To-do in 2015 – final recap.

Here I sit on the final eve of 2015.  My belly is full of beef stroganoff and there’s football on TV.  What a year it has been!  Ava wasn’t on the to-do list, but she ruled the year.  We love having her here with us and can’t wait to see what is in store for 2016.  I’m so thankful for my beautiful family of humans and cats.  And I’m thankful for you, friends.  Thank you for the kind words on my post about life now.  I have missed regular blogging (writing and reading) because I feel like my connection with all my wonderful blog friends has suffered.  Know that I think of so many of you so often.  Kevin can attest that I often start stories with, “My blog friend {insert name here} said…”  :)  This Desert Girl thanks you for a lovely year.

1. K & A:  Go to Europe.
Done!!  You can read about here.  And here and here.  And here.  Oh yeah.  And here and here

2. K: Read a classic.
Kevin read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – a classic tale of one man, two personalities.  He enjoyed it.

3. A: Do all Christmas shopping in local/independent stores or give homemade stuff.  Like crocheted scarves, vanilla extract (inspired by Tiffany, who gave me homemade vanilla extract for Christmas 2014!), or hot pepper oil (inspired by Allie, who blogged about it here).
I failed at this!  I wasn’t proactive and then had no motivation to shop around town close to the holiday.  I love the idea though and hope to accomplish it someday. 

4. A: Read 52 books.  (Bonus points if I manage to complete this 2015 reading challenge, which I think is only – ha! – 50 books….thanks, Tiffany, for sharing the idea!)
I read 54 or 55 books this year and finished the 2015 reading challenge.  You can read a bit about each book I read for the challenge here.

5. A:  Blog 104 posts.
I only blogged 71 times this year (well, 72 including this one!), so fell short of this goal.   

6. K & A:  Fund IRA’s for the year.
Done.  We take different approaches to funding the IRA’s:  Kevin takes the automatically-send-money-to-the-IRA-with-each-paycheck approach and I write a lump sum check.  But both methods get the job done!

7. K & A:  Complete at least one home improvement project. (New tile downstairs, master bathroom, shelves in the garage…)
We started the year with a new furnace (out of necessity), then we did our tile replacement in June.  Eight new windows were installed in July (and eight more are on the way!), we ripped out the wet bar and replaced it with built-in bookshelves and storage in July as well.  You can read about our renovation projects here.

8. K & A:  Run a 5k.
I was a lazy bum and didn’t run a 5K (or even work on training for one) at the beginning of the pregnancy or pre-pregnancy, so that didn’t happen.  But Kevin ran one for me on a random day in July.  And he ran a race for himself on October 10. 


9. K: Smoke a rack of ribs or a brisket.
My mom gave Kevin a brisket (we get all our beef from my parents, who have cattle), and he had planned to smoke it in the fall.  But fall got away from us!  Maybe in the spring. 

10. K & A:  Take a road trip to a historic destination in New Mexico.
We’re counting our trip to my step-dad’s old school in Encino.  It was really so special to explore that beautiful building with my stepdad and his brothers and their families.  You can read about that here.

11. K & A:  Try 10 new restaurants.
We have tried 11 new restaurants.  We’d like to continue to broaden our horizons, but we fully admit that we tend to get into restaurant ruts.  Delicious though they may be…

12. K & A:  Try 15 new recipes.
We’ve tried 27 new recipes.  Several were hits and have made it into the regular rotation.

13. K:  Start and complete an entire workout program.
Kevin took up Crossfit in September and completed the boot camp program at the gym he attends.  He’s hooked!

14. K:  Take a golf continuing ed class or attend three golf lessons.
This one didn’t happen.  But maybe 2016 will be the year of golf! 

15. A:  Host a theme party.
I hosted a Favorite Things party and it was a lot of fun.  Here’s more about that!

Did you set some goals for 2015?  If so, how did you do? 


8 thoughts on “To-do in 2015 – final recap.

  1. I would have to say that about half of the senteces I say to Jimmy start with “My blog friend (insert name here)…” haha!! It’s kind of the best! I think you did quite amazing (above and beyond, really!) in 2015 with your goals and all the wonderful things you accomplished/saw/did!

  2. Wow 54 books. Good job! I completed and surpassed my reading challenge too (I set the bar very low at 15 books though), but I’m still proud I make time for reading with a kid! So glad you’ve had a great year. Ava is seriously too cute for words! And I LOVED your Christmas card! Thank you for sending me one! XOXO

  3. Girl, you rocked these goals!! So many of them accomplished and beyond! Go you! And hey, next year you will have the cutest little one year old to go shopping with in all the local stores for Christmas. All those little local places have the cutest stuff for baby girls. So many ruffles and bows!

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