Stitch Fix bliss part IV.

I timed my quarterly Stitch Fix to arrive around my birthday.  My plan was to cel-e-brate good clothes, c’mon….  But alas, I only liked one item in the box.  See what you think….

 *Shiraleah tan purse*
This purse was fine, but I’m just not a purse person really.  I didn’t feel like it was worth keeping.  Receiving a purse in the box also taught me that I prefer to get CLOTHES versus accessories.  

 *Teal dress (sorry – I don’t remember the brand)*
The dress simply had no shape to it, which is just not a style I prefer, and it was a little short for my taste.  I really liked the detail on the top, but that alone was not reason to keep it.

 *Maroon and cream patterned shirt (sorry – I don’t remember the brand)*
The pattern was fun on this shirt and the buttons make it convenient for breastfeeding.  But I thought the fit was hideous on me!  Sent it back.

 *Mavi Freida jeggings*
These were fine, but not worth the price.  They were a tiny bit big in the waist as well.

 *Le Lis raglan striped top*
I kept this top!  It’s comfy.  I like the styling and the stripes.  This made the box worthwhile!

I received a Stitch Fix gift card for my birthday from Kevin’s parents, so I may order another Fix sooner than April (when my next quarterly Fix is scheduled) since I have Stitch money to burn.  On a related note, Kevin has used Trunk Club in the past and they recently started a Trunk Club for women, so I signed up to try that as well.  I know you’ll be on the edge of your seats, anxiously waiting for my review. ;-)

Have you found any new favorite clothes recently? 


10 thoughts on “Stitch Fix bliss part IV.

  1. I agree! The striped top was the best one. But I liked the jeggings too. It looks like you immediately snapped back to your old tiny TINY self–lucky!! 😉 And what is the Trunk Club?

    Sometimes I feel like I am some version of Stitch Fix/personal shopper for Jake. I go out and run myself ragged shopping, and he gets to try on clothes at his convenience at home–letting me know (usually by screaming and tugging to get it off) when an item needs to be returned. What a life!

  2. I hear so much about Stitch fix, but still haven’t done it. Should I do it?! I love the idea of it and people seem to do well! Love the top you decided to keep.

  3. I love your socks and the top you kept! It’s classic yet modern at the same time.

    One of my goals for this year is to up my wardrobe. If I can find things that fit, flatter, and are comfortable, I might not mind looking like an adult instead of a high schooler. (But I’ll never let go of my Chucks…) I’ll let you know if I decide to try SF or TC and maybe I can get you some referral dolla bills.

  4. Stripes forever! Great choice. I’m too afraid to try StitchFix (if they even ship to Canada, I have no idea), because I’m convinced I would become addicted. The thought of getting a box full of new clothes every few weeks is delicious, but I’m too weak ;-)
    I’m also not a purse person, most purses I own were gifts that I use until they fall apart haha!

  5. I seriously LOVE your Stitch Fix blog posts! I feel giddy as I read through your comments and look through the pictures! :)
    I agree with your opinions on the outfits (although you really do pull off all the looks). The last shirt is definitely my favorite though!! You know how much I love stripes!
    P.S. You look amazing, by the way!

  6. That top you kept is one of the best Stitch Fix items I have seen in a long time. I’m totally with you on purses; I usually just carry a wallet big enough to put my phone in.

  7. Love the top you kept! I am a striped girl through and through, so I can appreciate it :). I am anxiously awaiting your Trunk Club review! If you use your stitch money, I want to see what you get, too!!

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