a beef stew yet this year… I think I need to change that! :)

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