There’s an app for that.


I’m an app minimalist.  I do not like a cluttered screen.  (I also alphabetize my apps and have a system for organizing them.  I’m sure anyone who knows me is not surprised by this.) But there are some apps that I really like and have found very helpful.

Instagram is my favorite, and I use the WordPress app for blog stuff occasionally. I also love Afterlight for photo editing, and I’ll use Picfx sometimes too.  I recently discovered Snapseed and I LOVE it for photo editing. Pic Stitch is my go-to for collages, and After Photo for adding words to a photo.  Goodreads is another favorite. 

What To Expect When You’re Expecting.  Of course the most famous pregnancy book has an app.  This was a pretty fun one to follow along with when I was pregnant.  Kevin put it on his phone as well.  Each week we’d check the “Your Baby” section to see what was developing.  The articles did get pretty repetitive. In the first few weeks, before any of my friends knew that I was pregnant, I would check in on the forums and it was reassuring to read about other people experiencing the same aches, pains, and symptoms.

ThredUp.  I didn’t need to wear maternity clothes until I was nearly in the third trimester and then I didn’t want to spend a fortune on them.  I really loved ThredUp.  You can score some really great deals on the site.  I got a pair of J Brand maternity jeans for $26 – can’t beat that!

MyMedela.  This app was awesome in the early weeks of breastfeeding.  It allows you to track the duration of each feeding session, as well as any pumping or bottle feeding that happens.  It will remind you which side you fed on most recently.  For the first six weeks or so, I was obsessed with tracking the amount of time I spent each day feeding the baby.  I think that was mostly because I wanted to have something to show the pediatrician or a lactation consultant to gain feedback if Ava wasn’t gaining weight like she should have been.  I also felt soooo tired in those first few weeks that I could not have told you what side I’d most recently fed on or how long ago I’d last fed her.  Eventually the app began to feel like a hassle and Ava was gaining weight well, so I stopped using it.

The Wonder Weeks.  Based on a book by the same title, this app tracks the brain developmental leaps that babies go through during their first year and a half of life.  It offers insight into what the baby is experiencing during these leaps, tips for helping your baby through the leap, and a forecast of what to expect.  It’s really interesting stuff!

30 Days.  This app has a variety of 30 day fitness challenges to choose from and try.  I’m currently doing a 30 day planking challenge (I’m up to 5 minutes and 41 seconds and it is horrible) and a 30 day squat challenge (86 squats is my current amount).

JotNot Pro.  This is one of my favorite apps.  It’s a scanner.  It has come in super handy for work and personal scanning on the go.  You can email the scanned PDF to yourself or to someone else from the app.  The quality of the scan is good and it allows you to password protect things if you need to do so. 

What apps do you recommend?  Any must haves? 


9 thoughts on “There’s an app for that.

  1. Good job on your planking! That is intense. I was the exact same way about tracking nursing sessions. I was obsessed with for the first month or so at least. It was super helpful to remember which side she last ate on. But then I stopped and haven’t used it since. It was handy at the time, though.

  2. What a great idea for a post! You minimalist approach to apps is impressive, I’m always downloading and deleting.
    I cannot wrap my head around your planking time of over 5 minutes. That’s crazy impressive! I have never tried to plank for that long, but I doubt I could do it. Awesome girl!!

  3. I used an app to track diaper changes, breastfeeding, and any medications he needed (as he was on acid reflux medicine for the first few months). But I can’t remember what it was called, for the life of me! It was SO helpful though, I do remember that. :)
    I’ll need to check out ThredUp, when I need it in the future (when another kiddo is on its way).
    AND how did I not realize that WordPress had an app? Ha ha.

  4. You do a 5 minute and 41 second plank just months after giving birth?! Oh my gracious, you are blowing my mind! I officially feel like such a wimp, haha! Good for you!

    That breastfeeding app sounds really helpful! I’ll have to share that with my friends!

  5. 5 mins and 41 sec for your plank – AMAZING!!! I’m only almost at 3 mins.
    I am a minimalist when it comes to apps too but the ones I have that I use regularly are:
    -fitness blender (videos, recipes, motivation, & support)
    -picstitch (for the collages of course)
    -IMDB (movie stuff that I can never seem to remember and MUST look up at that exact moment)
    -Pinterest (no explanation needed)
    -mobile bandit (coupons/discounts)
    -mycalendar (track my menstrual cycle)

  6. Love this! I am going to grab my phone right now so I can share some of my favorite apps!
    -Snapchat. If you have lots of friends on it, it’s a lot of fun!
    -OverDrive. It’s a library app, and it’s how I read all my audio books for free.
    -Yahoo weather. Love this because it has the weather, sunrise/sunset times, barometric pressure, 10 day forecast, wind speeds, humidity, etc.
    -P. Tracker. It tracks aunt flo and also has all kinds of options/graphs/etc. for those trying to concieve.
    –RetailMeNot. Has the best coupons (in-store and online). i only use it in-store and the cashier just scans my phone. I’ve never has a problem with it, either! It has saved me a lot of $.
    -Wallpapers. It’s an app with about a million different wallpapers you can download.
    -Swagbucks. You can take surveys and earn gift cards on this app.
    -Perfect Dog+. All about dogs. Surprise ;).
    -T-Zero. A fun countdown app!

    I know after reading that it will be hard to believe I’m an app minimalist, too, haha. I like mine to be super organized and only take up one “page” on my phone.

    Also, you are the PLANK QUEEN!! I think I’d pass out after two minutes of planking ;)

  7. I was a little obsessed with the app I used to track breast feeding too. I couldn’t (for the life of me) remember which side I had fed him on last so that was a lifesaver too. Haha. And I love that you alphabetize your apps and have them so organized. All of mine are in folders, but when I get too many I delete them. I hate the clutter too and like with my closet, if I don’t use it, I get rid of it!!

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