10 questions.


Do you say button up or button down when referring to a shirt of that style? And do you button said shirts in the same manner? For example, I say button up. And I do, in fact, start at the bottom and button up when donning such a shirt.

I read a quote once that was something along the lines of, “Some years are questions and others are answers.”  What was 2015 for you – a year of questions or a year of answers?  Do you hypothesize that 2016 will be more questions or more answers?  For me, I think 2015 was a year of answers.  I feel like 2016 will be a healthy combination of both q & a.

Are you a homebody?  I am.  Kevin peer pressures me into leaving the house sometimes because he’s afraid I’ll become a hermit.  And, if given the chance, maybe I would.  I have Amazon Prime – I don’t need to leave home.

How do you put a stick of gum in your mouth?  Do you fold it before chewing?  Do you bite it off in little pieces?  I kind of fold it.  This question comes to you from Kevin as we were watching Friends.  There’s an episode where Ross is chewing gum and he bites it off in pieces.

What should I do with my hair?  I’m not good at keeping up with highlights and such, but my hair color is pretty drab naturally.  I like red in my hair but it fades so quickly.  And blonde doesn’t grow out well.

What’s the #1 thing you want to accomplish in 2016?  I haven’t really set any major goals.  I just want to enjoy the year with the people I love.  I want to cuddle my daughter and watch her grow and learn and change during her first year of life.  I want to kiss my husband and laugh with him and continue to build our life together.  I want to enjoy time with Kiki and Rue and give them a generous helping of wet food each morning.  I want to stay in close touch with family and friends, near and far.  I want to focus on my health by eating well (mostly – gotta have some fun with food) and working out regularly.  I think it’s going to be a very sweet ’16.


7 thoughts on “10 questions.

  1. ugh… SO MANY QUESTIONS in 2015. Never thought of it that way! Now that I do, hilariously, I recall at one point writing down ALL of my problems (categorized, of course) and then ALL of the questions I had pertaining to each. hahahaha. Hot mess express, that’s what that was!

    I suspect the next 25+ years of your lives will involve lots of questions now that you’re parents. Questions from the kid(s), questions you ask yourselves about how the heck to handle parenting situations, questions from loved ones about the kids, etc. I totally never thought of that. Mind blowing!

    Also: button down. And buttoned from top-down. Weird, right?!

    Are there more questions? Maybe repeat this some time. It was fun!

  2. Do you say button up or button down when referring to a shirt of that style? And do you button said shirts in the same manner?—-> I think I say button down?! I don’t know though!! I’m totally overthinking this one, haha.

    What was 2015 for you – a year of questions or a year of answers? Do you hypothesize that 2016 will be more questions or more answers? —-> 2015 was a mix of Q&A and I think 2016 will be a little bit of both again, haha.

    Are you a homebody? —-> YES. Yes. Yes. Yes!

    How do you put a stick of gum in your mouth? —-> I put the whole stick of gum in my mouth, I think? If not, I fold it!

    What should I do with my hair? —-> I like when you have red in your hair! What about something with brown if you’re against blonde because of how it grows out? My natural hair color has changed from white-blonde to dirty dishwater-blonde and I haven’t done anything about it. I have thought about it recently… but I’m too lazy to keep up with dying/highlighting it, haha. Some day I’ll get sick of it and do something ;)

    What’s the #1 thing you want to accomplish in 2016? —-> Write more and serve/love others more! I really like your goals for 2016. Living and loving life, basically!! The cat goal was awesome and made me smile extra big! I just love Kiki and Rue. So sweet. They definitely deserve a generous helping of wet food!

  3. what a heart-warming post. i would guess that you’re a social introvert? that’s what i am, and it fill my heart to spend time with the people most important to me (so long as it doesn’t turn into a crowd). as for 2016 goals – reading to max, encouraging others (my word of the year is ‘encourage’), and, as i think you know, turning my 376 photo project into a 730 photo project :)

  4. Happy 2016! I like these questions! I never thought of years as questions and answers before… I would call 2015 a pretty even split. I would say button-up too, and I definitely start at the bottom. It’s way too easy to mess the process up when you start from the top, haha. And I would have called my natural color drab too, but I got lazy with keeping highlights up, and went back to it…I like it now! I also liked doing ombre…fancy looking, but no upkeep ;-)

  5. I say “button up”, but I totally start at the top and work my way down! I’ve never even thought about how odd that is before! Now I will think about it every time I button a shirt, ha!

    I love blonde on people who can pull it off! One of my sister’s has really light brown hair with lots of natural blonde highlights (she calls it “dirty blonde”) and I love when she puts more blonde highlights in it. It looks awesome with her skin tone! But she hates the upkeep. She went dark for awhile and now she’s back to natural. I think your hair always looks good in the pictures I see so whatever you’ve done – it has worked for you! :)

  6. These questions are so random! I’ve never thought about “button up” vs. “button down.” But maybe there’s something to it. I call them”button downs” and I button them from the top down. I am definitely a home body too! Justin is the one who is always ready to go do something. And I would love to see pictures of the mobile (or the whole nursery, really)! 😊

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