Ava // two months old.


Ava was delighted to share her two month birthday with Christmas Eve yesterday.  She spent the evening being passed amongst grandparents, her aunt, and her great-great aunt and uncle.  She seemed to appreciate the gift part of the holiday, watching wide eyed as Kevin and I tore into her stack of presents

Two months old!  It feels like she has been with us so much longer and yet she still seems so little.  She is the sun that each day revolves around.  She is beginning to discover her voice and makes the sweetest little cooing sounds.  She gets this little smile on her face like she just thought of the best joke ever.  She eats every 2 to 2.5 hours, except overnight.  We were waking her up every four hours for a meal through the night, but at her two month well check we got the go-ahead to let her sleep for as long as she wants through the night.  She has celebrated that milestone by sleeping around 6 hours straight each night.  Kevin and I feel so rested and downright lazy after 6 straight hours of sleep!

Her two month well check went great.  She weighed in at 8 lbs 8 oz, and she was 21 1/2″ long.  Still a little gal, but growing at the rates she needs to be growing at, per our wonderful pediatrician.  She was NOT happy about the shots (that was the loudest we’d ever heard her cry and it broke our hearts right in two), but handled them well that night and in the days that followed.  Seemed to sleep a little more than usual and her nose seemed a little more stuffy than normal and her eyes seemed a little red and watery.  But overall, she seemed to feel fine!

We do tummy time each day and she seems to be working hard on holding her head up on her own.  She loves to sleep with her arms up over her head – maybe she’s picked up that “touchdown” signal from all the football she watches with her dad.  Her eyes are still blue, and her hair is still brown.  She has a little bit of a receding hairline and her hair seems to be getting thicker in the back.  A nice little skullet look, but she totally pulls it off.

She is a busy, busy girl.  If she’s awake, she’s usually moving, her little arms and legs stretching, reaching, punching, kicking.  We waited until she was around 5 weeks old to introduce the pacifier and the bottle.  She was a little reluctant about each at first, but she seems like she’s good with the world of fake nipples now.

She has discovered her hands and the little toy that hangs over her head in one of her rockers.  It is fun to see her focus on something and you can almost see the little wheels in her brain turning as she tries to fit together the pieces of her world.

Merry Christmas!

{One Month Old}


13 thoughts on “Ava // two months old.

  1. Great to hear she’s doing so well. I remember when the ex and I took our very-young twins Grace and Rachel for their first vaccinations. I can DEFINITELY confirm that babies will howl blue murder when they get injections!

  2. Gasp, six hours of sleep?!? My big guy woke up every two hours until he was about six months old. (Of course, maybe it’s because he has always eaten enough to feed a baby army). ;) I am soooo happy for you, because that extra bit of sleep will let you enjoy the mommy life that much more!
    I love these updates and that you’re embracing the newborn stage! It goes by so fast!! Even though Brady’s newborn months were really rough, I still miss them and cherish the memory of them! :) At the same time, each new stage comes with its own special moments.
    Sigh, I’m just soooo happy for you!

  3. Happy two months little Ava! I am glad to hear she’s doing well and discovering more and more of her world. I’m also happy to hear you guys are getting more sleep! Yay!! I love these updates. Hope you guys had the best Christmas!

  4. It’s SO fun wondering what’s going on in their heads when they make silly faces (unless there’s crying involved… then we don’t want to wonder!) This will be a great update to read weeks, months, and years down the road.

  5. I love her sly, sideways glance in that photo–she is so cute! It’s so neat to read this and remember Jake doing all of those same things at that age. It seems like a long time ago, but it really wasn’t. He has just changed so fast! You’ll be amazed at how quickly Ava grows up! Definitely get a video of her cooing, because when she moves on to the next stage, you’ll miss hearing that sound–and you’ll forget what it was like. I’m not great with videos–I mainly just have little 30 second/minute-long snippets of Jake, but it’s so crazy to look back at them! Just tonight, I finally got a video of Jake singing (usually he stops when he sees me pull out my phone). He’s been jabbering away for awhile now, but actually carrying a tune is a new thing for him. Right now his favorite is the Alphabet Song, and though he can’t remember the order of the letters (and often makes up gibberish letters), he definitely knows the tune–it’s so cute!

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