Nursery rhymes. 

There was a little girl,
once upon a time.
Let’s talk about her nursery,
and let’s speak of it in rhyme.

This little girl,
Ava is her name,
has a nursery with a theme,
which was chosen before she came.

The theme is travel and adventure,
and the room has globes and maps.
There is also a dresser with shelves,
and a crib for taking naps.



There’s a rocking chair for rocking,
and a play mat on the floor.
There are books and toys for playing,
so time in her room is never a bore.


The Broncos are her team,
and there’s a banner strung up high.
Quotes on canvas on the wall,
remind the little girl to always try.




Any dirty clothes,
can be placed inside the bin.
Drawings from the Carrot Top Paper Shop,
hang each from their own pin.


Her parents hope the little girl
will be happy in this space,
that she’ll play and dream sweet dreams
with a smile upon her face.

What is your favorite part of your room? 

And now for a few details that I couldn’t force into rhyme….

The FANTASTIC literary heroine drawings were done by Jenny (link to her Etsy shop above).
The large canvas map over the crib is from Target.
The Broncos banner was made by a good friend for Kevin’s diaper party before Ava was born.
The little footstool with Ava’s name spelled out in puzzle letters was a Christmas gift from that same friend – from this Etsy shop.
The rocking chair was given to me by my mom years ago and she reupholstered the cushions to match Ava’s room.
The globe was mine when I was a kid.  It’s very outdated, which I need to be sure to tell Ava when she’s older so she doesn’t go out into the world thinking the USSR still exists.
The sound machine is partially visible on the table by the rocking chair.  We heart sound machines in our house.  This one was a gift and is awesome.  We mainly use it for white noise but it has a few other sounds and some lullaby’s, a nightlight, and even a light projector.  It’s the Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System.
The bird canvas is several years old and from Pier 1 Imports.
The quotes on canvas were made by Ava’s mother who is not in the least bit artsy.


8 thoughts on “Nursery rhymes. 

  1. Well, this is just darling. I love the poem! It’s so clever. Ava’s nursery is so sweet–you can tell so much thought was put into it. I also LOVE what you did with the heroine prints! So creative! Thank you so much for the shout out, friend. It means a lot to me.

  2. You’re so creative, I love your rhymes!
    My favourite parts are Jenny’s heroines and the pictures with the birds. It’s so beautiful, and not only great for teaching your precious girl to fly, but also appropriate for a bird lover like my hubby! Hmm, valentine’s present…?

  3. “The globe was mine when I was a kid. It’s very outdated, which I need to be sure to tell Ava when she’s older so she doesn’t go out into the world thinking the USSR still exists.” –> that made me LOL so hard for some reason! I love the poem and how well you rhyme. I also adore that everything in Ava’s nursery has meaning and is cherished by you guys!

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