Ava // three months old. 

Ava is three months old today! She is such a blessing – we fall more and more in love with her every day.

She is a very good baby. She really only fusses if she’s hungry, needs a diaper change, or is bored or lonely. We all go to bed at around 10:30 and she sleeps through the night, waking at around 6:30. She is so smiley in the mornings (well, after a fresh diaper and a meal). We call it morning smile time and it melts my heart into a soppy puddle of mush every day.

Ava loves this little Fisher Price foot piano play mat that we bought her in January. There is this one little pink zebra toy that hangs from it and she gives that zebra the biggest and sweetest smile when she sees it. It’s like she’s saying, “Hello there, old friend!”

She does not prefer tummy time and can usually only stay calm in it for ten minutes or so. I bet that will get better as her front neck and shoulder strength improves and she can see more around her. She’s holding her head up pretty well. I still baby it a little bit but I’m trying to be better about letting her practice holding it up on her own.

She’ll take a bottle from Kevin but she prefers that they be walking around while she eats. Once she relaxes into it, he can sit and she’ll keep eating. She does fine but definitely prefers to eat straight from the tap. No nipple confusion here!  She usually spits out the pacifier too but it soothes her a bit sometimes.

She has been quite the social butterfly this week. Infant music class will become part of her regular Tuesday routine (she liked it okay at first, but the music was quite loud so she seemed to get a little overwhelmed by the end. Like mother, like daughter.). We also went to mom and baby yoga this week and to the breastfeeding mom’s group that we’ve attended a few times in the past.

At the group, she weighed in at 10 pounds, 1 ounce, so holla – we’ve hit double digits. She has transitioned from size Newborn clothes to 0-3 month and 3 month clothes. She is also in size one diapers now. Perfect size for a Pea, that’s what we tell her.

What else… She smiles and coos and makes other sweet sounds. Starting to discover her voice! She loves chewing on her hands and she’s starting to notice her feet. She is pretty drooly and it’s adorable. She blows a lot of bubbles and seems highly entertained by that skill. She scoots herself around when she’s lying on her back. She can roll to her side. She favors her left side so we’ve been focusing on getting her to look in the other direction too so she doesn’t wind up with a flat spot on her head! She likes being the Ergo and the Boba carriers once she is in them but she definitely prefers that we be walkin’ while baby wearin’.

Her eyes are still blue and her hair is beginning to lighten. Her eyelashes are very fair and kind of strawberry blonde in color so maybe her hair will follow suit? Her most commented on features are her big blue eyes, her long fingers, and her cute little nose. And all her hair.

She has started taking around three naps each day. Sometimes she just naps in Kevin or my arms after eating. I usually try to swaddle her and put her in her crib to nap. She still sleeps in our room overnight but I’m hoping the transition to her crib in her room in a few months will be an easy one if she can nap well there in the meantime.

I start working part time this week so I’ll be in the office for four hour stretches four days a week. Kevin’s mom will stay with Ava two mornings a week, his dad will be with her one afternoon a week, and Kevin will be with her one afternoon a week. I think that will work out very well, but I am sad to see my full-time time with her draw to an end. I’m very grateful that I’ll still be able to be with her for half the work week and to have the flexibility to make up hours at home on nights and weekends when Kevin is with her.

We think she is the sweetest, most wonderful little girl and such fun to be around. So grateful she’s ours!

{One Month Old}   {Two Months Old}


13 thoughts on “Ava // three months old. 

  1. That’s so awesome you can stay at home with her half the week! And great you don’t have to pay for childcare. It’s expensive :( happy 3 months, Ava!

  2. She is just SO beautiful! :) I’m so happy for you and your precious, little family. (Time flies by, doesn’t it?? I can’t believe she’s already three months old)!

  3. These updates are fun to read. You point out the BEST things!

    My nephew got huge right off the bat; it’s like he was a newborn for about two seconds. I bet you’re enjoying Ava being little!

    Oh my gosh you are SO FORTUNATE to have a Team Ava babysitting squad that’s family! They’ll all adore that precious time with her. I hope they send texts and photos to you at work so you don’t miss anything!

  4. Happy happy 3 months to Ava! She is such a sweet little thing! I can see why people compliment her hair and eyes so much!

    I’ll be praying that the transition of you going back to work part time goes well. I know Ava will be just fine (look how lucky she is to have so many family members who want to spend time with her!), but I know it can be hard on new moms to leave their baby – even part time. I’m sure it helps to know Ava will be well loved on while you’re working. :)

  5. Yay for sleeping through the night!! That is wonderful. I LOL’d at “she prefers to eat from the tap.” love it! I hope your transition to work goes well, mama! I’ll be praying :)

  6. 10:30pm to 6:30am? So it’s possible! You lucky lady, you give me hope for baby dos <3 Also, how fun that you're doing music class together – it's one of our favorite activities :) I'm thinking about signing up for swim soon? Wanted to sign-up now, but it seems a little crazy to drive through a blizzard to get wet at the pool… til summer it is :) Love hearing about your sweet little girl & how much y'all adore her :)

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